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July 26, 2007 by oDesk

We’ve built new functionality into the console application for buyers and providers to easily pay milestone payments for any amounts on fixed price projects. Buyers can initiate payments at any time and for any amount. Providers can see immediately when milestone payments have been made and approved. Both sides can track the agreed amount, amount paid to date, and amount remaining.

This should alleviate some of the concerns around getting paid on fixed price jobs. Providers may even want to request a small payment before starting any work to ensure that the buyer is serious about completing the project. It’s up to you how to use the feature.

We’ve also prepared a short play for you:

(Act I – working on a fixed price project before today)

Provider: “I finished the first phase, can you pay me 25% for reaching the milestone.”

Buyer: “I don’t see any way to do that on oDesk, I’ll just pay you the full amount at the end”

Provider: I’m nervous, this buyer might not pay me.

(Act II – working on a fixed price project after today)

Provider: “I finished the first phase, can you pay me 25% for reaching the milestone.”

Buyer: “Sure, happy to. Good job.”

Provider: “Thanks, I’ll keep working now.” /*thinking*/ I feel much more comfortable now that I’ve received some partial payment.

  • Adeel Royage

    Its useless unless it provides escrow option. I recently had experience that client had made the milestone, thought he’s serious I did everything as was required, at the end he disappeared after all work get done, and after 6 weeks, he cancelled the milestone, get all money back without any pre notification to me and ended the contract…. This is bullshit… unless escrow is offered to ensure if the work done is matched to agreement and only the either party can pay or get money back after being reviewed by odesk team.

  • ktor09

    how about escrow? will be great if we could pre-define milestones with escrow payments, like on most of freelancing sites (elance, freelancer etc). I can’t see such option here…