April 16, 2009 by James Waters

President ObamaAsked when Americans could expect jobs outsourced to other countries to return, President Obama replied, “Not all of these jobs are going to come back ... And it probably wouldn't be good for our economy for a bunch of these jobs to come back because, frankly, there's no way that people could be getting paid a living wage on some of these jobs — at least in order to be competitive in an international setting.”

Catch a Falling StarIf you view the world economy as a zero-sum game, this is grim news — if each nation's economy is a bucket of water, and you only fill one by emptying another, we seem to be running dry pretty fast. Fortunately, it doesn't really work that way. Sometimes jobs slosh out of one bucket into another, but other times, to totally belabor a metaphor, some entrepreneurial genius adds fresh water to several buckets at once.  We may not yet be at the next wave of entrepreneurship (but remember, both Apple and Microsoft were launched in the wake of the '70s oil crisis), but even as waves of layoffs make national headlines, jobs are sloshing back into our bucket as companies around the world are outsourcing to United States professionals.

America's national myth is cowboys, pioneers, revolutionaries — not couchbound whiners.  Displaced U.S. workers are not idly waiting for their old jobs to magically return.  An oDesk survey found that of its 70,000+ U.S.-based contractors, 32 percent had taken up freelancing after recently losing a job.

Satellite Dish by Gerard EvistonThese Americans are adapting to today's market needs.  For example, just 20 years ago, graphic artists and designers competed for a tiny pool of newspaper and magazine jobs. Today, those same newspapers are tottering or failing.  But the web is increasingly offering opportunities for freelance designers, opportunities that can come from anywhere in the world.  Similarly, opportunities for freelance writers are on the rise, as businesses need compelling content for their websites, blogs, sales material, help content and even Twitter accounts.

We agree with President Obama that new skills will serve Americans well as the world continues to evolve.  So will new thinking about opportunities, work environments, and the way we apply ourselves.  Flexible thinking, entrepreneurialism and a diehard work ethic have made America what it is today, and while specific jobs come and go, these qualities endure.

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    Sure US economy may be reduced, due to giving more outsourcing projects to some other countries. As well employment will be affected

  • Tim Snow

    +1 to Noelle's statement. Do these jokers really think that you can have an economy that is 100% high tech? Keep this up and you won't have an economy left. Ya lets all support wage cuts and give more money to the rich at an exponential rate. To compete internationally means we would have to keep wages low or just outsource. Something should be done so that at the international level the working class doesn't get the shaft. Get some bosses that don't have their heads up their asses that actually know how to make an efficient work environment so that we don't end up outsourcing to some jackoff in another country.

  • Noelle

    This article isn't bad, OBAMA'S STATEMENT AT THE BEGINNING OF IT MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!! There are families, complete families nowadays that are living at campsites, CAMPSITES, because they couldn't keep up on their bills, because they went bankrupt on their bills. Sure people live beyond their means at times, however, there are people living there that had their own companies that went bankrupt. I think and feel that president Obama is the biggest Ahole. Obama = One Big As* Mess America!! Shame on him for what he said!!!!! Shame on everyone else who supports his statements!!!

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  • http://itshumour.blogspot.com Rajj

    We americans need job whether its outsourced or not. I need to be paid for my work that's my point...

  • http://www.insourcedjobs.com/ Imee

    I agree with Pres. Obama. We should really start thinking outside the box, but also discover what we're really good at so we could have fun while earning. Most freelance workers are great at what they do, whether it's designing or writing or whatever.

  • http://officeinfotips.blogspot.com simple

    Obama got the point, after all he is the head of the state. He will do his best for americans

  • http://blog.thinkdiff.net Mahmud Ahsan

    nice article

  • suhas katti

    The dynamics of world economy & modern technology means that where cheap labor is available; work gets outsourced there.
    President Obama is right when he says "Not all of these jobs are going to come back