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August 2, 2009 by Henry Walker

We are pleased to announce our best Providers for July 2009! We have over 250,000 Providers on oDesk, but these ones stood out as the cream of the crop this month, as they performed the most hours of work with the highest feedback rating. They have been given special badges recognizing their achievement.

oDesk Buyers, you might want to get in touch with these Providers soon…they just completed assignments and are available now, but probably won’t be for long. Click on their profile to check out their work and contact them for an interview!

Top 25 Freelance Designers for July 2009 were:
Victor Novak, Jonathan Antonio, Rajat P., Manu B., Alexey T., Hamid Akbar, Neil F., Emmanuel U., Max Uzkikh, Sampad T., Lateralcreativa Team, Alex C., Joseph Bempong, Jorge Puntriano, Anna P., Kim M., Michelle Gamboa, Lateralcreativa Team, Rob Louw, Nikola Sudarevic, Daniel Rothier, Brad B., Lucky L., Yan Bellavance, Kamna S.
Top 25 Freelance Software Developers for July 2009 were:
Daljeet Singh, Neil H., Martin Pollard, Gayle Myers-Harbison, Dmitry S., Andrey Kurashev, Atif Q., Lester F., Atif H., Haseeb K., Alexander Rudenko, Goran P., Sergey T., Eugene P., Srinath Gunasekaran, Ashar Samdani, Raju Maharjan, Goran P., Khalid G., Aashish Nadkar, Dmitry I., Gurdev S, Radhika Anandaraman, Victor Velasquez, Raj Sharma
Top 25 Freelance Web Developers for July 2009 were:
Humayun S., Peter P., Komail Noori, Maxim D., Yuri Perevoznikov, Sergey R., Singh B., Jaggy S., Ezhil Maran, Vaibhav Joshi, Andrew Murenko, Sergey Shoublakov, Sajid H., Roman V., Sergey R., Roman Poznahirev, Johnathon Wright, Kiran R., Robert D., Tahir Awan, Louis H., Sarabjeet Dhillon, Leszek P., Kamil D., Ivan R.
Top 25 Freelance Writers for July 2009 were:
Amna Nadim, Lilia Carone, Sridevi V., Irene B., Angela N., Gloria Mcmahon, John Essick, Carlo Gabriel Simbajon, John Carl Villanueva, Ruth S., Paula P., Rachel M., Dagmara M., Betsy Pickering, Sally R., Christopher Subijano, Fia C., Ayoub Chouchou, Eva B., Karen G., Revy Ablen, Jeanne Bowyer, John Martel, Anna A, Revy Ablen
Top 25 Virtual Assistants for July 2009 were:
Sergey R., Sreenath V., Vivin J., Ramsh G., Simon Wakefield, Gheet Pakhra, Jaclyn Azuela, Talec H., Yun Yang, Karla K., Marie F., Rattandeep S., Ping F., Sujata John, Juan Lorenzo Natividad, Michael Hope, Maria Erika Nillas, Julian J., Saurabh K., Becky L., Solaiman Sujon, Ana B., Jery Esparas, Pedro Cisternas, Bharat B.

These rankings will be generated each month, and stored in the oConomy under “Rankings.” August Rankings will be published on September 1. Congratulations again!

  • Winie

    Congrats to these brilliant providers – you obviously are an inspiration to others. I am still struggling to get started – facing some difficulty. Extremely eager to get hired to display my abilities

  • riaz

    Hi,Congratulations all of top 25 providers and i m new here………………..i don’t know how does this rating system and how i m getting job…….. pls anybody can help me

    • Erica

      Riaz – there’s a great section of the community at who’d be happy to help you out – and there are plenty of other newbies on there who are sharing their experiences.

  • Harnain Singh

    Hi , Congrats to all of the top 25 providers .
    I wonder does this rating system works and how can one come on the top list.


  • Rattandeep Singh

    Thanks oDESK for keeping me in top 25 for Virtual Assistants. I also work on SEO and Link Building now.