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August 31, 2009 by Tamara Rice

Freelance writing bloggers sometimes come and go like  rain in springtime. However, there are many right now who are relevant, smart and here to stay. We just want to make sure you know they’re there. So, check out our alphabetical listing of 40 great writing blogs, (almost) all written for freelancers. You just might discover a new favorite!


ALL FREELANCE WRITING: Your Freelance Writing Source

Blogger – Jennifer Mattern; pro business, web content writer
Love - Free templates, the job board, and Mattern’s wisdom
Read - “How to Become a Better … “ by J. Mattern

badlanguage BAD LANGUAGE: Writing About Writing

Blogger – Matthew Stibbe; business, tech, marketing writer
Love -The intelligent community and Stibbe’s solid content
Read -Email Etiquette Revisited” by M. Stibbe

bizzia-test-image BIZZIA: Freelancing

Blogger – Allison Boyer; writer, owner of ABContent
Love - Monthly topics, advice covering fiction and non-fiction
Read -Charging for Rush Assignments” by A. Boyer

bobbly BOB BLY: Copywriter

Blogger - Bob Bly; marketing copywriter, consultant
Love -Bly’s experience, the blog’s large community
Read -The 12 Undeniable Truths of … Writing” by B. Bly

confidentwriting CONFIDENT WRITING: Because Our Words Count

Bloggers - Joanna Young; writing coach / Various Guest Bloggers
Love - Inspiration, motivation, amazing guest posts
Read -The … Power of Audacious Writers” by D. Boyken

copyblogger COPYBLOGGER: Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing Success

Bloggers - Brian Clark; marketing strategist / Various Others
Love - Rants, mass audience, range of experienced contributors
Read -5 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter” by D. Zarella

copywriterunderground THE COPYWRITER UNDERGROUND: Copywriting Beyond the Words …

Blogger – Tom Chandler; writer, marketer, consultant
Love -Copywriting news, trends, humor … and Tom Chandler
Read -The Numbers Aren’t Pretty … ” by T. Chandler

copywriterscrucible THE COPYWRITER’S CRUCIBLE: Copywriting for Websites, Articles …

Blogger – Matt Ambrose; marketing copywriter
Love - Tips, practicality, traffic wisdom, proven experience
Read -Copywriting Principle … Vital for SEO” by M. Ambrose

dailyfreelancewritingtips DAILY FREELANCE WRITING TIPS

Blogger – Chesley Maldonado; freelance writer
Love - Vulnerability, inspiring posts, relevance
Read -Loneliness and Freelance Writing” by C. Maldonado

dailywritingtips DAILY WRITING TIPS

Blogger – Maeve Maddox; published author
Love -Grammar, vocab. guidance … plus Maeve, Maeve, Maeve
Read -Setting Your Freelance Writing Fees” by M. Maddox

fabfreelancewriting FAB FREELANCE WRITING: Make Money Writing

Blogger – Angela Booth; freelance writing guru, author
Love - Tons of content, don’t need to buy her books to learn from her
Read -Top 10 Ways to Make More Money” by A. Booth

freelancecopywritersblog FREELANCE COPYWRITERS BLOG

Blogger - Sally Ormond; freelance copywriter
Love -Focused copywriting tips — almost never off topic
Read -Headlines That Work”by S. Ormond

freelancewriterville FREELANCE WRITERVILLE: Like a B!#?&-Slap in the Morning

Bloggers - Yolander Prinzel; writer and creator / Various others
Love - The irreverent attitude, the forums, the fun
Read -Who Are You Getting Your … Advice From” by Y. Prinzel

freelancewritingchris FREELANCE WRITING: Achieve Freelance Writing Success

Blogger – Chris Bibey; freelance writer
Love - From-the-trenches insights, his youthful optimism (we’re jealous)
Read -Tips for a Successful … Writing Career” by C. Bibey

freelancewriting FREELANCE WRITING: Freelance Writing and Freelance Writing Jobs

Blogger - Allena Tapia; freelance writer and editor
Love - Forum, career advice (like diversifying)
Read -Yes, Interviews Do Get Easier” by A. Tapia

freelancewritingwritersmanifesto FREELANCE WRITING: The Writer’s Manifesto

Blogger – Monika Mundell; freelance writer / George Angus; contributor
Love - Inspiration, freelance lifestyle, creativity tools and tips
Read -Offline vs. Online Author” by M. Mundell

freelancewritingjobsnetwork FREELANCE WRITING JOBS NETWORK: FWJ and Other Stuff

Bloggers - Deb Ng; writer, social media consultant / Various Others
Love - Freelance lifestyle balance, community, leads and tips
Read -Top 10 Freelance Job Application Mistakes” by D. Ng

freelancezone THE FREELANCE ZONE

Bloggers - Catherine L. Tully; writer, speaker / Joe Wallace; writer, editor
Love - Tech advice, writing job leads, financial wisdom
Read -What You Might Not Know About … Taxes” by J. Wallace

getpaidtowrite GET PAID TO WRITE ONLINE: Straight Talk About Your Writing Career

Blogger - Sharon Hurley Hall; freelance writer
Love - The wisdom of experience
Read -Freelance Writing Questions: Avoiding Scams” by S.H. Hall

grammarblog GRAMMARBLOG: Mocking Poor Grammar Since 2007

Bloggers - Various contributors
Love - Laughs, epic fails (so it’s not about freelancing — it’s still fun)
Read -An Unfortunate ‘Postition’ ” by Tom

grammarphobia THE GRAMMARPHOBIA BLOG: Grammar, Usage, Etymology and More

Bloggers - Patricia T. O’Conner; journalist / Stewart Kellerman; journalist
Love - Learning proper English!
Read -Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby” by O’Conner and Kellerman

