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Beyond the Tweet: 4 Unusual Ways to Use Twitter

February 15, 2012 by

Twitter is a quite a versatile tool — within 140 characters you can connect with thought leaders, find jobs and build your brand identity. But the power of the tweet does not end there. From managing data to fielding live webinar questions and joining Twitter chats, new and innovative uses of Twitter are continually being discovered. Here are four unusual ways that your business can make use of this always-changing social network. 1. Conduct an Interview Nicknamed the “Twitterview”, an interview via Twitter can be a great way to engage your followers. As you participate in a question and answer dialogue with your interviewee, your audience can virtually tune in, ask their own questions and retweet the exchange to their followers. Here is how to do it: Choose someone to interview who is interesting to your target audience. If your audience or your interviewee promote the interview to their followers, you will receive even more publicity. Promote your interview in advance. Talk about it on all your social media outlets — not just Twitter. Design questions that fit within Twitter’s space limitations, and give your interviewee the questions ahead of time so they can also design appropriately short answers. Use a hashtag so people can follow along. Encourage your audience to chime in with comments and questions. Include a live Twitter feed on your blog so that even non-Twitter users can follow along. 2. Hold a contest If you are looking to get some brand exposure, try running a contest via Twitter. An example of how this could work: Offer the chance to win a … Read Full Article