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September 2, 2010 by Guest Blogger

You are anxious to get started as an employer at oDesk, so you set up your account and submitted the form on the Payment Methods page to add a credit card. But, what is this about verification? We’re here to demystify the process and get you back on your way to your first hire as quickly as possible.

Verification may seem like an unnecessary aggravation at this point; however, it is an important step in the oDesk payment process, put in place to help make the oDesk marketplace a more secure place to do business.

Gather the Two Small Amounts

Once you submit the credit card form, our finance system submits two small verification charges to your credit card issuer immediately. All you have to do is gather these two amounts, then go back to the Payment Methods page and submit them into the verification form. You can find them on your credit card statement, by calling your credit card company or by logging in to your credit card company’s website and reviewing your charges online. You can use your local currency – just add the amounts exactly as you see them listed on your credit card statement and don’t worry about converting them. Once you have entered the two small amounts and activated your card on oDesk, those small verification amounts will be refunded to you.

small charges

Speed Up the Process

As stated above, you shouldn’t have to wait for your monthly statement in order to get the two small verification charge amounts. If you use a credit card with online account access, just check there, or you can call your credit card issuer directly to find out the amounts of the two small charges. The date you entered in your card information on our site is the same date that we’ll send the charges, so use that information to locate the charges. These charges will be automatically refunded if your credit card has not been verified within seven days. However, you can still use those amounts to verify your card – even after the charges are refunded to you!

Ask for Help

If you get an error message or have any other problems, use the link on the verification form to contact Customer Support. They can give you the necessary information, walk you through the process and, if necessary, ask management to manually verify the card for you.

Protect Your Account

We recommend that a backup or secondary payment method be added, just in case the primary method fails or expires. This will protect the active status of your oDesk account. You can change which payment method is the primary or backup method as needed via the Payment Methods page under the Payments tab.

You can find more information about verifying your credit card in our help center. As the largest and fastest-growing global employment platform, we’re striving to keep oDesk running smoothly and securely for all users. I hope better understanding the verification process will help you on your way to becoming the next successful oDesk employer!

Barbara Wright joined the oDesk marketplace in 2007, after more than three years on staff at a national community newspaper company. She is a lifelong writer with two decades of published works. Wright is on the oDesk Support Team, but wears many other hats, helping at the forums and lending a pen whenever possible.

  • Ruby USA

    Hello, Will you accept Axis bank Visa card ????? PLEase let me knowexpert

  • Mark

    can I use Bank of the Philippine Islands and Banco de Oro atm card?

  • blue1420

    Hi, how can I link my credit card here on odesk? Can I open an account on BPI, Allied Bank, Metrobank or BDO?

  • Nupur Odhakari

    I do not know how to verify my Credit card.

  • Brian Upton

    I did confirm my credit card on Tuesday and O Desk is saying that it is not verified
    Please confirm that it is done


  • hira

    plz accept my card

  • zakaria

    je l’aime pour travailler

  • Rebecca Resnik

    My feedback for this company is that the verification routine is a COMPLETELY an unnecessary aggravation. I use my card and paypal account for online transactions constantly. I see no purpose in this waste of time. You all have already charged my account, you know it is valid, and you know my name is on it. If I had time to waste I would not need a transcription service, and you all are not the only one out there.

  • http://www.kushtiadivission.vom shahed

    I was sign up payoneer Master-card from odesk. But i am no receive my Master-card. How Can I receive my Payoneer master-card. Please answer to me.

  • Jenna

    Edo, please contact the support team for assistance:

    • Shahina

      How can I remove my credit Card information from oDesk ? Can you help me.

  • Edo

    why my status in payment method in active?
    and I’ve been waiting 4 weeks

  • Erica

    Tom, we haven’t heard reports of that being an issue. oDesk is a trusted vendor with many prominent banks, and we’re happy to help verify the validity of the charges with your bank. Please contact the support team for assistance:

    • Ahmed Fathy

      i try to verfiy my credit card more than 10 time before till now it’s not verfied please call me at me telephone i lose my work becouse of you odesk . 00201204820487 my name Ahmed, and i need help please

  • Tom

    i’ve done this sort of verification with another services provider. It triggered fraud / credit card suspension at my bank. One or two small charges coming through triggers their system as it is the way crooks test whether a credit card is still valid before hitting it with a large charge.

  • Tanvir

    i’ve got my payoneer odesk card but i have a question, i dont have any money in my odesk account, still can i activate and use my card by others credit or another payoneer card?

    • Erica

      Tanvir, please contact the support team for assistance.

      • Shahina

        Hi Erica,
        How can I remove my credit Card information from oDesk ? Are you know ?


    You are anxious to get started as an employer at oDesk, so you set up your account and submitted the form on the Payment Methods page to add a credit card. But, what is this about verification? We

  • Sonia

    I’ve created my profile on Odesk yesterday and put all details for payment. I’ve never received the two small charges to be able to confirm my method of payment.
    Can you tell me how long does it take and if I’m just supposed to wait for few days?
    Thank you

  • Michael

    Isn’t the $10 charge refunded immediately? Looks like oDesk places the charges faster than they “immediately” refund.

  • atman75

    I have received the card from MasterCard Pioneer by odesk and you activate them in my Pioneer
    We have received an email from Pioneer tell me that he was already activated the card
    MasterCard cards now active

  • iferroudjene

    Unfortunately, your card did not pass our security screening process. Please check to make sure all of your billing information is correct. Cards may be rejected because of many factors, and we recommend calling your bank to ensure there is not an issue with the card being used.
    i dont understand

  • http://satubogra Md. Sajedur Rahman

    I am Interested

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  • Enzo

    Thanks for the response and forwarding my concerns, but I’ve found another solution.

    E.g., one of your competitors who lives in the 21st century and can handle credit card transactions in a normal, timely manner.

    Feel free to forward this feedback also to your product folks.

    Good luck with your business plan and I will periodically check back to see if your company adopts standard business practices and maybe I will try to work through you then.

  • Enzo

    Yes, you are absolutely right in the first sentence.

    “an unnecessary aggravation”

    Christ, I’ve never seen such a rigamarole and quite frankly, I don’t think it will work.

    My bank doesn’t work this way.

    I am a legitimate business and am ready to spend but this ridiculous system of yours is making it impossible.

    You should tell someone there who cares about losing legitimate business about this.

    • Erica

      Enzo, we’ve forwarded your feedback to the product team. Please contact our support folks if you’re still having issues verifying your credit card!

  • Sekhar

    Hi, the verifiaction is taking such a long time. i have funds on my credit card and still its showing pending. When will odesk deduct the 2 amount so that i can verify my Card.

    I have posted some urget work and now can’t hire anyone as the card is not verified. this is rediculous. My paypal and moneybookers is directly linked with odesk. Y can’t you charge there to speed up process.

    also provided my telefone nu for verifiaction but no calls yet. this is 3rd day running.

  • kris

    you’re probably losing a lot of customers by making them verify the credit card … it’s such a hassle …
    i’m using my Mom’s credit card and the chances of her wanting to help me sort through how to verify it online are slim …

    c’mon odesk … add some other payment options and lose the credit card verification options or make it easier

  • Richelle

    In my odesk payment method says that my account in payoneers debit card is active, but i cant log in into my payoneers account, and i contact it, but it says that i was block. what will i do? can i make a new account? or what?


    I was sign up payoneer Master-card from odesk. But i am no receive my Master-card. How Can I receive my Payoneer master-card.

  • SikhKara