April 30, 2009 by Danalyn West

We’ve said it before: Twitter is the wave of the social media future! With Ashton Kutcher reaching over 1.5 million followers, and Oprah gaining over 700,000 followers since her Twitter debut on her show two weeks ago, Twitter growth is increasing exponentially! New users are signing up by the boatloads every day.

Because the second most frequently asked question by Twitter newcomers is, “who should I follow?” we decided to put together a list of the writers we follow on Twitter…and why you should probably follow them, too!

@problogger @problogger (Darren Rowse): Full time Blogger, Author, Social Media Participant. Sharing Blogging and Twitter Tips (and a little life).
Why we follow him: If you haven’t read his blog, Problogger, check it out. He offers excellent tips for writers and people aspiring to be professional bloggers.
@skinnyjeans @skinnyjeans (Stephanie Quilao): Deliciously creative blogger of Everyday Tweet. Founder. I share stuff I think is awesome and helpful. Healthy living, Work, Food, Design, Photography, Twitter.
Why we follow her: Her documented journey to becoming a professional blogger on her website, The Everyday Blogger.
twitter_daivrawks @daivrawks (Daiv Russell): Super-caffeinated Ninja-Nerd, Foodie, SEO/Copywriter, Husband, Project Mangler, Vegetarian, Software Process junkie, and Org Psych, Marketing & Statistics
Why we follow him: With a blog named Ninja Nerd, how could we not? Plus, he’s got great SEO writing tips on his blog.
@copyblogger @copyblogger (Brian Clark): I create new media content for fun and profit.
Why we follow him: He offers great writing tips on his blog, Copyblogger, from how to write catchy titles to how to overcome writer’s block.
@thedomesticdiva @thedomesticdiva (Heather): Freelance Writer. Professional Mommy Blogger. Graphic Designer. Photographer. I’ve participated in the Sony Mommy Blogger Event and Walmart’s ElevenMoms.
Why we follow her: Her blog, Domestic Diva, is fun…but we love her videos even more.
@paulabrett @paulabrett (Paula Brett): Marketer, Web Host, Writer, Blogger, Actor, Singer, Footy mum, Voddie Glugger, Legend in My Own Lunchtime
Why we follow her: Her tweets range from professional to, “People who say they never let little things bother them have never slept in a room with a mosquito!” and she shares tips for bloggers on her own blog.
@writingspirit @writingspirit (Julie Isaac): Tips to unleash your writing genius and rock your world with twitter. Host of #WriteChat Sundays 12-3pm PST. Soon to unveil Twitter Made Easy.
Why we follow her: Writers can get lots of great tips and chat with other writers on #WriteChat (on Twitter).
@sarahprout @sarahprout (Sarah Prout): Author, entrepreneur, online socialite, publisher, passionate advocate of the Law of Attraction and mother of 2 little darlings.
Why we follow her: She’s the founder of Sprout Publishing and helps aspiring authors get their works published in compilation books along with celebrity contributors.
@thedailyblonde @thedailyblonde (Cheryl): Blogger,Writer,Commentator on Bullcrap, Funny Girl, Single Mom to 5 Awesome Kiddos. I’m A Left Handed Polish Chick & I’m NEVER Growing Up!
Why we follow her: Because she “lives without a filter on her mouth” and she’s just plain funny.
@conniegreen @conniegreen (Connie Green): I teach new entrepreneurs how to use online writing and technology to build a profitable business.
Why we follow her: She has great tips on her blog, Ebook Writing and Marketing Secrets, for business bloggers and marketing yourself as a business.
@hakicoma @hakicoma (Hans): Blogger, Blogging tips, Social Media lover and Internet Marketer. I really enjoy meeting new people… contact me!
Why we follow him: He has tons of great writing tips for bloggers at his blog, Catch The Posts.
@linnetwoods @linnetwoods (Linnet Woods): I live aboard a schooner with my man and a cat… I’m a freelance writer and web mangler…
Why we follow her: She’s very active on Twitter and her daily “Twitterhood” trivia quizzes are fun.
