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November 24, 2009 by Jacqui Pittenger

Tech CrunchTech Crunch noted that our oConomy's oMeter recently rolled past $100,000,000 in business done through oDesk, and congratulated us on the milestone. As always, Tech Crunch, thanks for the support!

Abel Mohler Also around the blogosphere: One of the many active Filipino bloggers, Rikki John De Castro, offers really sharp advice about completing your oDesk profile on his "oDesk Guide" blog. Abel Mohler talks about "competing in a global marketplace," and making a solid living as an online provider without feeling constantly undercut by lower-cost competition — a post that should trigger some lively comments debate.

That's the best of the buzz that we found this month. If you're buzzing about oDesk, send your links to, and we may send you a free oDesk T-shirt!

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  • Rikki John de Castro

    Hi Jacqui! Thank you for granting my request and thank you again for the nice compliment.. hehe.. I am looking forward for my new theme this coming Christmas, hopefully my web designer will be able to finish it.

    Uhmm, I know you are a very busy woman but can I ask if you can be a guest blogger in my blog? I know you can help a lot since you know and had been working to odesk directly for a long time. It will be an honor to have one of your articles there. I hope it is okay with you. :)

    Thanks again Jacqui! God Bless!

  • Jacqui

    No problem Rikki! The URLs have been updated. New site looks great, BTW.

  • Rikki John de Castro

    Hello Jacqui! Thank you so much for including my blog in your Buzzworthy for November 2009. Its a real honor for me and a great achievement as well. :) Thanks again!

    And can I ask a little favor, I just move my blog to its new domain, maybe you could link it to that? :) Here is the link: If not, that is fine with me. hehe..

    Anyways, thanks again! Have a nice and pleasant day!


  • dhapri

    Congratulation for your achievement and thanks for all who is get benefited from oDesk. Thanks

  • Mahmud Ahsan