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June 28, 2012 by Jaleh Bisharat

This week we’re pleased to share a new look and feel on our website, Facebook page, and beyond—something that was directly inspired by oDesk users.

After I arrived at oDesk last fall, we surveyed more than 7,000 clients and 8,000 contractors in depth. While the feedback pointed out plenty of challenges to keep us busy, we were amazed at people’s dedication to oDesk and to the world of online work.

We found that oDesk users care deeply about building long-lasting, professional relationships, and that an emphasis on these relationships is critical for both contractors and clients.

We also found that:

  • Almost nine out of 10 of our contractors and two out of three clients agree with the statement, “I love oDesk.”
  • Three out of four of our contractors agree, “oDesk has improved the quality of my life.”

So, wow. That so many of you “love” the way you work on oDesk was humbling.

When you log in today, you’ll see a new logo, with the ‘o’ pulling double duty as the head and shoulders of a person. This speaks to the essential, human aspect of the way you—clients and contractors—work together.

Check out as a logged-out “visitor,” and you’ll really see the new look, with a spectrum of colors mirroring the diversity and richness of the oDesk community.

And we tried to capture the feeling of freedom, joy, and opportunity we heard from so many of you with the new oDesk tagline:

“Love the way you work.”

From all of us at oDesk, we want to thank you for continuing to inspire us. And we look forward to helping you “love the way you work” for many years to come.

Happy working!

Jaleh Bisharat

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Jaleh Bisharat, Elance-oDesk’s senior vice president marketing, is a seasoned marketing executive with a history of growing startups into vibrant brands that inspire passion in their customers. Before joining oDesk, she was the vice president of marketing at several innovative companies including OpenTable, Jawbone and, and also served on the Board of Directors at OpenTable and Homestead Technologies. Jaleh received a Bachelor of the… read more

  • Dilip Borad

    I’m very thankful to odesk because it’s give forth to my capabilities.

    Thank you very much oDesk

  • Bappi D Great

    “Love the Way You Work” – a touching tagline. Really like it :)

    • Jaleh Bisharat

      Thank you for sharing your reaction. We are happy you like it. :)

  • http://autocad2d raazahanaf

    i like it

    • Jaleh Bisharat

      We’re glad you do!

  • nomaan sarkar

    ”Love the Way You Work ” I read and feel like touch a good song . I am new here . I love my work , so when I was reading , I am looking your each word , I understand these will help me to do a hard work .

    • Jaleh Bisharat

      Hi Nomaan,

      I’m happy you find “love the way you work” to be inspiring. Welcome to oDesk and I wish you the best of luck with it!

  • Amanda Risi

    I’m so impressed with the new look & feel. We do LOVE oDesk and this green look is so in line with conservation of resources into the future. Freedom, joy, opportunity…. oDesk does bring these to our lives. Love it!

    Thanks again for all you do, being a beacon of light and setting the bar high as the people of the world move towards a new way of working with each other and our environment – one that is less destructive and more in harmony with the natural way :)

    • Jaleh Bisharat

      Hi Amanda,

      I’m glad you share our concern about the environment. And we really appreciate your kind words about oDesk. Thank you for sharing.

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  • Jay-Ann

    I love the way I work ’cause oDesk make it happen. =)

    • Jaleh Bisharat

      Thank you for sharing your reaction, Jay-Ann. We love hearing about it!

  • Raden Saleh

    Congratulation for the new looks! Are there any guidelines available regarding the new logo?

    • Jaleh Bisharat

      Hi Raden, Thank you for the nice words. We are indeed putting together guidelines. Why do you ask?

      • imtyaz ali

        Really a nice tag line….