@redhotcopy @redhotcopy (Lorrie Ferrero): Copywriter, speaker, internet marketer, mother, wife
Why we follow her: She’s fun on Twitter and her blog, Red Hot Blog, often has useful tips like this video for book authors on how to get celebrity endorsements.
@mike_stelzner @mike_stelzner (Mike Stelzner): Author of book, ‘Writing White Papers,’ organizer of large summits and a dad
Why we follow him: He has lots of useful information on writing white papers on his blog, Writing White Papers, along with great videos like this one on how to prevent the “feast or famine” cycle we’ve all run into at one point or another as freelancers.
@jonfmerz @jonfmerz (Jon F Merz): Novelist (the Lawson Vampire books, Rogue Angel), screenwriter, non-fic author, TV dude (THE FIXER), partner at New Ronin Productions, Bujinkan Ninjutsu 5th dan
Why we follow him: Because there aren’t enough fiction novelists on Twitter, let alone ones who are as active as he is! You can also check out his blog, Boston Nocturne, for direct ebook downloads.
@remarkablogger @remarkablogger (Michael Martine): Blog consultant and coach
Why we follow him: He has great writing tips on his site, Remarkablogger, as well as catchy titles like: How to Write an Ebook that Doesn’t Suck
@thecreativepenn @thecreativepenn (Joanna Penn): Author, speaker and coach – writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and promotion for your book
Why we follow her: She has great tips for self-published authors at her blog, The Creative Penn.
@joefinder @joefinder (Joe Finder): NYT bestselling thriller writer, Dad, Red Sox fan
Why we follow him: Not only is he a New York Times best-selling author who’s active on Twitter, but he also has occasional writing tips on his blog, Joseph Finder’s Blog.
@jennipps @jennipps (Jen Nipps): Freelance writer/editor specializing in creativity, writing, fashion, health, & general interest. Update frequently. I’m sorry, but I can’t follow everyone
Why we follow her: She always has great tips for writers (and freelancers in general) at her blog, TutorialBlog.
@menwithpens @menwithpens (James C): A Canadian freelance writer with a pen mightier than a sword
Why we follow him: His blog, Men With Pens, is another excellent resource for freelance writers.
@kathleenfuller @kathleenfuller (Kathleen Fuller): Novelist, freelance writer, author of upcoming Amish novel series Hearts of Middlefield
Why we follow her: She tweets and re-tweets a lot of useful articles for freelance writers.
@angee @angee (Angela Booth): Want to write, have fun and make money? Join me in this incredible new media journey to make good old-fashioned cash. I’m a copywriter and author.
Why we follow her: Great tips for writers on her blog, Angela Booth’s Writing Blog.
@joner @joner (Linda Jones): Director of Passionate Media, journalist and author. Mum of twins, blogging at www.gotyourhandsfull.com
Why we follow her: Her blog, Freelance Writing Tips, contains lots of great writing tips and book reviews.
@chafkin @chafkin (Max Chafkin): I write for Inc. magazine. I live in Brooklyn.
Why we follow him: We like when he says things like this, “Beg for followers? Ewww. Twitter needs less of that. More conversation please.”
@kathrynvercillo @kathrynvercillo (Kathryn Vercillo): Blogger/Writer. Always pushing the boundaries of my creative experience.
Why we follow her: Aside from the fact that we think more people should follow her, she publishes some great articles on her blog, Real Words, like Being Productive When Working from Home.

And, if you’re still not following @odesk on Twitter, what are you waiting for?

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    I just learned about this post via a tweet…..wanted to stop by and say ‘thanks’. I’m flattered and found a few new people to follow on your list! I like following people on the recommendation of others. Great list.

    And to the nay-sayers….I challenge you to a duel…or a write off. Bring it on!


