May 15, 2008 by Josh Breinlinger

A recent internal analysis at oDesk yielded some pretty interesting trends within our own network.

We were looking at the total hours worked by all providers and were segmenting the hours by various different criteria. One of the most startling trends we found was the growth in hours worked by providers from the Philippines.

The number of hours worked in Philippines has grown 4x in just 4 months.

Hours Growth in Philippines

The amazing thing to us is the fully viral expansion of work that’s going on in this country. We have not changed anything about our acquisition strategy in the Philippines so this is true word-of-mouth growth. Kudos to the providers that are driving this rapid expansion.

Here’s a few top providers:

Josh Breinlinger

Senior Associate at Sigma Partners

Josh joined Sigma as a Senior Associate in 2010, bringing six years of startup experience building exceptional teams, products, and communities. He has a black-belt in online marketing and a strong track record of success in user acquisition and retention. Prior to joining Sigma, Josh was the Director of Product and Marketing at AdRoll, an online advertising company, where he helped grow revenue 4x in… read more

  • melvin

    yes ok lng kahit wala p akong job I,m still confident to be hire thank sa inyo guy na nag top sa list GO Pinoyz!!!!

  • http://www.snedig.ru enyuha

    Thank you author

  • eddiente

    This just proves how hardworking Filipinos are. A lot of us pinoys want to earn more than what we’re earning from our jobs. So alternative source of income is really a way to go.

    “Mahirap ang buhay dito sa pinas so kailangan kumayod ng husto!” :)

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  • http://www.iblogzone.com diTesco

    Mabuhay. I am also a Filipino who just signed up for oDesk. I am proud of you guys. Keep up the good work. Oh, by the way – I live in Portugal

  • Shine

    Hey Don…ikaw ba talaga un? eh bakit picture ni KC Montero gamit mo? feeling? heheh..joke!

  • http://www.don-flor.com Don F.

    wow, featured ako… wahahaha!

  • Jan Q

    Thanks God!keep up the good work! astig talaga tayo! God bless! i’m from philippines island ;) Mabuhey!

  • http://www.mymilanguide.com carlos

    im a filipino based in luxembourg, and im very happy and impressed!
    keep up the good work there!

  • http://none Jinky L

    though i’m here in the US, i’m proud of you fellas…keep up the good work, magagaling talaga tayo….:-)

  • RP

    Wow, this only means that filipinos can compete on top of the world. Good thing Odesk has brought this ingenuity into the country. I came to knew odesk through some blogs i stumbled upon … this would definitely bring new trends in the world of outsourcing and business in the coming months to come. kudos to the creators and pioneers of ODESK….