August 10, 2006 by Guest Blogger

oDesk Providers,

Ever wondered if your profile is any good?

The guys at Mobcode want to help. They are offering a free Profile editing service. If you submit your oDesk Profile URL, Mobcode will email your comments on how to polish it. From Mobcode:

I am a native English speaker who has interviewed and hired many developers for US companies. I will provide feedback from the perspective of a project sponsor trying to hire developers to work on US based projects.

Have fun. And don't forget to take oDesk Tests.

  • Theresa Schlott

    I had a complete page written on my user pofile and pressed the tab for save and it disappeared. It had valuable information. Where do I go to get it back? I am sure it was meant to be private. Thank you if you can get it back. Theresa Schlott.

  • Kim N

    Could I please get some feedback on my Proile as I am not getting any responses from my Job Applications!..It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Jason


    Have you applied yet?

    You can apply here:

    Good luck :-)


  • Mary L. Seigenfeld


    I am a single, older mom who needs to generate income. I would like to do this from home. I have worked for more than thirty years and am looking to telecommute. I am trying oDesk out. I have many technical skills in addition to Technical Writing. I see that the rates are low, probably, due to folks from overseas working through odes. I work fast, efficiently, and accurately. My on-site clients have been pleased with my work.

    I appreciate any help you can give me.

    What do I send you so that you can review my profile?

    Thank you.

    Mary L. Seigenfeld