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August 20, 2013 by Jenna Weiner

Are you part of a globally distributed team? Do you work with freelancers or clients around the world? Are you curious about what the work day looks like in other countries? If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, read on.

The folks at Washington University’s School of Law’s @WashULaw program have created this handy infographic resource for working across time zones. The caption explains:

Working across time zones can be a difficult task if you don’t have the right tools. The simplest task, like scheduling a phone call, can be made much more difficult if you don’t know when the other person will be available or even what time it is where they are.

The infographic below is a handy reference for working with parties in major cities around the world. Each entry tells you the offset from UTC/GMT time for a particular city, as well as information such as the typical lunch “hour” and major holidays.

[click the graphic below for a version you can zoom in on]

Does the infographic reflect your typical work schedule? Do you have info for a new city to add? Share your updates in the comments below! 

Working Across Time Zones

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  • Elena

    in Italy Lunch time was never 2 hours

  • Able Johnson

    Hello Jenna,
    Please update the official language in India is Hindi not Marati

    • Jenna Weiner

      Hi Able,

      You're absolutely right, though I believe the infographic authors used Marathi because it is the official language of Mumbai (the data is for city-level vs. country-level). It is important to note that the official language of India is Hindi though. Thanks!

  • Deepa Govind

    Wonder why Bangalore & Gurgaon were left out? Is it due to lack of space?

    • Kriz

      Philippines too :( There are a lot pf Filipinos/nas in oDesk :( )

  • ralfllanasas

    Too bad. No one can read this.

    • Jenna Weiner

      Hi ralfllanasas, if you click on the infographic twice (once to open it in the full window, and once to zoom) you will be able to read it!

      • thanku2000

        Hello Jenna,

        India's official language is Hindi not marathi, please clear the mistake. Very nice post. Thank you for sharing this article.


        Kerala, India.

        • Jenna Weiner

          Hi Rajesh,

          Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. As for the official language of India, you are completely correct that it is Hindi. However the infographic authors highlighted just Mumbai in this graphic, and the official language of Mumbai is Marathi. Your point is a good one though. Thanks for your comment!