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Navigation Update

oDesk is constantly evolving as a marketplace, community, and tool that changes how the world works. Today, we took steps toward creating a more streamlined site navigation system. The changes are subtle, visible only to users who are signed in, but we'd like to share some of the more noticeable differences:

  • New user Home
    • Your personalized Home page will now appear after you log in
    • Visit anytime by clicking "Home" or the oDesk logo from anywhere in the site (once you've logged in)
  • Streamlined username dropdown menu
    • New access to "Account & Profile Settings" and "Sign Out"
    • Some of the less-used (but still important!) pages have been removed from the menu. You can now access the following pages by visiting "Account & Profile Settings":
      • User Info
      • My Provider Profile
      • My Company Profile
      • My Teams
      • My Tests
      • Extending oDesk
  • Message Center Changes
    • The indicator shown next to "Messages" now reflect the total number of unread Inbox messages and Notifications.
    • "Account Alerts" and "Updates" have been removed from the menu - they are now integrated into the user Home.
    • "Notifications" is now the best place to find the latest communications about your account.

Stay tuned -- more changes are under way, all designed to make your oDesk experience better.

Questions? Comments? Let us know how we can make our site navigation easier for you (and new users) to access all the great tools oDesk has to offer!

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Public site home page?

How come I can't get to the public site without logging out of my account first?

I to noticed this

It is a bit annoying As I like going to the home page at times to see what non members may see.

I wont stop asking this ever

The best enhancement of navigation you can do is to hide the items not available for current account type and team configuation.

It is more than stupid when I can click visible menu link Payments > Financial Activity and see the message:

You do not have access to an oDesk financial account. Talk to your company manager about receiving payment.

Why show this at all? Any idea about usability rules?

we agree

You are absolutely right, and we are working on this right now.


Great, also it'd be nice to

Great, also it'd be nice to check the "new" Time Analyze screen.

By default it has Estimated Charges mode enabled, which is not available (technically, it always shows $0 for all cells) for team members without manager privileges.

Also it would be absolutely awesome if this report configuration changes would be stored between visits, maybe except custom dates range (to display most recent stats each time when one comes back). But the columns and mode are easy and obvious candatates to be stored.


disabling rather than hiding

Michael L. wrote:
You are absolutely right, and we are working on this right now.
Please, consider disabling items rather than hiding them.

One more minor bug. Company

One more minor bug.

Company name in URL should be always case-insensitive, so when clicked teamroom in Team software menu needed company activated in the drop-down menu, but not default one.

For example, company drop-down:

So when you use link (not Google) you'll have Yahoo selected any way, though team will be displayed correctly.

the last version of odesk navigation bar

the last version of odesk navigation bar is more easy and helpful to surf in odesk
and now the recherche zone in the right of cherche job is disspear so it's more diffuclt to work , please return to the last version it's quikly and easly solution ...

Search for jobs.

Good day!
There use to be an option to set come searching criterias while searching for jobs, such as date, the buyers feedback score etc.
Would be great to have it back or something simmilar )))

Most of the additional

Most of the additional filters are still there when you hit advanced in the search box. The full set of filters is available on the search results page. The filters are now a lot more powerful - I think you'll like them. Don't forget to save your favorite searches for one-click access!

1st interview

So I have gotten interviewed for a position but there is no communication yet between me and my buyer. I am new to Odesk and I just don't understand it?

Please look for a message

Please look for a message from the buyer in your Messages > Inbox and reply to it there.

Facing Problem in Navigation

I am facing a strange problem in navigation after the navigation update.
It works fine for sometime but after when I browse 2-3 menus.
There emerges a 'space' between base menu item and mouse over menus.
I am using Firefox (latest)

Refer this image for clear understanding:


Me too!

What Ankit said....

And when that happens we can't access the drop down menu because once you move your mouse pointer down, the pop up box disappears.

i am getting that to, just

i am getting that to, just noticed it.

Fix coming soon

We're aware of this problem and a fix is coming soon for it. It is only happening on the job search pages. All the other menus should work properly.

My profile

Since the change, every time I want to access my profile I have to hit my user name and then I have to log in again, every freaking time! Grr! I had to create a bookmark to my profile so that oDesk would stop forcing me to log in. }:[

Log in

Me too! It is a pain because I move frequently through my profile and my company information when I add team members to update my company profile.....stay logged in would be nice....

Accidentally clicking Sign Out?

When navigating to your profile, I am assuming to modify it, are you accidentally clicking the sign out link in the dropdown? If so, perhaps we have it too close to the profile link, and this is creating a situation where the click lands in the wrong place. If you could confirm this, we can work on correcting it.


No, not accidentally logging out

OK So I'm logged in right now. If I want to go to my profile I click on 'Account and Profile Settings' in the upper right hand side under my name.

When I do, I get this: Authorize this computer message every single time. No matter how many times I authorize, I can't do it.

And half the time it makes me add my password. It is no longer easy to get to the profile.


Profile Settings

My apologies, I misunderstood the issue. Thanks Doreen for the clarification.

Yes we have changed the path on this to point to the overall Account Info page. Since this shows some personal data, we have protected it with a password. You aren't being logged out, rather we just want to make sure that you are you before showing your address, email, and phone number.

We are in the process of making some significant changes that will make the whole section more clear and easier to use. In the meantime, if you access the profile page frequently, you can bookmark the link to the profile page to skip the account verification of the overview page. Bookmark the page:


Suggestion for Job Search results

It would be nice if in the job search results- it showed that you had already applied for that one. Like putting the APPLIED in bold green or something next to the title of the ad Smile

And another suggestion would be to have a box to click if you aren't interested in a particular one, so that you can remove those from search or something of that sort Smile
But overall, I love oDesk! It changed my life, really.