August 16, 2006 by Guest Blogger

“The office is out people, get over it and out of it.”

Wise words from Nick, the Code Cowboy over at NothingButNoise.

Nick shares our vision of a world where people can work from anywhere they want.

At oDesk, some of us work in an office, while some work at home. Some work in the US, some in Eastern Europe, and some in India. All of use the oDesk platform to work collaboratively. We spend lots of time on Skype and Google Talk.

Nick also has some interesting comments about working with offshore teams, keeping a schedule, and dealing with non-technical customers. Enjoy.

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  • Amit kumar indoria

    hello sir ,
    i am interested in joining this company ,please guide me to do so.

  • Dmitry

    Thanks Jason, it was an interesting reading!

    I’d like to share with community the following article on the relative subject: http://www.davecheong.com/2006/08/14/18-ways-to-stay-focused-at-work

    Dave Cheong gives some really good advises on organizing your work (at home or in office). Personally I disagree about having lunch at your desk. I even think about going outside for lunch wen I work from home. :)