New for Contractors - Find Work application

July 12, 2011 by

Following the launch of our new navigation scheme, we are pleased to announce the first contractor-specific application: Find Work. Find Work Application Find Work brings together in one place, all things necessary for a successful job search. Here you can find a list of appropriate jobs that match your skills, your saved searches (Find Jobs) and the ability to modify and present yourself via profile information and test results (Profile and Tests). The Find Work application also helps you manage the jobs that you have applied for (Job Applications) and keep track of interviews and next steps on a job search. Let's take a closer look at what is available and what is coming soon. Find Jobs Suggested Jobs: Here you have a list of jobs that may be of interest to you. This list is created based on the categories that you have chosen. Saved Searches: Get a daily email of the jobs you're interested in. You can create a saved search easily. New messages: Note that your active candidacies and job invitations are now listed in one convenient place for you. New messages are called out. Job Applications Details about your active job applications, including active candidacies, invitations and sent job applications are listed here. Active candidacies are job applications that you are discussing actively with employers. Invitations to interview are initiated by employers based on your job applications or via finding you in the marketplace. Sent job applications list all the jobs that you have applied for, where a response has not yet been received. Profile The more you tell employers, the easier it is for them to determine the fit between your skills and their job. Complete your profile and watch the green bar grow. Be sure … Read Full Article

oDesk: Your "Small Business Influencer"

July 11, 2011 by

We were recently notified by Small Business Trends and SmallBiz Technology that oDesk was nominated for their Small Business Influencer Award. According to the website, a small business influencer is: ... a person, company or other organization that has made a meaningful and lasting impact on the North American small business market. Impact may mean (i) providing products widely used by significant numbers of small businesses, or (ii) influencing significant numbers of small businesses by being a thought leader, or (iii) providing information or services of note to significant numbers of small businesses. The team at oDesk is thrilled with this recognition, though we know from experience that small businesses aren't limited by geographical boundaries. Our employers and contractors run their businesses successfully from all over the world - and we'd be honored if the votes for oDesk reflected the widespread and diverse community of oDesk users. Many of today’s most innovative businesses are taking advantage of the borderless economy and hiring those workers with the best skills, regardless of their location -- and workers are connecting with opportunities to create their own small businesses with clientele from around the globe. This is the future of work: Online work offers an alternative for businesses and workers, a path beyond the traditional employment headaches. While unemployment holds steady at an all-time high, opportunities in online work are doubling year over year. Through our platform, more than $18M in work is performed every month, and over 86,000 new job opportunities are presented to workers from more than 150 countries. The businesses and workers that make up our incredible worldwide community are truly changing how the world works. Please vote for oDesk as a Small Business Influencer, and ask your friends, colleagues and coworkers to vote and help spread the word! … Read Full Article

New For Employers – My Contractors Hub

July 6, 2011 by

Last week we released a new navigation scheme and shared with you our plans for creating a new platform that promises to personalize your oDesk experience and deliver more successful online work relationships. The initial step in these plans is to create more useful and tailored applications for our users. The first of these, announced last week, is oDesk Recruit which combines everything employers need to find, evaluate, and connect with their next remote worker. Today, we unveil our 2nd application for employers, oDesk’s Manage My Team, which combines everything employers need to monitor work across their teams, manage their team rosters and payroll, and easily communicate and collaborate on current assignments. This new application comes with a brand new My Contractors hub - one simple control panel to manage all your current remote work. Look for the opt-in link to this new Manage home page from your Team Room to explore this new hub and quickly and easily: Manage Active Contractors See your team roster, know who is online and review the latest activity Quickly see the total amount worked to ensure you’re on budget Send a message, make a payment, or edit a contract using quick links Review Payroll See all weekly hours billed (to date) Review last week’s timelog & get notified before payment is due Quickly access all other reports Get Help Alerts tell you when a contractor started working, when to review a timelog, and when a payment is pending Tips and advice help you know what to do each step of they way And, we’ve still got more to come in the next few weeks with our new navigation. Up next, a new application for contractors to help you grow and manage your remote work career. We’d like to hear … Read Full Article