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    @mrfire is author, speaker and writer Joe Vitale who wrote The Attractor Factor and other great books.

    @patobryan is author, speaker and writer who wrote Your Portable Empire.

    Both are great inspirational and helpful authors and engage with other tweeple daily

  • http://www.twitter.com/jonfmerz Jon F. Merz

    Thanks so much for including me on this list! Honored to be among the other esteemed folks on it.

    I’d have to disagree with Lookman’s assertion that Twittering leaves little time for “serious writing,” as I have no problem fulfilling my professional obligations and still having more than enough time to interact with great people online. Twitter is a vital part of any 21st century writer’s social media persona – those who eschew or otherwise denigrate it are destined only to find the smallness to which they aspire.

    Looking forward to talking to many of you! Have a great day!

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  • http://www.kramerandcompany.com Shelly Kramer

    This is a terrific list, Danalyn! Thanks so much for taking the time to compile. Many of these fabulous people I knew about and some I didn’t, so it’s great to have some new people to follow and interact with.

    Quite annoying, though, that some of your commentors here feel as if this is the forum to either complain that they weren’t included OR pitch themselves, their blogs or their products.

    Goodness, since when did people lose all sense of graciousness and manners???

    Again, great job and thanks so much for bringing these fine, talented people to our attention. Ignore the crazies and the rudies :)

    Shelly Kramer

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    Oh the wonders of oDesk… Great list of quality people, and good (brief) descriptions as to why they are listed. oDesk is one of the best outsourcing services on the web!

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  • http://writestuff-belinda.blogspot.com/ Belinda

    I am following all these writers. My goal is to learn from them so that I too may one day be recommended as a prolific writer and perhaps one day a published author.

  • http://www.theprofessionalhobo.com Nora

    Great list – now I have a bunch of new people to follow!

    As a writer with no fixed address, I derive much inspiration from the inner workings of the internet.

    – @hobonora

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    Fantastic list! I already follow some, but will follow all.
    Congratulations to my friend Connie Ragen Green!I publish her fabulous articles!

  • Danalyn

    Skeptic: Every one of the people in the list is a traditional media writer/author, freelance writer or professional blogger. We feel they all have something valuable to share, which is a fair trade-off for reading personal tweets.

  • Skeptic

    Most of these people aren’t remotely “writers.” You should redo your headline. All I see so far are people who blog a lot. Visiting some of there Twitter pages, I see mostly the same stuff:

    “I’m eating a hot dog.”

    “I’m going to exercise now.”

    Surely you can do better!

  • http://twitter.com/shurleyhall Sharon Hurley Hall

    Great list – and some of these are on my own Twitter follow list which I published a week or so ago. I like the way you have summarised the reasons for following them.

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  • http://www.paula-brett.com Paula Brett

    Thank you so much for including me in your esteemed list, I’m delighted and honoured.

    I already follow many of your recommendations but you’ve given me a few more to check out

    Once again, thank you :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/thandelike Thandelike

    Thanks for the tips Danalyn! After 9 months on the service I follow a few of these posters (@problogger@ @creativepenn @menwithpens), but there are some new faces here I’ll be checking out!

    I understand Raymond Lookman’s point but building a SM platform *before* you have work to promote is key — by being a helpful, useful, professional presence. It doesn’t work as well to suddenly pop up when your book’s completed, ready to use Twitter to promote it.

    As an expat writer with a new book in progress, I also find Twitter’s been an invaluable tool to bring me closer to the world I work in, and up to speed on my industry. I’ve posted details of how I use Twitter as an author: http://tiny.cc/nZHEZ

    Good luck all!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549453979 Raymond Whiting-Lookman

    Hey, there you forgot me. The only problem with Twitter and all the other things a writer is supposed to do is; there is no time left for serious writing. Writing is a labour intensive occupation performed by artisans and generally not well paid. With two for one book offers and all the trade tricks of publishers/booksellers tricks there is little left for authors. These days

  • http://www.onlinewritingsuccess.com Connie Ragen Green

    What an honor! I was told that my writing was not good enough years ago, and I chose to believe it until I came online in 2005. Now I teach and encourage others to build an online business with their writing. Thanks again for including me in such esteemed company.

