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Hi oDesk Community members,

I'm Jason Chicola, Director of Marketing at oDesk. We've been hard at work building self-service features for oDesk buyers and providers, and I'd like to take this opportunity to ask for your input.

Here's a quick summary of the release


* Create, edit and delete job openings.
* Search for and interview qualified candidates.
* Hire the candidates that are right for you.

* Search job openings
* Apply to job openings


Buyer application
* click here - you should have received an email with guest credentials

Provider openings page
* click here


What else would you like to see?
What is easy to use? Hard to use?
Find anything confusing?

We appreciate your input! Please respond to this post with comments, questions, and suggestions!

Jason Chicola

I like the provider openings page

but it needs some sort of sorting/searching functionality. Right now its too hard to peruse all the way down to the list. Perhaps we can have a summary view that is both "sortable" by various criteria and also search functionality.


Openings page

Great question Venky Smile
The current openings page is a temporary solution to publish our openings to providers while we work on our next release.

You'll be happy to know that the ability to search openings is included in our next release which is coming before the end of 2005.

The next release will include profile creation, profile editing, opening search, and applying to openings.

What types of information would you like to see in an opening search and what would you like to see in a results list?

In the meantime, the openings are sorted by date posted with the newest ones first.

Thanks for the feedback!

Bill Lennan
Product Manager - oDesk

Bill Lennan
Product Manager - oDesk

Sorting of openings on ODesk Hours

If you look at the buyers my.odesk login, the results of developers suitable for an opening are sorted on the basis of ODesk hours. I think that this is a severe disadvantage for young companies like ours. Because our developers would be listed way down the list and the person who has the longest ODesk hours would be always listed first. How about even providing a sorting field? Like ODesk hours, or experience level or amount and the best criteria -> on the basis of ODesk client ratings which are adjusted according to no. of projects. So that if a developer has got a 9/10 from just one client and another developer who has done 50 projects with average rating of 8/10 then the former developer gets listed first if "ratings" criteria is chosen.

Your thoughts?

Sunny Gill
Deftsoft Informatics (I) Pvt. Ltd,

Sorting Professionals at

Dear Sunny,

We understand your concerns, and we do hope to eventually sort providers by feedback ratings as opposed to oDesk Hours. However, our feedback ratings are an upcoming feature (will be launched in late 2005), and we do not yet have enough data to sort by that field.

In the meantime, we feel that oDesk Hours is the best available option. While this system may disadvantage new providers, we also now allow providers to apply for openings directly. This way, new providers don't have to wait for buyers to find them. They can seek out work to build their oDesk Hours.

We are currently considering two additional means to help providers that are new to oDesk find work:

1. Create an option for buyers to browse/search through “New Professionals” – eg: workers that joined oDesk in the last 30 days.
2. Create an option for buyers to browse/search through Affiliate firms – this would allow buyers to see a list of affiliates with the # of professionals at that affiliate, as well as firm’s oDesk Hours

And again, we hope to begin sorting by feedback rating in the coming months.

What do you think of these options? What else would you like to see?


Jason Chicola
Director of Marketing

Trouble in Searching job openings

Dear Jason,

I believe that the seach job opening could be more user friendly, if you can provide a short (Few columns) job Listing along with a Search Box and Record paging.

Search on required skill and sorted by posted date would page is page most impressive & user friendly.


.Net | MCSD | CRM | Web Services

.Net | MCSD | CRM | Web Services

Job openings page suggestions


You are correct. We are looking for suggestions to make the Openings page better.

The current openings page is a temporary solution to publish our openings to providers while we work on our next release.

You can see the forum started by Sawan:
How can we make the Customer Openings page better for Providers?

I have taken the liberty of posting your concerns there. Please follow up with more concerns on that post.




Page doesn't fit

Hi, great improvements done, thank you!

It would be great if page width wouldn't exceed my screen's 1024 pixels e.g. at job openings and profile pages.

Submit Candidacy for

I want to see openings in which I have sent my request already. I can send request twice or more to the same opening. That is a mistake.

And it's difficalt to find submit button at the "Submit Candidacy for" page when pictures is switched off. Can you add alt or title to it?

Submit Candidacy

Thanks dshabalin, great suggestion Smile
We have heard similar suggestions from multiple users recently and plan to include these features in a future release.

We want to assure you that your feedback is very important us and please continue to let oDesk know how we can help you.

Thanks again!

Bill Lennan
Product Manager - oDesk

Bill Lennan
Product Manager - oDesk

And It will be nice If I can

And It will be nice If I can change my hourly rate for each openings. I think we need new field called "Hourly rate for you" at Submit Candidacy screen. When I send reason why I am a great match customer will be able to see my hourly rate special for him.

Soon you will be able to set your own rate!


We agree! We are currently working on a system that will allow providers to set their own rates, both in general and for individual projects.

We are also considering a system in which buyers can negotiate with providers. For example, if a provider asks for $10 per hour for a project, the buyer could counter by offering $8 per hour. What do you guys think? Is this something that would interest our community?


Alex Carter
Community Marketing Manager

Yes, that will be useful.

Yes, that will be useful. But I think more good openings will be more useful for us. Smile

Job Openings Through oDesk


We understand your concern. We created over 200 new job openings in September, and we plan to beat that number in October. We also feel that our new self-service applications will make it easier than ever for providers to find quality jobs.



What does Buyer get?

It's unclear what happens when I apply for an opening.

Does customer get my resume automatically? Or a link to my profile somewhere at oDesk?
It would be good, if I can preview (even better - edit) information that is sent to a customer.

And I agree with above opinions on serach and/or sort.

One more

Imho, it would be useful if not only 'Customer Since' is published, but also some information concerning a customer. At least some unique identifier could help much: developers would be able to share their opinions on customers, thus encouraging customers to be honest and generous and saving everyone from useless negotiations between customers and providers that do not like each other.

What the buyer gets and feedback ratings...

When you apply for an opening, the buyer will get a notification and can see that you have applied in his Through my.odesk the buyer can see your profile.

Currently, this is your oDesk work history, the resume you have submitted and your rate. We will be making it possible for service providers to edit all this information in the future.

You also raise a very good point regarding buyer feedback. We want to include feedback ratings for both buyers and service providers and would like to open the topic for discussion here.

What are the important factors in evaluating buyers? What are the factors for providers? We should have ratings and feedback from previous assignments. Any others?



Database of service providers

I logged into the database to review service providers who had a specific skill set, and I was hoping to review their resumes. When I clicked the select button on an individual, sometimes their information would display, which is what I expected. However, most of the time I received a message that says I must first create a job opening.

Could someone clarify this? Do I have to post a job opening before I am allowed to search the database?


To veiw profiles, click the Name not [Select]

Hi mphillips,

You do not need to create an Opening to search the database.

Once the search results appear, click on the name of the provider to view the profile.

[Select] is the command to select that provider for an opening, and that's why you get the message to select an opening.

I would take this as a suggestion for clarifying the labels. Please post any and all usability issues here so we can address them.