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January 10, 2013 by Monica Chua

The freedom to work whenever you want, wherever you want—plus the opportunity to earn more money and set your own rates—is a tantalizing prospect for anyone. This is why millions of professionals have left the office behind to join the world of online work.

But what does online work really mean? And how do you become good at it? These are questions we hear everyday. If you search on Google, you’ll find several articles discussing the ins and outs of freelancing. Go on Facebook, and you’ll find several groups dedicated to online work topics. And even on our own forums, there are hundreds of freelancers sharing their wisdom about working online. There’s a vast wealth of information out there, but we found that it’s not well-aggregated or focused enough to outline a clear path for success.

We thought freelancers on oDesk should have one unified, comprehensive guide to online work success. And who knows that topic better than our very own users? So we talked to many successful oDesk freelancers, to find out what it really means to build a career in online work.

We heard a lot of great stories, and it became clear that everyone had his or her own online work style. Amid all the nuances, though, there was a thread of consistency throughout the stories—and these best practices make up the holy grail of online freelancers. It’s this path that we have woven into the new oDesk Freelancer Manual, our first ever comprehensive freelancer guide.

In this manual you’ll find not only guidance from oDesk staff experts, but also tips from leading freelancers. For example, oDesk freelancer Sayeed Islam advises: “For your first few jobs, I recommend working with clients who have oDesk experience. They understand how to manage an online project, how the Team App works, and how to budget for your hours. This helps you showcase your skills, get acquainted with the platform, and improve your chances for positive feedback.”

From finding great jobs that fit your skills to increasing your earnings and getting stellar feedback, this manual has you covered. We recommend paying particular attention to the sections about marketing your services through a profile that showcases your value, and about crafting cover letters that sell. You’ll also find practical tips for project management, a productive workspace, and effective communication.

We invite you to crack it open and learn from some of the most successful freelancers on oDesk. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already well on your way to success, the oDesk Freelancer Manual can give you the edge in landing more jobs and growing your business.’

Monica Chua

Product Marketing

Monica has a passion for companies that bring opportunity to hard-working and inspired individuals. As a product marketer at Elance-oDesk, she is focused on customer success and launching solutions that deliver more value to the network. Monica comes from eBay and PayPal where she worked on small business growth and marketplace protection. She received a degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside.

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    Very nice initiative. Its definitely a lot helpful. However, I still miss the escrow system on odesk. As fixed priced works are still risky to take over.

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    Thanks for you feedback. I hope the tips in the Contractor Manual help you find success on oDesk!

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      I believe INDUSTRY IS THE MOTHER OF GOOD LUCK. For this reason I work hard always. I believe in quality not quantity. If you hire me, you won’t be loser. I take every job as challenge because challenge is the way of success. I am able to work 50-60 hours per week.