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Your New Home on oDesk!

The next time you log into your oDesk account, take a look around your new user Home. Here you'll find an overview of your work life on oDesk, including modules for Notifications, My Teams, Payments, My Job Applications (for providers), and My Job Openings (for buyers). Each module also provides links to dig deeper into the information presented. Look familiar? The Dashboard we introduced a few weeks ago has graduated from beta to become your new user Home. We've made a few tweaks from the beta based on user input and we added modules to make the page more useful to both providers and buyers.

The new user Home is now the default landing page whenever you log in. Once you're logged in, whenever you want to return there from anywhere in the site, just click the oDesk logo. (We've made some other changes to the site navigation as well - you can read more about the navigation changes here.)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for new Dashboard modules? Let us know how we can make your user Home more useful!

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Looks nice, but like I've

Looks nice, but like I've said before, it needs list of the latest posted jobs to make it truly useful.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

RSS for saved searches

It looks nice.... I was wondering is there a way we can add our saved searches to the dashboard The rss or something?




Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Saved Searches on Home Page (dashboard)

angruck and humbleguy --

Thanks for your feedback. We are already actively working on bringing saved searches to the provider home page (dashboard).

We don't have a launch date yet, but we'll post here as soon as we know.

Keep the feedback coming!



I like the dashboard it makes things more simple to be able to see so many areas at a glance Smile

Just wondering about another feature (more so for buyers) maybe be able to have a list of the providers that you've marked as your favorites shown in the dashboard?

Keep up the great work I do like the chances I've seen across the site.

We have a product manager

We have a product manager working on the Saved Favorites architecture. I will pass along this specific recommendation. Thanks!

New home

Awesome! New home? renovation? Very well done! I really appreciated the looks and formats here at odesk. Thumbs up! Congratulations!!!!

Nice Work!

Great to see the final execution of the vision - great job Larry and Duncan. Yahoo!!

View all teams and team members on the smae page

Its a step in the right direction.
One thing that I desperately need to make it useful is the ability to view all my teams at once, including the team members inside, and not just one team at a time as it is now.

Multiple Module Instances?

Hi edoron,

One idea we have in mind is to allow you to place multiple instances of a module on the dashboard. For example, you could create a My Teams module set to Team A and another set to Team B. It would be up to you how many modules with what settings to use.

Would that be something that solves your need?