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New Job Applications

Applying and Iterviewing for jobs just got faster and easier under the new "Job Applications."

  • No more hunting for interview threads! Your communications with the buyer are now embedded in the new Job Application page. Reply to buyers, ask questions and view the job description all in one place.
  • Easily manage your job applications. Quickly reply to, decline or ignore invitations to interview. Easily propose a different rate and page through applications.
  • Declutter your job application list. Archive applications that you're done with, and find all your past applications (declined, withdrawn, hired) in the "Archived" tab.
  • More responsive interface. We've fine-tuned it for faster performance.

This is just the beginning. Look out for even more improvements over the next couple of months. In the meantime, if you have feedback or suggestions regarding the new Job Applications, please share them here.

Job Applications

Job Applications Detail Page

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Really awesome job done! You

Really awesome job done! You know it feels very good to see consistent upgrade.

Theres still no way to end 3

Theres still no way to end 3 or 4 jobs at the same time.
Oh one other thing, Spock always calls Kirk, Jim- not James.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

humbleguy -- 1) Do you mean

humbleguy --

1) Do you mean "batch" withdraw/decline? e.g. select items in your list and click "withdraw"?
2) Assuming that James Kirk has not yet hired Mister Spock, he would address his future captain in more formal terms. Wink


1) Thats EXACTLY what I

1) Thats EXACTLY what I mean.
2) U got me there Sad

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Batch Removal


1) Instead of "batch removal," we provided another way you a way to quickly "weed out" your list:
We added "quick paging" which allows you to efficiently move from one detail to the next, where you can quickly choose "ignore/archive" or "decline/withdraw" from each page. Doing so automatically sends you to the next detail page. We opted for this instead of batch removal because we found users can make more informed decisions based on the data on the detail page as opposed to the limited information in the lister.

Tip: If you don't want to receive any Invitations to Interview, you can set your profile to "private."

2) (Re Star Trek references) Actually, you got me: Now everyone knows I'm a geek!


1) Sounds like Vulcan to me.

1) Sounds like Vulcan to me. Sad
Batch withdrawing multiple targets with a single click would be far far more useful.

2) Aren't we all? Smile

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

humbleguy -- 1) If Vulcan =

humbleguy --

1) If Vulcan = logical, yes. But seriously, your request is noted. We'll consider it.
2) Indeed we are.

Thanks again for your feedback. Keep it coming.


Its good to see someone with

Its good to see someone with a sense of humor in this joint.
Everyone seems so stiff Sad

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

(looking for my pointy-ears

(looking for my pointy-ears smiley.)

love it

i love the new look. thanks!!!

Awesome, But where is the

Awesome, But where is the number of time your profile saved in favorites???

Hi muhammad_faisal, You're

Hi muhammad_faisal,

You're right -- we temporarily removed it. We are considering moving it to the "My Job Applications" module on the home page (dashboard). Also, we're investigating overall improvements to our Save as Favorite infrastructure. Please "pardon our dust" while we work this out.


is there a way

is there a way where we can see who made us favorites? Smile

mtaboclaon, For privacy


For privacy reasons, no.


Larry, Can ODesk add

Can ODesk add the edit functionality in already applied jobs applications for my ease. Because in certain cases I forgot to include some points that should be the part of the application then I'd no other option to edit the application Sad

Editing job applications

Hi muhammad_faisal,

We feel that after you apply for a job, the buyer may have already read the cover letter by the time you edit it. This could be confusing for the buyer.

One of the reasons we improved interview functionality is to allow you to better come to agreements with the buyer.

One feature we could consider: "Draft" status for your job applications, allowing you to more carefully review your cover letter before sending.

Would that be a useful feature?



Larry S. wrote:

One feature we could consider: "Draft" status for your job applications, allowing you to more carefully review your cover letter before sending.

This would be great if possible.

Loving this re-design

Can't ask more (at least for now). Wink


Learning again

Only remember that existing users are accustomed
with old style design and work flows. So redesigning
requires them to learn how to use your system again!

mshostak, We understand this


We understand this and take it into consideration whenever we make changes to the site.

We hope you find the changes simple to learn and use.


Apply to more jobs link

I like the new redirect and all. I usually filter searches from the start and unless I am just not seeing it, what happened to the Apply to more jobs link back to the filtered results. Now I have to start at home and create a new search eachtime. I am not at all happy with that process.
I few version back is still the best when you see search options in the right bar when searching the advanced options with out having to click advanced then after applying link back to search results. Can you please find a happy medium and add a link back to search results from the applications page.
also I have to scroll horizontal now for viewing oDesk

Hi cmaynor, 1) It sounds like

Hi cmaynor,

1) It sounds like you're referring to recent changes to Job Search?

There's a related thread for that discussion here:

2) I'll contact you about the horizontal scrolling issue. I'd need to see it.



Wonderful Improvement

I really like it and congratulations for the step forward. I hope we are going to see so many good additions in the coming times by mutual discussion.

Who are these guys! ( i mean design team )

Thumbs up!

I am among the minority

Who would also like to see the "favorites" added back. Here's why I like it. It if often an indicator of whether I am going to be facing additional interview requests. Mine seem to only increase a day or two before I get a new request Wink

I have another comment/suggestion. I suggest this as a buyer.

Spam cover letters are an ongoing issue. I can't think of many buyers who wouldn't complain about them. 99.9% of these "Spam" letters are identical. I don't know what the "internal" workings are as far as indexing job applications/applicants but is there some way to "flag" a cover letter as "dupe" when the provider goes to submit it and refuse to let it through? I've seen this on other websites (i.e. not job sites mind you) where it will say "this is duplicate content" and it refuses to let you post it.

I would sure like to see some better methods for stopping this nonsense. Not only as a buyer but also as a provider I'm of the opinion that it brings down the site as a whole.