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November 12, 2009 by Orie Zaklad

oDesk is discontinuing its integrated SVN repository service.
Even though this change affects only a small number of users, we'd like to describe the upcoming changes and ensure that all have sufficient time to plan them.

When will SVN be discontinued?
Effective immediately, no new oDesk SVN repositories will be provisioned. Existing SVN repositories will be discontinued according to the following schedule:

  • December 15, 2009 - repositories will become read-only and no longer accept new commits.
  • December 31, 2009 - repositories will be disabled completely and all data will be deleted.

What do I do now?
You may download a copy of your entire repository anytime before December 31, 2009. Click here to download your repository.

We have also made arrangements with our partner, CVSDude, to offer you a tremendous value and seamless transition to their SVN solutions. By migrating your SVN repository you will receive a full FREE year of CVSDude Team Edition "XS" plan (a $200 value). You can also purchase any of their other plans at 25% off by using promo code "odesk25". Click here to learn more.

Why is SVN being discontinued?
At the time we introduced the oDesk SVN there weren't many good offerings for management of private source code repositories. Since then, new services have come to market that offer a far more complete feature set than the oDesk offering at competitive prices.
Our SVN no longer sufficiently serves the needs of our customers and we decided to focus on what we do best, while partnering with top-notch providers that we believe offer quality SVN services and great value.

If you have additional questions please contact Customer Service.

Orie Zaklad

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at The Marc Lavry Heritage Foundation

Orie Zaklad is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at The Marc Lavry Heritage Foundation. He formerly served as Senior Marketing Manager at oDesk.

  • MicrWeb

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  • Michael Levinson

    I run the product team at oDesk. The decision to discontinue our SVN offering was a hard one, and I'm sorry that the way we handled it seemed abrupt and onerous to you. SVN has been taking up time and resources beyond its adoption by our customers

  • Oleksandr

    > oDesk is discontinuing its integrated SVN repository service.

    understood. Can't say I'm happy with this :((, but anyway.

    Now the question:
    what about free Bugzilla service oDesk provides ?
    Does oDesk plan to discontinue Bugzilla service also ?

  • Christian Walde

    I valued SVN a lot as something integrated with oDesk which they could simple activate and have it hook up directly with our respective oDesk presences without any fuss whatsoever and with full trust in your capacity as mediator.

    Now keep in mind that clients rarely are even aware of SVN nor actually value it, while any developer with skill with refuse to go without it. This means that I need to convince my clients to make use of SVN.

    For me specifically this now means that I will need to pay for this, manage this and most importantly, try to explain to my clients how a third-party service will be beneficial and secure for both of us.

    Previously and currently you provided this service along with taking a 10% cut out of my earnings. As you are now removing a service that is absolutely integral to my business dealings and force me to take on a good amount of grief instead, will you reduce the cut you take?

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