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April 30, 2007 by Michael Levinson

oDesk is pleased to announce a new way for providers to receive their earnings: the oDesk Debit MasterCard, powered by Payoneer, is now available for pre-order.

oDesk Debit MasterCard, powered by Payoneer

The oDesk Debit MasterCard is a prepaid debit MasterCard. A provider’s earnings are loaded directly onto the card, which can then be used to withdraw cash at any MasterCard ATM worldwide as well as make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted, in stores or online. We believe it will be the best way to receive funds for most non-US providers, with low fees, the best exchange rates in the world, fast transfer and the convenience of a MasterCard.

We will be shipping cards around the second week of May, and will waive the activation fee for providers who pre-order their cards before then. To pre-order your card, providers should log into oDesk and go to the new My Money tab.

The oDesk Debit MasterCard is available for providers in all oDesk countries, and will replace iKobo for providers in Ukraine.

For more information on the oDesk Debit MasterCard, visit the oDesk Guide to Payoneer or discuss the new card here.

Michael Levinson

Vice President of Product Strategy

Michael Levinson is the Vice President of Product Strategy at oDesk, where he is responsible for overall product strategy and definition. He joined oDesk in 2006 and was instrumental in building oDesk's global billing and payment platform. He later became Director of Product, where he led day-to-day product management. Prior to oDesk, Michael was a management consultant in technology, healthcare, and the public sector, starting… read more

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  • Mohamed Sayed

    Correction for mr Adrian Bye i’m in egypt and i have recived my odesk credit card

  • Suhas Vadulekar

    I am not ablet to withdraw cash from my Odesk Payoneer card. I tried several ATMs in Nashik (India), but I couldn’t get any cash from any of the ATMs. One ATM showed my balance as Rs. 28.60 instead of $28.60 after presseing “withdraw money” button. I tried to seek help from payoneer but they can’t help and just keeps on saying that “it should work worldwide”. Pl help if anyone has withdrawn money from India.

  • Alfonso Franco

    Hello dear Team. I have already interviewed a provider for my project but want know any other way to pay my billing information becuase had problems of decline card and the provider is ready waiting to hire my project . How can you notify to this provider that he/she will be hire for other way ?

    She is provider donna roy her e-mail is .Thanks

  • Michael

    The Payoneer FAQ page is generic to Payoneer. We piloted Payoneer thoroughly, and you can be assured Payoneer will ship to virtually all oDesk countries. Register with confidence!

  • Adrian Bye

    According to this page on the Payoneer FAQ, Payoneer will only mail these cards to US addresses: