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This Week’s Perspectives on the Future of Work: Week of June 18, 2012

June 22, 2012 by

oDesk’s weekly column brings you the latest news on labor markets, innovation, and online work. Week of 6/18/2012: The End of a Job as We Know It Written by Josh Bersin, CEO of Bersin & Associates, “The End Of A Job as We Know It” details the radical reimagining of hiring and managing practices that is taking place in many modern corporations. In this article for the Enterprise Collaborative project, Bersin remarks on the recruiting difficulties experienced by HR executives, and discusses how the world is shifting towards an agile employment model in which companies look for specific skill sets and experience to fill project- and task-based “roles” instead of “jobs.” How to Make Contingent Workers Feel Like Family The rise of freelance professionals has fundamentally changed the structure of modern businesses, bringing new challenges to HR departments and management teams in the process. GigaOM author Jessica Stillman offers four tips to help integrate contractors into your company culture and maximize their productivity. Why Crowded Coffee Shops Fire Up Your Creativity A recent study led by Ravi Mehta found that a moderate level of ambient noise can help “trigger the brain to think abstractly, and thus generate creative ideas,” as summarized in this article for The Atlantic. He suggests that to overcome creative challenges, the coffee shop will outperform the library—which also may help to explain the rapid growth of the coworking trend. Whatdo you think? Do you thrive in a crowded coffee house or do you prefer the serenity of your home? The Key Ingredients of a Successful Team Thriving teams aren’t built merely by … Read Full Article

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Innovation, Competition, and an Offer for Solvate users

March 1, 2012 by

We recently heard that Solvate, the company that brought a high-touch, hands-on approach to online work, has discontinued its service this week. While some might welcome this news about a competitor, the atmosphere here at oDesk is one of reflection. It is a loss to us all in the online work space, but especially hard for Solvate clients and contractors, who have been left without a workplace to call their own. We'd like to invite those users to try oDesk, and will help them get a good start with a hands-on, high-touch welcome. Read Full Article

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5 Tools For Managing Your Business Cash Flow

February 21, 2012 by

Maintaining a positive cash flow is the number one challenge your small business faces. While this is nothing new, post-recession reality has made the task considerably harder. Many businesses and contractors are caught between clients who are slow to pay and creditors who are quick to demand repayment. If you are struggling to stay on top of your balance sheets, the following roundup of five free cash flow management tools might be just what you need. SCORE Cash Flow Template SCORE, a small business resource and mentoring organization, has quite a few free Excel templates available for tracking everything from 12-month cash flow to profit and loss projections. Tip: Protect your bottom line by keeping expenses at a minimum. One way to accomplish this is by purchasing equipment used or on sale. Only pay full price when there is no other option. Google Docs Cash Flow Templates If you prefer Google’s spreadsheet app over Excel, then you will be glad to see this collection of business spreadsheet templates submitted by other Google Docs users. All the templates are free, so if the first spreadsheet you downloaded does not mesh with your needs, try another one. Tip: Be brutally realistic (and maybe even slightly pessimistic) when you enter data into your cash flow forecast. Overestimating income and underestimating expenses will set you up for financial failure. Data entry can be a towering obstacle in the quest to stay on top of your cash flow. Eliminating most of that entry work is where web-based really shines. This app automatically pulls data from your linked bank accounts — all you have to do is login and track your income versus your expenses. The downside of Mint is that … Read Full Article

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Thanks For A Great Year, oDeskers!

January 4, 2012 by

As we head into 2012, I want to personally thank all of you for making the past year an absolutely amazing one. We are just scratching the surface of Work 3.0, a world where work is on demand, virtual and remote; for both businesses and workers, the opportunities and possibilities here are endless. We look forward to all the exciting opportunities 2012 will bring, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Read Full Article