A Powerful New oDesk

June 29, 2011 by

A little over a month ago we quietly rolled out a Beta of our new site navigation.  We’ve received tons of great feedback and it’s now time to let everyone in on our little secret. Starting tomorrow, all active users will see the new oDesk when you log in.  We are in the midst of creating a whole new platform on oDesk that allows us to deliver rich, personalized working environments.   It’s a new, highly tailored world on oDesk, and we think you’re going to love it - now, and even more in the months to come! To start, employers and contractors are no longer mixed together and served the same dual-purposed pages.  Instead, we have built specific applications for employers and contractors to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. Also, team members can be given role-specific permissions.  As a manager of others, you can set up your team to only give access to the areas of your oDesk application that workers need to effectively do their jobs.  You set who sees what, giving you a whole new level of privacy and control. And, best of all, this is a platform we can all grow with.  As employers and contractors, as teams of one and teams of hundreds, you have unique needs.  Rather than a one-size fits all, or a few added features, we will be giving you powerful new applications tailored to your specific work situation. Today we also launch our first application, oDesk Recruit - a great example of where we’re going with the new platform.  oDesk Recruit is designed specifically for employers and gives them everything they need to find, evaluate and connect with their next remote worker.  Read more about it here. Stay tuned for more!  In the coming … Read Full Article

New For Employers - oDesk Recruit

June 29, 2011 by

Today we announced a whole new platform we're developing to give our users personalized work environments tailored to their specific needs.  With this new platform, we are excited to announce the first of our new applications, oDesk Recruit.  This application, designed specifically for employers looking to hire, combines everything an employer needs to find, evaluate and connect with their next remote worker. oDesk Recruit offers employers a brand new hub - a kind of command central for all your hiring needs.  Everything you need on one, simple page to make finding your next contractor simple and effective: Manage active jobs Get vital information at a glance, e.g., see when you have new applicants and messages awaiting your response. Take action on your job with links to edit your post, make it private or public, or close it. Find contractors Post a new job Start a new search Access your saved contractor list (yes, this is now easy to find!) Get Help Helpful alerts when you need to take action on your account Relevant tips to make a great remote hire   And, this is just the beginning.  Coming very soon, we’re launching a new work management application to help employers more easily manage your work and stay in touch with your team.  And, for contractors, we’ve got something in store for you too!  Look for the first contractor specific application, launching in the next few weeks. It's designed to help you more effectively manage your career and find your next great work opportunity. Have feedback?  Visit our community forum post to discuss oDesk Recruit with other users, or send us direct feedback via our survey (see the link at the top of every page in the new oDesk) … Read Full Article

Know what's happening on your job - an improved Work Diary

June 28, 2011 by

The Work Diary is a critical tool used by employers and contractors alike to understand and literally see what work is being done. Experience has shown - those who regularly review the Work Diary have fewer surprises and are happier with the work they get done. Yesterday, we released an enhanced Work Diary making it even easier to track work being done and stay in lock step with your team. Bigger snapshots We know, those little snapshots are hard to view and clicking to see the full screen version takes time. Now, simply hover over a snapshot to see a larger view with additional activity information. Clearer blocks of time Memos now span across time segments, quickly showing you how time is being spent. All non-working time segments are left empty to make the important working hours easier to read. Calendar with clear activity markers Quickly see what days had time billed and know where to drill down. Clearer time categories Bolder formatting makes it easier to differentiate between each category of time to be reviewed. Please note, we've also simplified the terms we use for each category of time: Auto-tracked time (green): Logged through the oDesk Team application, containing snapshots and activity levels. Subject to the oDesk Guarantee. Manual time (yellow): Entered manually in the Work Diary. As always, this time in not covered by the oDesk Guarantee. Over Weekly Limit time (brown): Not billed. See Overtime alerts feature below. New preferences Choose to view window titles for more information on applications being used. Overtime alerts You get alerted at the top of the Work Diary if any time during the week goes over your weekly limit. Hours over the weekly limit are not billed, but employers and contractors … Read Full Article

