How to Leverage the Global Workforce: 5 Quick Tips

April 13, 2011 by

The first precept of remote work is that it doesn't matter how far an employer has to go to find the right contractor. Even for small businesses, workers from around the world are within reach. For many employers, getting used to the idea that the web designer they need is in Lahore, or the graphic designer is emailing artwork from Buenos Aires, is the first conceptual hurdle to tapping the power of a global talent pool. The next step is realizing that not only is great distance not a disadvantage, it's something that can work in your favor. Read Full Article

Network Like a Politician: Building Effective Business Relationships

April 4, 2011 by

A successful run for government office is impossible to accomplish without participating in the time-honored tradition of shaking hands and kissing babies – in other words, doing some serious networking. Likewise, a successful small business or freelance career is only possible when you take time to develop and nurture connections. Whether it’s with vendors, customers or colleagues, career advancement depends on learning to build and maintain effective business relationships. Working as an elected official is the ultimate networking job. Nothing can be accomplished without at least some form of consensus, so the process of winning people over to your side is vital to success. One of America’s most famous presidents, John F. Kennedy, knew that networking was about far more than twisting arms – it was about extending AND maintaining his list of important contacts. Throughout JFK’s first year as President, there were frequent clashes with an uncooperative Congress. But he didn‘t simply adopt an “us versus them” mentality. Instead, he worked at building relationships. Sending handwritten birthday cards to members of Congress, inviting them to small, informal gatherings and making many personal phone calls to reminisce about old times were just a few of the expert networking techniques he employed. So how can you do the same? Here’s some tips to help you take your business networking to the next level. Network with Attitude First point to keep in mind: networking is not about you making a sale! No matter how “subtly” you go about it, the majority of potential contacts will be turned off by that kind of self-serving attitude. If finding new customers is the only reason you network, then you’re missing out on the bigger picture. Instead, adjust your attitude. Approach networking as a way to meet people who can give you useful advice, help … Read Full Article

Quirky Business Advice from Guy Kawasaki

March 29, 2011 by

Best known for his contributions to Apple's 1984 "evangelistic" marketing of the Macintosh, the co-founder of and popular business author/blogger Guy Kawasaki is frequently turned to for unexpected but profound business advice. When it comes to originality in his memorable tweets or his best-selling books, Kawasaki rarely disappoints. Read Full Article

QR Squared: The Power of 2D Codes

March 28, 2011 by

Interested in promoting your small business or freelance services using a free technology with recent growth rates of 1600%? Yes, the customers are flocking to this new advertising medium. The cost for you to implement it is zilch. Oh, and did I mention the potential for effectively engaging customers and adding value and efficiency to your operations? What's not to like? It's all the power of 2D codes, often known by their more popular incarnation, QR Codes. Read Full Article

The Importance of Having a Budget

March 15, 2011 by

Anyone--freelancer, contractor or small business CEO--who has even attempted to learn anything about financial stability has been confronted with the most obvious and yet sometimes the most difficult part of financial health: the almighty budget. Read Full Article