  • http://www.writersroundabout.com Rebecca Laffar-Smith

    Fantastic list! I was already following almost half of them so I just know the others are definitely follow-worthy too and added them all. *grins* I’m looking forward to getting to know these fellow tweeting writers better.

  • http://headtrips.wordpress.com Virginia Stanley aka headtrips

    Great list! Just reading it sent me on a delightful headtrip! I ‘m a newbie and open to all the insights and whatnot anyone with a positive message cares to share…So far tweeting and retweeting is sweet! This list will help a lot…thanks!

  • http://www.kathleenfuller.com Kathleen Fuller

    Thanks so much for including me on such a prestigious list! I’m glad people find the articles I post and retweet as useful as I do. Seriously, retweeting has become one of my favorite things to do. :)

  • http://www.lgvernon.com L. G. Vernon

    It’s nice to be able to so easily connect to other literary folk.

  • http://www.connectiongeneration.com Iggy Pintado

    Great List!

    Can I be included when you do your Top 50?

    @iggypintado, author of Connection Generation.

    Also, @connectgen!

  • http://twitter.com/skinnyjeans Stephanie Quilao

    Thank you! I feel very honored to be on the list with this talented group.

    Blogging and twittering has had such an amazing impact on my life both professionally and personally, and I’m glad that I can help others in their journey too :)

  • http://www.honeytechblog.com Honey Singh

    Very nice research,almost know 70% of the list members. :P
    Thanks for let us known with the news witters. :P

  • http://www.soulfoodrevolution.com Mitch Gray

    Hey nice list. Don’t know all of them but look forward to checking out their work. Would love for everyone to see what we’re doing with the Soul Food Revolution! @soulthechicken


  • http://potpolitics.com John Sullivan

    Cool list I’m following a few of those people.
    Some aren’t surprising but sadly I have seen as a person’s presence gets bigger they usually forget where they came from and stop answering people,writing post etc. Time moves fast today’s Hero may be tomorrow’s ghost. Just following someone for the hell of it is really no benefit at all :)
    They’re are people on that list that I do admire

  • http://www.airballsandairguitar.blogspot.com Alan

    Great list. I’m always looking to connect with more writers. Very much appreciated!


    Twitter: aljmac

  • Danalyn

    Doson, we have more twitter lists planned…as we continue to find great people to follow in different categories, we’ll be sure to share our favorites!

  • http://twitter.com/doson Doson

    Wonderful List…
    Glad am following the top 3..
    And I’ll make my move to follow the rest :)
    Hoping to find some wonderful list again :P

  • http://blog.simplycast.com/ Michael

    Excellent list. I have many of these but will certainly follow and read the others.

    feel free to add me as well


  • http://www.adriennehoughton.tumblr.com Adrienne

    I’m an aspiring copywriter and have been following Brian (@copyblogger) for a while and love his advice. His blog and tweets are very useful for writers.

    If you want tweets about advertising, new inventions & pop culture, follow me – http://twitter.com/IMADGE

  • Dave

    Nice list and reasons why these Tweeps are worth following. I was following many of them before, but now (after checking their profile tweets), I’m impressed and am following all of them for their inspirational gems of wisdom! Thanks for posting this!

  • http://www.kathrynvercillo.com/blog Kathryn

    Thanks for including me! Love the post and can’t wait to check out a few of the writers here that I didn’t already know.

  • http://blog.hudsonhorizons.com Lauren

    Great recommendations with thoughtful reasons “why” they’re follow-worthy. I was aware of a handful of these tweeps, and am looking forward to following along with the new ones I now know about. Thanks for sharing!

    -Lauren (@beebow)