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November 15, 2006 by oDesk

As many of our users already know every buyer account is auto-provisioned with an oDesk hosted Bugzilla application. Since Tuesday, all users that are using our bugzilla will get a nice surprise as they open the memo dialog of the Team client :

  • sdffdsa

    I’m trying to find something about integrated bugzilla in oDesk but can’t find anything. Is it no more available, or is it just well hidden? Why is it only for buyer accounts? I have clients which could use them but they aren’t tech guys so I won’t scare them by asking them to set it up Mainly when even I don’t know how to do it, since it’s not available to me as a contractor… Wouldn’t it make more sense if I would be able to set it up for a client then ask him to use it with some simple explanation of how to do it?