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May 13, 2010 by oDesk

oDesk Customer Service's live chat support is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chat has quickly become the support option of choice for many oDesk users and we hope the expanded coverage will make it even more convenient for users around the globe!


To contact oDesk, please visit, select a topic, and choose Create a Support Ticket or Live Chat. We also continue to offer a Help Center full of informative articles and community forum where you can seek the advice of fellow oDesk members.

If you have comments or suggestions, please share them in the community forum.

  • Mostafa Maher

    I've forgotten my password so, I followed the usual password recovery procedures.
    The RESET PASSWORD link is sent after clicking it, I will redirected to the following page. Tried over and over but nothing changes every time I repeat the steps.

  • Danial Amen

    Hi, please help me, my earning is still showing in pending despite after one week, how i can solved this problem..??

  • Joshua


    I have a client and she wants to hire me. But course, since I am a newbie, she wants to pay me for $1/hr for the first month. But she cannot make the offer because she said that oDesk require at least $4/hr to make an offer to me. Same thru with me. I cannot bid lower than $4 that is why I feel nobody wants to hire me. My rate is too high for a newbie. But I have already a completer profile. Has this something to do with account settings?

  • ken gallagher

    No chat available, nobody ever available for telephone support: WHAT GIVES?

  • Jackie

    i cant use the live vhat, everytime i click on it i go this page that lets me select the topic of help, after that nothing happens

    • Qibo

      I'm facing the same issue with their support.

      • dave

        Same problem - both tickets and live chat are broken - how do we contact customer support?

    • damb

      same here

  • kyle

    I am a exiting user and l cant get support as the secondary menu is not working for me in the help/support page. I have urgent questions!

  • alvin jay orit
  • Md Foysal Ahamed

    In my odesk profile there is no live chat option, So how to possible live chat with odesk support?

  • Aarat patel

    my ticket id: 1290429
    it has not been responded since monday. can you please let me know when can i expect a response

  • Sherneabath
  • GST

    I logged in to my odesk account on last friday and now today morning I tried to log in and I was told username or password invalid.

    Now I can't even contact 0odesk for help. Neither there is option for calling directly or live chat unless you log in. How can i?? I can't login to my account !!!!!!!!!!!

    I need help. My account has important info and also running projects and live replies from client.


  • Belen

    I closed my oDesk account and now I cannot re-open it with the same email address.

    What should I do?

  • sayah mohamed kamel

    i want to re-open my account odesk

    I closed my oDesk account. Now i want to re-open an account that was previously closed

    What should I do?

  • abner calapiz

    Please help me to active my LFT because i have a friends when they set-up their LFT it will active in 3 days but when i set-up in my own LFT on december 16, 2011 until now can't active.

  • abner calapiz


    I am abner calapiz please help me because my Local Funds Transfer is inactive please help me so that my LFT is active.

  • Industrial Training

    My account send message after job post that contractor no longer available.Why this message come as my quota is still there ?

  • skin sheep shoes

    boots fromug

  • reynaldo

    can you send me their email address?
    and is it free?

  • reynaldo

    I would like to ask if when will i get my FREE MASTER DEBIT CARD??

    • Erica

      The cards are managed by Payoneer - you need to contact them directly to find out the status of your card and when it might arrive!


  • Erica

    You guys have some excellent questions - but those of you looking for assistance can get fast, specific help by contacting our help team at:


  • Beth

    I have click mute on my message due to unwanted messages how can I undo it?

  • DeeAnn Carpenter

    Good Afternoon, I am searching your data base for Personal - Virtual Assistant and noticed these positions are starting at $2.50 per hour. Am I to assume that these positions are for out of country and not in the USA?

    Who could live on $2.50 an hour? I am a seasoned professional and would like to search more on your site if the pay is at least $10.50 to $18.00 or more per hour. Do you have clients in this area of pay scale.
    Thank you for your reply.

    DeeAnn C

    • Erica

      Contractors on oDesk come from more than 150 different countries. They set their own rates based on their experience and skill level, so if you set up a profile on oDesk you can ask whatever rate you feel is appropriate. We provide you with tools to market yourself and your skills to potential employers and handle both billing and collections for you once you've been hired. For more information on getting started on oDesk, you might be interested in our Provider 101:


  • Hasan Bila

    is this live?

  • Amitsalacha

    I have passed 5 tests but the job quota is reflecting with -10 out of 10. It should be 20 quota. Can u help me out?

  • Carol

    How can I get set up as a provider on odesk

  • Carol

    How can I get set up as a provider on odesk?

  • Atique Ullah

    This is by far one of the best news I

  • Edinel Gabrino

    how can i earn money from this site? thanks

  • Willy N


    I'm having problem with my timezone setting! I've already set the time with our timezone but it stil doesn't synchronize.

    Any1 can help?

    Big Thanks

  • arts

    hellow am new in here, i applied fot 7 jobs and no one are answering me!!!! i want to know why so bad!!!
    i post a samples of my works, and i made a profile
    what else ?

  • Louis Postel


  • anumajeed

    i am still waiting your reply plz reply me

  • anumajeed


  • sravan

    Can u let me know how to change my timings? It shows a wrong time on my profile

    • Erica

      If your profile is showing the wrong timezone, you can change this by going to "Home" then selecting "user info" - the timezone setting is in the second box from the top.

      Make sure your profile location and your timezone match so as not to confuse potential buyers!

  • papon

    how can get work>

  • Stephanie

    This is by far one of the best news I've had with oDesk! Thank you so much for making Live Chat 24/7. :)

    • slaom296

      How do I contact oDesk live chat support temp, please tell me ?