irreverentfreelancer IRREVERENT FREELANCER: Daily (or Thereabouts) Diatribes …

Blogger - Kathy Kehrli; freelance writer
Love - The humor: “The Ultimate Get-a-Clue Freelance Requests
Read -Freelance Payment Musical Chairs” by K. Kehrli

menwithpens MEN WITH PENS

Bloggers - James Chartrand; owner, copywriter / Various others
Love - Inspiration, community, humor
Read -Are You Using Life As Your Excuse?” by H. McLeod

odeskblog ODESK BLOG: Changing How the World Works

Bloggers - Various contributors (Did you think we’d leave ourselves off?)
Love - We’re fun, we have job boards … enough said
Read – Writing Lessons From Wil Wheaton” by Erica

poewar POE WAR: Write Well, Live Well

Blogger - John Hewitt; writer
Love - Job board and sheer number of writing resource articles
Read -Negative Self Talk for Writers: Perfectionism” by J. Hewitt

renegadewriter THE RENEGADE WRITER BLOG: You Read the Book, Now Read the Blog

Bloggers - Linda Formichelli; author / Diana Burrell; author
Love - Leads, trade news, career advice, writing tips
Read -How to Slog Your Way Through a Boring Assignment” by D. Burrell

thursdaybram THURSDAY BRAM: What’s Going on in the World of Freelance Writing?

Blogger – Thursday Bram; writer, media consultant
Love - Q&A’s, social media advice, trade book reviews
Read -Are You the CTO of Your Freelancing Business?” by T. Bram


Blogger – Bethany Keeley; hilarious genius
Love - Funny pics of terribly punctuated signage
Read -Something Like Quality” sent in by Brad

urbanmuse THE URBAN MUSE: Adventures in Reading, Writing and the Creative Life

Blogger - Susan Johnston; freelance writer
Love -Writer Q&As, Museletter, community and blog advice
Read -5 Tell Tale Signs of Bad Editor” by S. Johnston

wellfedwriter THE WELL-FED WRITER: Income-Boosting Resources …

Blogger – Peter Bowerman; author, copywriter
Love - Career talk, community interaction, client etiquette, lifestyle
Read -The Joys of Unplugging” by P. Bowerman


Blogger  - Debbie Ridpath Ohi; writer, illustrator
Love -Seeing our (ridiculous) selves in her comic strips
Read -What Would Dumbledore Do?” by D.R. Ohi

wordcount WORDCOUNT: Freelancing in the Digital Age

Blogger – Michelle V. Rafter; writer, journalist
Love - Blogging and social media tips, straight talk
Read -10 Ways Writers Can Beat the Recession” by M.V. Rafter

writetodone WRITE TO DONE: Unmissable Articles on Writing. Twice Weekly.

Blogger - Leo Babauta; writer, zen master / Mary Jaksch; writer, zen master
Love - Innovation, variety, guest posts, lifestyle
Read -176 Tips for Writers” by M. Jaksch

writerbewareblogs WRITER BEWARE BLOGS!

Blogger - A.C. Crispin / Victoria Strauss / Richard White
Love - Knowing what not to do (Plus fantastic trade gossip!)
Read -SterlingHouse Pub.’s Cover Gambit … ” by V. Strauss


Blogger - Dana Prince; writer
Love - Reviews of paying blogging gigs, career advice
Read - “… When the Writing Work Well Runs Dry” by D. Prince

writingforward WRITING FORWARD: Writing Tips and Ideas

Blogger - Melissa Donovan; writer
Love - Creative writing guidance — almost as good as a personal coach
Read -The Difference Between Dashes and Hyphens” by M. Donovan

writingfrump1 WRITING FRUMP: Frumping, Commiserating, Swapping War Stories …

Blogger - Anonymous; writer
Love - The whining, the drama — it’s to-die-for fun
Read -Does Your Tail Even Know It Has a Dog?” by Frumpie

writingjourney THE WRITING JOURNEY: Helping Internet Writers Achieve Their Dreams

Blogger - Bob Younce; writer
Love - Wise observations, coaching, no nonsense
Read -8 … Internet Writing Mistakes” by B. Younce

writingthoughts WRITINGTHOUGHTS: Translating Thoughts to Words for 19 Years

Blogger - Laura Spencer; copywriter and editor
Love - Guest posts, trade book reviews, inspiration
Read -Is Your Freelance Writing Timeless?” by L. Spencer

writingwhitepapers WRITING WHITE PAPERS: How to Stand Out …

Blogger - Michael Stelzner; author, white paper master
Love - Videos, interviews, contests, tips
Read -How to Speed Your Writing” by M. Stelzner

Did we forget any of your favorites? Let us know!

Tamara Rice

Freelance Writer and Editor

Tamara Rice is one of several freelance writers on the oDesk Blog team. She joined the oDesk marketplace in 2009, after more than six years on staff at an award-winning national magazine.

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    Great post… I personally love Copyblogger, Unnecessary Quotation Marks + The Grammarphobia Blog (to see how suck my writing actually is)

    The best blog I’ve come across about the freelance life is – it’s smart + funny and heck, if you ever actually finish your book, the best blogger on how to build buzz around selling it is – awesome advice + interviews.

    Monique @thenucreative

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    • Loyds Bennett
      Hiring a freelance writer is different from hiring an employee. The employer does not need to offer paid vacation days, health insurance, and tax forms. Therefore, the quality of work is the only factor affecting the contract.

      In addition, freelance writers are paid on the basis of the projects they undertake. To the customer, the benefits are derived from the fact that most freelance writers operate as small businesses thus they understand the value of customer satisfaction.

      Consequently, a freelance writer will endeavor to produce quality work since the progress of his venture is highly influenced by customer satisfaction.

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