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February 15, 2013 by Jenna Weiner

oDesk’s weekly column brings you the latest news on labor markets, innovation, and online work.

Week of 2/15/2013:

Consumer Affairs: Telecommuting Could Save You Time, Money—And Your Sanity
Do you wake up dreading the long trek to the office? James Limbach details the increasing costs (and often length) of daily commutes, and suggests that expanding telecommuting practices could reduce environmental impact, boost worker productivity and improve companies’ bottom lines. Limbach states that while workers are open to remote work, companies trapped in the ‘old work’ mindset are stalling the transition to a new style of work.

Harvard Business Review: Where The Green Jobs Really Are
The ‘green jobs revolution’ has largely failed to bring the economic—and environmental—revolution it promised. But are there other ways to make strides towards an eco-friendly workplace? Maynard Webb argues that remote work policies could succeed where other environmental initiatives have failed, encouraging sustainability while it “positively affects employee morale and productivity, as well as company efficiency and profitability.”

Harvard Business Review: Keeping Work Organized When Your Team Is Fragmented
From Forbes to Apple, more and more companies are discovering the benefits of accessing outside talent. But once you have found great talent, how do you ensure that your blended team lives up to expectations? Brad Power shares three best practice tips for successfully integrating external contractors, urging firms to create a roadmap for success, share information excessively and implement social networking tools.

Information Management: Sayonara Cubicles—The Knowledge Worker Revolution Is Here
The Internet has fundamentally changed the world of knowledge work, untethering workers from their desks and enabling them to conduct business on site, in a coffee shop or even from bed. Eccentex CEO Glen Schrank claims that today, technological changes are enabling a ‘knowledge worker revolution,’ changing how and where work is done—as well as the nature of work itself. Schrank moves beyond the demise of desk phones and the exploding tablet market to consider the deeper implications of this new paradigm shift.

Forbes: 2025 Workplace—Intel Predicts The Future
From the exponential growth of computing power to the widening talent gap, the next decade promises to bring interesting—and often challenging—developments to the working world. Kevin Kruse remarks on these challenges and argues that by 2025, factors such as a growing population and rapidly improving technology will dramatically alter the workforce as we know it. Kruse suggests that in the coming years, flexibility, remote work, distributed teams, and consumer technology will guide a transitioning workforce, necessitating drastic adjustments—and thoughtful preparation—by businesses.

Did we miss anything? Are there any insights you find particularly interesting? Let us know in the comments section below!

Jenna Weiner

Content Marketer

Jenna Weiner is the former content marketing manager at oDesk and was the editor-in-chief of the oDesk blog. With a background in business and technology writing, she specializes in content marketing and strategy, public relations, and branding. Before joining oDesk, Jenna was a writer and editor for Monitor Group’s marketing department (now Monitor Deloitte) and was the Business & Technology Section Editor for Brafton Inc.… read more

  • Tarek Mollah

    Great going Jenna ...

    Distributed workforce has revolutionized E-commerce and product sourcing industry. Don’t be surprised next time you are purchasing your denim jeans, or leisurewear from on-line stores and the entire platform is managed and operated remotely by the workforce scattered across the globe, seamlessly connected taking care from inventory, order processing, shipping and customer service.

    Cant wait to share the success story in months to come, and Thanks to oDesk, being the launching pad!

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