April 12, 2007 by Guest Blogger

This week we reached a major milestone in the marketplace – $10M has been spent on outsourced technology jobs through oDesk!

We’re very excited about the news and we know we have our buyers and providers to thanks for this achievement, so thank you!

Michael Arrington and Rafe Needleman both covered the news, about which we’ll be sharing more details on Monday. Stay tuned!

Abid Mohsin

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    Hi Abid, Congratulations!

    I am writing a piece at DubaiBeat.com about the interesting fact that “Saudi Arabia” is among top markets for buyers in your service. (Next to U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australi). I appreciate a bit of more information on this; what sort of companies are they, what sort of projects are they, is there a few companies making all those buys, or there are many, etc.

    Appreciate your feedback on this,