August 22, 2006 by Guest Blogger

Our friends at mobcode have made another post regarding oDesk. Very exciting that the Work Diary and hourly work model are making remote work relationships more efficient in terms of cost and rewarding good work.

Their post: oDesk is better than RentACoder for small graphics projects

The post reminded me of Logoworks, a place to get your logos, website and other corporate ID materials made quickly and cheaply (indeed Elance has also relaunched itself along those lines, i.e. fixed cost graphics and website design packages). When we revamped the www.odesk.com website, I did a small (the $299 option) logo project with Logoworks to come up with interesting versions of the oDesk logo. Not to redesign it, but use the mockups for inspiration… and also to see Logoworks from the inside. Overall, their site is well designed and the user interface is not confusing. Logoworks gave me initial concepts from 3 designers. I had to choose one of them to continue, and had 2 more revs with that designer.

However, like mobcode, I wish I had more interaction than just a text field to write my thoughts, and I really wish we had a real-time design session. For example, the original oDesk logo was created by Alex Black/turing studio in a 2 hour power session, remote but real-time, with a few people in the company here.

To wrap up, here’s a gallery of some of the logo proofs from Logoworks and Radiopuffin, the design firm that helped us with the new website:





In the end, we stayed with the same much-loved logo, with different colors.

Old logo:
New logo:

Abid Mohsin
Abid's Work Diary

  • Logo design firm

    Abid, to restyle a logo is difficult for a logo mill like logoworks, just because they’re used to look into their designs stock and provide firms looking for a new logo with drafts already created. When you have to restyle a logo, you actually have more restrictions -as you have to keep, update, delete and add features to the existing logo. The lack of interaction that you felt was actually the constraints of a system thought to “push” drafts instead of portraying corporate identities. If you surf the net looking for Arteis, you’ll know how logoworks actually works and why you got disappointed by their proposals.

  • http://www.odesk.com Abid

    John, thanks for the feedback. The current oDesk logo is on the top left of http://www.odesk.com

    Constantine, we agree. The oDesk logo is going to remain the same. It has gone from the blue/green color to the blue/gray color:



  • Constantine Karnacevych

    imho, the new logo is not necessary. first two lines are looking like dilettante usage of some public cliparts and with very dubious skill in some kind of drawing software i.e. CorelDraw or AdobeIllustrator, and the rest of them are clones from current oDesk logo.
    sorry if I said rude things

  • John Addington

    I’m new, so I do not remember seeing oDesk logo.

    So for feedback, I am letting you know I was immediately drawn to the one on row 2, column 4