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Frequently Asked Questions

What is oDesk?

oDesk lets small businesses hire, manage, and pay remote contractors as if they were in their own office. With more than 90,000 businesses seeking skilled workers, and 400,000 contractors from over 100 countries, oDesk is changing how the world works.

How Does the oDesk Affiliate Program Work?

oDesk pays you $50 for each credit card-verified employer signup, and $0.50 for each freelancer that signs up and applies for a job.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE! The oDesk Affiliate Program has no fees, just put our links up and start generating revenue.

Will my site be approved?

Most sites are approved within 24 hours, as long as it isnt engaged in any illegal or unsavory activities. There are no traffic minimums in order to participate, so why don't you sign up today!

I don't have a website...can I still participate?

Of course! With our advanced link feature, you can create text links that deep link to anywhere within the domain. That means you can customize your own affiliate SEM campaign, social media marketing, direct email affiliate strategy, or anything else you can dream up!

When will I get paid?

Payments are processed through Commission Junction on the 10th of every month, but your stats are tracked in real time.

What if I am new to Affiliate Marketing?

No problem! With access to some of the best affiliate marketing tools and our support team, you'll have no problem getting up and running.

Who can I contact if I have a problem, or questions?

You can contact us directly at