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February 2, 2008 by Josh Breinlinger

With over 1,000 jobs posted each week, it’s becoming more difficult for providers to find the perfect jobs. And with increasing provider competition in the marketplace, it’s more important than ever for providers to focus their job search efforts and apply to the best jobs available.

A few weeks ago, we launched fully customizable RSS feeds for jobs posted on oDesk. Our intent is to give providers a way to setup a few custom feeds to save time and energy in searching for the jobs that are the best fit. I put together a few sample feeds below that you can use in your RSS reader to view high value oDesk jobs as they’re posted.

For starters, I wanted to narrow the search by a particular skill. Then, I wanted hourly jobs only because they tend to be higher value and longer term jobs. I further filtered out all jobs that were less than 4 weeks in estimated duration, so I’m left with the highest value jobs available in each skill set.

If you want further customization for your job feed – go to the Job Search, enter any parameters you want, and then use the RSS icon when you have exactly what you want. Good luck!

oDesk – PHP Jobs | oDesk – Drupal Jobs | oDesk – Joomla Jobs

oDesk – Design Jobs | oDesk – Writing Jobs | oDesk – SEO Jobs

oDesk – C++ Jobs | oDesk – .NET Jobs | oDesk – Visual Basic Jobs

Josh Breinlinger

Senior Associate at Sigma Partners

Josh joined Sigma as a Senior Associate in 2010, bringing six years of startup experience building exceptional teams, products, and communities. He has a black-belt in online marketing and a strong track record of success in user acquisition and retention. Prior to joining Sigma, Josh was the Director of Product and Marketing at AdRoll, an online advertising company, where he helped grow revenue 4x in… read more

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  • Josh Breinlinger

    Thanks for the great info Igor and congrats on your new blog.

  • Igor Polyakov

    Josh, thanks for your great advice for providers, we appreciate oDesk working towards simplifying life of a provider!

    I would like to add, that Yahoo has recently released their services named Yahoo Pipes, it allows to create very useful filters for any RSS feeds, union various RSS and perform various transformation. As I have discovered, it saves much time to use Yahoo Pipes for filtering projects not only by technology, but also by budget and other parameters. You can see details at my blog post: . I will disclose more details in my blog soon.

  • ivan

    This will become provider’s favorite!

  • Ivan

    This post is massive.!!!