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Small Town Living, Big Town Talent

August 22, 2012 by

Tom Rupsis moved to a small town in Montana so his kids could be close to family. But the beautiful scenery and small-town charm did nothing to alleviate hiring challenges for his growing IT consulting business. He needed to fill several technical positions, but found most applicants minimally qualified for the job. His situation is not unique: While studies have shown that rural residents generally live happier and less stressful lives than their urban counterparts, they also have their challenges. One problem that significantly affects businesses in smaller communities is “brain drain”—the flight of technical talent from rural areas to urban centers. Read Full Article

The Way We Work

Truly Lean Startups Use Online Contract Developers

July 30, 2012 by

The Lean Startup methodology is a great way to launch your new business idea as quickly and efficiently as possible. The practice has also spawned the Lean Software Development concept, which focuses on developing software in a lean manner—primarily by eliminating all forms of waste in the development process. However, the truly cutting-edge lean startups are taking it to a new level by using teams of contract developers to develop not only their web presence but also their product itself. Read Full Article

The Way We Work

5 Tools For Managing Your Business Cash Flow

February 21, 2012 by

Maintaining a positive cash flow is the number one challenge your small business faces. While this is nothing new, post-recession reality has made the task considerably harder. Many businesses and contractors are caught between clients who are slow to pay and creditors who are quick to demand repayment. If you are struggling to stay on top of your balance sheets, the following roundup of five free cash flow management tools might be just what you need. Read Full Article

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oDesk Celebrates (and Rewards) Big Ideas

July 27, 2010 by

We usually offer tips on improving your remote-work techniques, but this time we wanted to step back and just appreciate how cool remote work really is. Consider this your summer break (unless it happens to be winter where you are), and check out our new Future of Work video. It’s the story of a guy who takes his own “big idea” and builds it into a successful business, with the help of a talented woman he’ll never meet in person. It is a story oDesk users live every day, but it’s still pretty incredible! So, what’s your “big idea”? How are you making that dream a reality? Tell us on Twitter, and we may help you get it off the ground. You have until Aug. 10 to tweet your elevator pitch using the hashtag #futureofwork. Got more detail than 140 characters allow? Add a link to any progress you’ve made so far. We’re going to pick the three best ideas and award each person a $250 credit to hire on oDesk and help make their dream come true. Check back here on Aug. 12 to see who won! You’ve already joined the movement — now spread the word, and tweet us your big idea! Erica Benton brings nearly a decade of experience as a small business owner, freelancer and independent contractor to her position as the editor-in-chief of the oDesk Blog. Read Full Article