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October 26, 2006 by Guest Blogger

Our favorite (well, mine at least) productivity tool got an upgrade today. Rather than just having an image of your entire screen or the active window, you can now have a totally customized ScreenSnap to share with others.

See this example of the functionality as I am typing this blog post:

Details from the "What's New" page:

We have added new drawing capabilities to the ScreenSnap feature (see our 9/21 What's New listing for the initial announcement).

To recap, you can take quick screen shots of either your entire screen or just the active window using Ctrl-Alt-S (full Screen) or Ctrl-Alt-A (Active window).

After entering either key sequence, a window will pop up giving you the option to add a title and description to the ScreenSnap. At the bottom of the window are three buttons: Draw, Save and Discard. When you choose the Draw button, you are presented with the ScreenSnap image which you can annotate with standard drawing tools:

  • Initially, you will be drawing a free-form 4-pixel wide red line
  • Click the RIGHT mouse button to bring up a menu you can use to:
    • Change the color
    • Change the pen width
    • Select line, rectangle or ellipse
    • Enter text
    • Crop the picture
    • Reset to no drawing

Also, at any time you can press F1 on your keyboard to bring up a Help screen with a short description and Hot keys.

Read more release logs here.

Abid Mohsin

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