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September 24, 2009 by Michael Levinson

The Message Center is one of the most heavily used screens in all of oDesk. It is used primarily to interview candidates and potential employers, and to communicate with your team.

We've gotten a lot of requests for the ability to attach files to oDesk messages. Now you can! Anywhere you send a message to another user, whether from the candidate list, the team room, or replying to a message in your Inbox, you can attach a file. You can attach files to tickets, too. Keep that feedback coming! Occasionally, we listen...

Michael Levinson

Vice President of Product Strategy

Michael Levinson is the Vice President of Product Strategy at oDesk, where he is responsible for overall product strategy and definition. He joined oDesk in 2006 and was instrumental in building oDesk's global billing and payment platform. He later became Director of Product, where he led day-to-day product management. Prior to oDesk, Michael was a management consultant in technology, healthcare, and the public sector, starting… read more

  • Mark

    Hello, the attachments in messages is a nice feature.

    However, there is a big thing missing in messaging system. A link back to the poster's profile, if they are a Provider.

    I am new to oDesk, just fulfilled my first job after attending the oDesk 101 - Building Your Team webinar (which was good BTW).

    I am getting tons of provider messages for the job and when I engage in back/forth communications with a provider, am constantly wanting to see who they are and RE-review their profile. Right now I have to text search my Job Opening page for the provider's name to see them.

    Please email me directly if you wish more feedback, would gladly mention a couple of other small things.