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October 23, 2009 by Shawn Farner

To celebrate the recent launch of the new oDesk Affiliate Program, we've gathered a list of the Top 10 Must-Read Affiliate Marketing blogs on the web.  For each one of these awesome blogs, we've given you some information about who writes the content and why we think their blog is great.  We've also linked to one of their must-read articles.

If you're looking to get involved with affiliate marketing, why not learn from the best?


Shoemoney: Skills to Pay the Bills

Who writes it? - Jeremy Schoemaker, internet marketer, founder of Shoemoney Media Group
Why it's great - Jeremy's informative posts, the Marketplace
Must-read article - "How To Avoid Obvious Failure As An Affiliate" by Jeremy Schoemaker

Zac Johnson Zac Johnson: Inside the Secret Life of a Super Affiliate

Who writes it? - Zac Johnson; affiliate marketer
Why it's great - Nice roundup of internet marketing tools, solid content
Must-read article - "5 Simple Ways to Increase Click Through Rates" by Zac Johnson

Murray Newlands Murray Newlands: Affiliate Marketing Blog & Social Media Marketing Blog

Who writes it? - Murray Newlands; internet marketer, blogger, ebook author
Why it's great - Useful news updates relevant to internet marketers, interesting interviews
Must-read article - "Affiliate Marketing for Merchants" by Murray Newlands

John Chow John Chow: The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul

Who writes it? - John Chow; internet marketer, founder of The TechZone and TTZ Media Network
Why it's great - John's marketing wisdom & his sense of humor
Must-read article - "5 Strategies to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer" by John Chow

Affiliate Tip Affiliate Tip: An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Who writes it? - Shawn Collins; internet marketer, co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine, Founder of
Why it's great - Shawn's section for Affiliate Newbies, video posts
Must-read article - "Step-by-Step Process to be an Affiliate" by Shawn Collins

John Cow John Cow: Making Money Online

Who writes it? - Jason Katzenback; internet entrepreneur
Why it's great - The name (a play on John Chow), Jason's conversational writing style
Must-read article - "Don't be a Shy Affiliate Marketer" by "John Cow"

Finch Sells Finch Sells: Affiliate Marketing & Creative Thinking

Who writes it? - Finch; internet marketer, affiliate, blog artist
Why it's great - Finch's no-bs style, the Affiliate Toolbox
Must-read article - "Investing For The Future With Affiliate Marketing" by Finch

Affiliate X Files Affiliate X Files: How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Who writes it? - Ron Cripps; marketing copywriter
Why it's great - Great introductory articles for those new to affiliate marketing, tutorials
Must-read article - "How To Become An Affiliate Marketer" by AffiliateX

Affiliate Marketing Blog Affiliate Marketing Blog: from UK Offer Media

Who writes it? - Kieron Donoghue; internet marketer, founder of UK Offer Media
Why it's great - Top-notch insight into the world of internet marketing
Must-read article - "The benefits of working full time in Affiliate Marketing" by Kieron Donoghue

MoreNiche Affiliate Marketing MoreNiche Affiliate Marketing Blog

Who writes it? - The MoreNiche Team
Why it's great - Useful material, insider knowledge
Must-read article - "How To Increase Affiliate Marketing Sales"

As we mentioned in yesterday's post, we're excited to partner with affiliate marketers, but we are even more excited to introduce the world of affiliate marketing to oDesk. Publishers can use oDesk for all of their day-to-day needs, since oDesk is a great place to find web developers, graphic designers, blog writers, virtual assistants, and online marketers (SEO, PPC, and social media experts).

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  • Young Adult Personal Finance

    This is a great list of blogs. I have been regularly visiting John Chow and Zac Johnson's blog for a few years now. They inspired me to get into Affiliate Marketing and I have been doing it ever since. I agree that an updated list for 2013 would be great!

    • Titra

      shoemoney has more popularity but i also think John Chow is the best :)!

  • Chuck

    I am pretty sure all blogs listed have valuable information but I prefer John Chow's style. He has lots of tutorials you can learn from. He is a true Dot Com Mogul.

  • jasonbuchan

    Great info...will need it in 2013! Regards JB

  • Website Deals

    Hey you forgot my affiliate blog. Seriously, I than you for this blogs. Great information.

  • amhash

    Nice Post. It’s really a very good. I noticed all your improtant points. Thanks

  • Danny

    Appreciate the top must read affiliate blogs. Good incite to what it takes to make it in affiliate marketing world. As always, extreme hard work, dedication and the trials and tribulation that it takes to achieve our goals.

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  • Juliechristie

    This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

  • grazler

    wow! really good list.. I've been to a few of those listed blogs.. have to check out the rest now!


  • Andrew Slack

    Some very nice recommendations there, thanks for the mention, I just published a post about the surfer life cycle and how understanding it can result in higher website conversions and more sales.

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    good sharing..Thanks for your effort to listed best affiliate marketing blog..I appreciate your willingness to spent time collecting the best affiliate marketing blog..

    It give me a lot of advantage in getting source on affiliate marketing knowledge..

    thanks again

  • Dillon affiliate

    Awesome list, there are a couple there I was not previously subscribed to but thats now changed!

    There are so many blogs out there so choosing the few to read without wasting time reading everything is vital. This list will help with that task.

    Thanks again.