BYOC: Bring your own contractor

June 23, 2011 by

New! Bring your own contractors onto oDesk & manage everyone on one platform. oDesk has made it quick and easy to bring any contractor you work with onto oDesk. Manage all your contractors in one place Only pay for hours worked with the oDesk Work Diary and Work Guarantee. Automated payments to contractors anywhere in the world To add your contractor, all you need is your contractor’s email address: Click “Bring Your Own Contractor” from the oDesk Team Room Fill in your contractor’s email address and the terms of your contract Your contractor will receive an email with your contract terms.  They will click to create an account and instantly be added to your team. Have feedback? Visit our community forum post to discuss this new feature with other users. Read Full Article

oDesk increases security with full encrypted site

March 30, 2011 by

Starting today, we have enabled HTTPS across the entire oDesk site, giving our users an extra layer of security.  Our logged in pages were already fully encrypted, and thus your logged in sessions have always maintained a significant level of privacy.  But, as people spend more time on the Internet, many banking and e-commerce sites are adding SSL encryption across their sites - both logged in and non logged in pages - as a standard practice.  We too want to ensure our users have the highest level of protections available across our entire site. To use the new fully encrypted HTTPS wide site, just go to as you normally would.  We will default you to our new full HTTPS site. For more information on HTTPS, see the "HTTP Secure" article on Wikipedia for complete details.  Basically, HTTPS is a protocol that establishes a secure connection between your browser and our servers.   In contrast, HTTP is unsecured and is subject to man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks which can let attackers gain access to website accounts and sensitive information.  HTTPS is designed to withstand such attacks and is considered secure against such attacks. Special information for API users. All of our public APIs are currently available over HTTPS.  To start using the HTTPS versions, please just update your app to use HTTPS rather than HTTP. Special information for Internet Explorer Users (IE 7 & IE 8). We are aware of a Security Warning box that appears when you land on one of the contractor search or contractor profile pages.  This is not actually a security issue and you are safe to view the oDesk pages.  We have made these changes specifically to improve security.  We will be fixing this issue over the next 24 to 48 hours.  In … Read Full Article

Find the contractor you need - check out our latest enhancements!

January 12, 2011 by

Finding the right contractor to work on your job is job #1 on oDesk. We are continuously working to improve how easy it is for you to locate the contractor that best meets your needs. This month, we’re introducing new ways to find contractors scoring in the top of their class, and returning the applicant list sorting capabilities you’ve asked for! They say they have the skills. But are they top of their class? The tests contractors take on oDesk help verify a contractor’s skill level. You’ve always been able to see whether a contractor has taken a particular test and what they’ve scored. But now, we’re making it super easy to target your search results to those contractors who have scored well on the tests most relevant to your job. Now, when you search for a contractor, you can limit your search to contractors scoring in the top 10% or top 30% on any number of tests you specify. You are no longer limited to searching just one test at a time, and we will automatically suggest the top 5 tests for the category you are searching in. Simply select all the tests you feel are relevant, and whether you want to see the top 10% or top 30% of scorers. You will instantly see a list of contractors meeting your test criteria. Try it today! Sorting is back We heard you loud and clear: you want to be able to sort your applicants based on rates, feedback scores, hours worked, and when they applied. We’ve put back into place this sorting ability for your applicant list. And, we’re not stopping there. We’re working to give you even more control over how you review your applicant lists. For example, we’re building tools to enable you to … Read Full Article

In-Demand Skills in a Borderless Economy

January 4, 2011 by

Online work is creating an economy of opportunity — where work is not linked to location, but to skills, experience and abilities. For employees and contractors, this allows them to manage their own work-life balance, get paid based on merit, and access an entire world of work opportunities. But what skills are in demand when the talent pool is worldwide? Read Full Article

Contractors: Update your Profile Categories by February 28th!

December 31, 2010 by

Employers come to oDesk to find and work with the best contractors from all over the world. For this to work, employers need to be able to easily find contractors who have the specific skills and interests that match their needs. To improve this matching process, we are updating the way contractors select their profile categories to allow contractors to stand out in the areas they are most qualified. What’s changing? Starting today, contractors will be able to choose up to 10 sub-categories that best reflect their professional experience. This is a change from the current system in which contractors can choose an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories. Take Action Before February 28, 2011 You have until February 28, 2011 to update your profile categories and select up to 10 sub-categories: Only select sub-categories where you have expertise. Starting March 1st, if you have more than 10 sub-categories selected, we will automatically update your sub-categories to select up to 10 based on the job categories in which you have applied to the most. Why is this good for contractors? We’ve found that contractors who specialize in a few types of work are able to command higher wages and better establish long-term relationships with their employers. Specializing in the sub-categories where you have expertise will help your profile better stand out from the competition. Employers will have an easier time finding the contractors who match their needs, which means better hires and more successful working relationships — and that’s good for everyone! Keep in mind, this does not change what jobs you can apply to. You should only apply to jobs you are qualified for, but this change in profile categories will not limit which jobs you can apply to. Update your Categories in your Profile now — … Read Full Article

