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October 22, 2009 by Shawn Farner

We're excited to announce the new oDesk Affiliate Program via Commission Junction!

We look forward to working with affiliate marketers to grow the oDesk community.  We are even more excited to introduce the world of affiliate marketing to oDesk.  Publishers can use oDesk for all of their day-to-day needs, since oDesk is a great place to find web developers, graphic designers, blog writers, virtual assistants, and online marketers (SEO, PPC, and social media experts).

Why should you enroll in our new program?

  • We will pay affiliates $10 for each new buyer they send to oDesk that signs up & verifies a payment method.
  • We will pay affiliates 10% of all of the money we make from those buyers for the first year after they sign up.
Find Web Developers on oDesk

We've provided a variety of banner, text link, and flash options for affiliates to choose from. We've also provided a list of recommended keywords for them to use in their online marketing campaigns.  We've even created some APIs so affiliates can create custom sites using our job feeds -

Affiliate marketers and users of our user-user referral system are welcome to apply to the new program. Click here to get started now!

Find Virtual Assistants on oDesk

We're excited about our program and hope you will be, too.  We want to work closely with our affiliates and help them succeed, so if you have any ideas about how we can make our program better, let us know!  Email


  • Paul T

    Nice. I've actually recommended friends to Odesk before and never realized there was an affiliate program.

  • Free Jar Games

    I want to make a affiliate program.


  • Benjamin Kosasih .software development.,Small Business and
    Social Networking are the site I have told you how to
    find suitable job on line.

  • karen

    How about extending the program to include worker
    referrals as well as buyer referrals? With referers being
    paid a commisson on any monies earned by the workers
    they refer from oDesk as opposed to earning money from buyers
    paying for them? In my line of work I am far more likely
    to be recommending skilled workers than potenital buyers
    and oDesk obviously needs both to work effectively so why
    Not reward both.

  • breuer peter


  • Mujibur

    I want to make a affiliate program.


  • Warren Whitlock

    I've been recommending oDesk at least once a day for over a year. Might as well get paid for it :)

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