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Provider Voice: Bidding for Work – It’s Not About Price

October 28, 2009 by

Recently I’ve seen some tweets from those curious about the presence of extremely low bids on oDesk. My response is that it doesn’t matter. Or at least, it shouldn’t. Face it, if the only thing that makes you a viable candidate for a project is your price, then you’ll need to have the lowest bid. But is that the kind of freelance or contract work you want? This isn’t a groundbreaking thought, but perhaps I can offer the perspective of an active contractor and bring some of the philosophical arguments into the real world. I’m self-employed and manage the technology needs of small businesses, consult on various projects, and write software. I use oDesk to manage all of my contract web development work. In that field, you’ll find some jobs with hourly rates of $10, $5, and even $3, yet I have active and ongoing projects at much higher rates. Last November, in an interview with the BBC, I expressed that I was satisfied with the amount of work I had through oDesk, but was confident I could get more if I wanted. A little less than a year later, things have slowed down and I decided it was time to start bidding on work again. A few weeks ago I started actively bidding for new oDesk jobs. Here’s how I view the process – in some admittedly broad strokes: Understand that you’re not going to get – or even be considered for – some jobs. Some buyers are looking for the lowest bid – and for some jobs that is fine. Other buyers won’t be able to meet your rates, which may very well mean they can’t afford what they say they want. Don’t let a candidacy that ends with ‘rate too high’ shake … Read Full Article

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The oDesk Manifesto – Don’t settle for less than you deserve

November 25, 2008 by

As anyone who has been tracking oDesk already knows, our community is growing rapidly. In fact, we just passed $50 million in services rendered on oDesk. Kudos to our providers and buyers; we couldn’t have done that without you! Today we released the oDesk Manifesto for Online Work, the first and only such bill of rights for buyers and providers. Our goal is to show the world that online work is just as viable as traditional work. And since we think oDesk has the best business model for both buyers and providers, we’re publishing this Manifesto to prove it. oDesk is the only company to offer guaranteed payment to providers and guaranteed work to buyers. The Manifesto is a declaration to professionals who sell their services through the Internet marketplace and the companies that hire them: Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Check our press release for more information. Read Full Article

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Test Drive oDesk

July 23, 2008 by

oDesk is an exciting new paradigm that offers multiple advantages– remote, low-cost and low overhead work product without upfront outlay; a wealth of skilled contractors to select from; pay-for-performance; flexibility with a built-in background structure and real-time monitoring. However, with all these pluses, buyers are left with the same final hiring decision they have in any employment situation. New buyers and experts familiar with oDesk face the same question and the same challenge. The challenge. How can I be confident that I’m hiring the best person for the job at hand? Although  relevant for first time buyers and buyers seeking expertise in an area they have never hired for, any long term relationship is going to have the same initial trial period. I want to know not only that the people I hire are qualified, but also that they are going to fit my organization and the way I conduct business.. Examining provider profiles, portfolios and feedback is the suggested method, and for many jobs, this is sufficient. But  this may not be enough. There’s more to it than selecting a qualified person: Will this person work well with me? Will they meet my specific expectations, time constraints and budget? Will our relationship be effective and productive? The solution. There’s a way to test drive providers at oDesk with little risk. A way to answer the important questions and ease the worries that come with any new hire. And it can be key when filling a longterm position. The idea is simple. Post your Job and expectations normally, but when you find providers that have the qualifications necessary, hire them with limited hours and assign a portion of a project (or a smaller but similar project). You can create a small … Read Full Article