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August 20, 2008 by Michael Levinson

We’ve redesigned the Team Room to be easier to use than ever!

See your whole team

Team members are now arranged in a tile pattern instead of a long list. With four tiles across on most screens, you can probably see your entire team without scrolling down Better presence indicator.

It’s even easier than before to see who is online right now, and who has worked in the last 24 hours.

At long last, time zone conversion!

One of the top requests we’ve heard, especially from Buyers, is to show the local time zone of your team members. We heard you! So whether your teammates are across the country or across the globe, you’ll always know what time it is wherever they are, all in the team room.

Filtering and sorting for bigger teams

For larger teams, it can be difficult to sort through all of your members, so we have added new sorting and filtering based on name, role, and when they have last worked, as well as a “quick search” option to find a specific team member quickly.

We hope you find these improvements useful. Please let us know your thoughts in this thread.

Michael Levinson

Vice President of Product Strategy

Michael Levinson is the Vice President of Product Strategy at oDesk, where he is responsible for overall product strategy and definition. He joined oDesk in 2006 and was instrumental in building oDesk's global billing and payment platform. He later became Director of Product, where he led day-to-day product management. Prior to oDesk, Michael was a management consultant in technology, healthcare, and the public sector, starting… read more