12 Days of oDesk

December 24, 2010 by

In the spirit of the season, oDesk Customer Service representative Suzanne Davis has written "The 12 Days of oDesk Christmas." Sung to the tune of the classic "The 12 Days of Christmas," Suzanne's rendition is fast becoming our favorite carol. Read Full Article

oDesk Contractors Earn More than $200M

October 15, 2010 by

  A little over an hour ago, the odometer at oDesk’s oConomy rolled over a major milestone. Our contractors have earned over $200 million dollars on oDesk – a fantastic achievement that made our Redwood City office erupt in cheers. Hard to believe it was just 1 short year ago that we were celebrating our first $100M earned by oDesk contractors. Just last month, our users gave us another reason to celebrate by surpassing 1M hours worked in a single month. As the largest and fastest-growing global employment platform, more remote work is done on oDesk than anywhere else. So congratulations again to our fantastic contractors, and to the employers who hire them. You guys are truly changing how the world works! Update: You can watch the oDometer roll over $200M in this video. Read Full Article

Customer Service Week: oDesk keeps the Spirit Going

October 8, 2010 by

Customer Service Week: oDesk keeps the Spirit Going The oDesk Customer Support Team was very busy during Customer Service Week, having tons of fun and honing their customer support skills, as they participated in the various Customer Service Week activities, events and honors recognitions. Although we keep connected with meetings, and Skype group chats and messaging, we wanted to continue our goals of team building and creating strong friendships in a fun, upbeat way. We held various games and gave special awards to our best and brightest oDesk Customer Support Representatives. We feel it is important to note that management instructed all oDesk support representatives to enjoy the planned activities between Live Support chats and phone calls, as well as Support tickets. That way, despite the festivities, we continued to follow our goals of putting oDesk users first, by providing the excellent customer service they have grown accustomed to at oDesk. On Monday, we held an interesting group scavenger hunt. Each team searched oDesk for various bits of oDesk trivia to complete the scavenger hunt form. On Tuesday, team members enjoyed filling out the oDesk 101 Crossword Puzzle in their leisure time. Wednesday brought our hilarious Name the Baby Contest. Thursday included an activity and an event. First, each support representative received the oDesk Word Jumble, to solve as a group, with respective team members. Then, in the spirit of team involvement, we held a CSS All-Hands meeting, where oDesk management shared company goals and achievements, as well as CSS departmental goals and achievements, for the previous and current quarters with everyone. Customer Service Week ended on Friday with "The Communication Game," a group activity designed to help strengthen the communication and understanding skills of each support representative here at oDesk. And, who doesn't love a free T-shirt? As a … Read Full Article

Mandatory Upgrade for oDesk Team

October 6, 2010 by

Do you have the latest version of the oDesk Team desktop application? To ensure you can continue recording time and collaborating with your team, download now. Old versions of oDesk Team no longer work. Do I need to download the new version? If you rely on oDesk Team to track time and collaborate with your team, and you do not have the latest version, you will need to upgrade. Here is a list of the minimum required versions of oDesk Team based on operating system: Windows 3.2.79 Mac 3.2.41 Linux 2.0.0 If you have this version already, no action is needed. To check what version you are on, open the oDesk Team application, go to Help > About oDesk Team. If you do not have one these versions, please download it now. What’s in the new version? With the new version of oDesk Team, you get full chat functionality, an improved interface, a full team roster, and more! And, with your whole team on the same version, you will help ensure you can continue to check in with each other and stay in touch. How do I download? Downloading the new oDesk Team application is a simple process and takes just a few moments. Visit our downloads page now. What if I have questions? First, please visit our general Team app and platform specific (Windows, Mac, Linux) help pages. For Windows and Mac users: if you have any additional questions, please reach out to customer support by going to Help in the oDesk Team application, and submitting a ticket. By going through oDesk Team rather than the oDesk website, your ticket will include log files that will help our support reps resolve your problem … Read Full Article