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PayPal withdrawals *reinstated*

PayPal withdrawals from oDesk have been temporarily disabled. We recognize how critical this service is to our providers and it is our top priority to restore full functionality and are investigating the issue together with PayPal and our financial institutions. We will be working to restore the service as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
No other payment methods are affected.

We will keep the community posted with updates. Please refer to our help page to learn about other withdrawal methods that you can use to access funds. You may also contact Customer Support for assistance.


June 8 update: working as fast as we can.

Hi all,

I just wanted to assure you that we understand the gravity of the situation. Unfortunately the problem is on PayPal's side and there is not much we can do until PayPal resolves the situation. We have escalated the issue to the highest levels of PayPal and will re-enable PayPal the minute we can.

We will keep you posted with updates, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Michael (VP Product)


June 9 update and free wire transfer

We understand the frustration surrounding the PayPal issue and apologize for not posting updates to our community more frequently. This issue is serious and is deeply affecting our providers, but - until now - we haven’t had additional information to share. We are sorry that this has appeared as a lack of communication on our part, and we are committed to posting more frequent updates from now on.

Below is a summary of what happened and how oDesk is helping providers affected by the PayPal issue.

What happened?

This past Monday, the day funds are typically posted to our PayPal account, we learned that the funds had not been credited. We immediately alerted PayPal and they have been working closely with us to figure out what happened and how to resolve it.
We are making progress with PayPal to resolve this issue and are confident that we’re on the right track. We are told the issue is expected to be resolved by Friday, June 11, 2010 (PST.)

How will oDesk help me?

If you are affected by this outage and unable to withdraw your oDesk funds through PayPal, we are offering one free wire transfer to help you obtain your hard earned money.
To take advantage of this special offer you will need to set up your wire transfer through the Withdrawals tab as soon as possible – enterning your bank account information and activating the wire can take up to 3 days. Once active, you can process a wire transfer of your funds and request a refund of the wire cost by submitting a support ticket.

The free wire transfer will be available only until the PayPal issue is resolved.

Moving forward

To prevent this situation from occurring again, we have set up a system to be alerted to such issues in advance. This will give us the time needed to resolve issues and notify users before any potential delay in a specific payment method occurs.


June 9 - clarifications


I am the Product Manager for Billing and Payments at oDesk, and I am heading up the team trying to resolve the issue with withdrawals via PayPal. I realize that this outage involves a significant hardship for you, and I assure you we are doing our best to get this fixed. We have already posted a note about the current status, and I will update this thread regularly as we get updates from PayPal. However, I would like to take this time to clarify a few issues that have come up on the thread.

a. PayPal support vs. oDesk support
I realize that some of you have talked to PayPal support, who told you that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the oDesk account. The reason for this is that the error was actually not apparent to the support staff. They are well meaning (to the point of giving out information about our account, which they're not supposed to), but they simply do not have visibility into the interactions between PayPal and our bank. In fact, even after escalation, it took a while for PayPal to figure out the source of the problem. At this point PayPal has communicated the issue to their support staff, and they should be clear that PayPal is working to solve the problem.

b. Is oDesk trying to (insert nefarious activity here)?
We are not trying to push Payoneer, to raise extra fees, etc. We have a big opportunity here - connecting buyers with providers across the world. The easier and more seamless we can make the process of hiring, managing and paying for online work, the better it is for us. Anything that makes it harder to pay for work online convinces people that online work is "too hard". It simply does not make sense for us to sacrifice this goal by "nickel and diming" our customers. This is why we charge a simple, flat rate. It's why we don't charge fees for signing up. And it's also why we do not make money on withdrawal fees - we pass them on at cost.

c. Why the change in estimated time to resolution?
Based on the initial information at the time when we discovered the problem, I estimated our time to resolution. At the time I was not completely aware of the complexity of the problem. At this point PayPal has confirmed to us that they have found the source of the problem and are working on solving it, so our estimate is more reliable. I will update this thread with any additional information we receive from PayPal.


Product Manager,


June 10 - PayPal has been reactivated – issue resolved

PayPal has resolved the problem that prevented oDesk users from withdrawing their funds. Effective now, PayPal withdrawals for oDesk providers have been reactivated.

The inability of providers to withdraw their funds is completely unacceptable to us and we realize how difficult this has been for all of you. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. We have worked night and day with PayPal to ensure they fixed the problem as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience during this stressful time, and we want to assure you that we have taken additional steps with PayPal to avoid this problem from recurring in the future.

Thank you again for bearing with us for the past four days. We also appreciate your feedback regarding our communication on this matter. We take your suggestions seriously and we are committed to improving future communications.

Lastly, for those providers who haven’t yet done so, please be aware that setting up an additional withdrawal method is a good practice, and will give you alternatives should the need ever arise.

If you have any further concerns, please contact Customer Support. We want to make sure that all our users are taken care of, and that you receive your payments promptly.


The oDesk Team.

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when are you going to resume

when are you going to resume this transaction? i need to withdraw my money for my paypal acct! thanks

Withdrawal Fee should be waived at the very least...

oDesk should waive the $2 withdrawal fee for Payoneer card holders...

Relax! :)


I think the offer ONE FREE WIRE TRANSFER is not one way of Odesk fooling people around.

Mahal din ang wire transfer so they can't give it to us for free ng ganun na lang.

And of course they are trying to help.

By the way got some latest update as of few hours ago. think 11 or 12 Am today. I was able to have a conversation with one customer support and he gave me some updates regarding paypal.

He said probably 10 hours after paypal will be available.

Let just hope that everything will get back to normal.

Need ko na din money ko.

So for now relax muna kayo and play some games at my site.

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I think that odesk and paypal are having this conflict might that paypal wanted to increase the payment on our withdraws like only $1 per transaction, and odesk won't allow the increase of paypal pay. This is what I think or guess the conflict is all about.. I think this two companies should go together for we providers are very affected and this is very inconvenient for us. Please fix whatever conflicts you have. Thanks.

I think they go with $2 for the meantime.

What I think if this is true then why don't they go ahead with $2.


I know and we all know that this is a large amount of deduction for for a small amount withdrawal.

But I think this is good for the very meantime so we can withdraw and pay our bills.

While with this method, Odesk must establish a fastest way which is wire transfer like western union to replace paypal and other sluggish means with high rate of withdrawal fees.


So true, Odesk should just agree with the raise of paypal to $2 of every transaction or they can have another alternative like you said a wire transfer. All of us know that odesk collect 10% on every money we get from our buyers which is okay but they should keep us well informed if something like this happens and this is very frustrating.. I need to pay the bills for my internet connections, electricity, and many more for this month. God help us.!

There is no conflict with

There is no conflict with PayPal over fees.

another n00b

Maria Fe P. wrote:
when are you going to resume this transaction? i need to withdraw my money for my paypal acct! thanks

LOL, check out this noob.

any updates?

any updates on when i can withdraw using paypal? this is such a great inconvenience... i hope you expedite finding a resolution to whatever disagreement odesk has with paypal.

in the meantime what alternative means can you provide to those solely relying on paypal to get their earnings? i got in touch with customer support this morning but he did not offer any alternative to paypal like you mentioned above.

Any update on this please?

Any update on this please?

they are not willing to give any alternative


I been there 2 time yesterday and once a while agoe but all they said is "to wait until thursday" which is Friday in the Philippines.

I told them also that I was totally over due with my bills but what they said is just sorry? what can sorry do to my bills?

Why not find and try others means instead?!!!!

Getting with Customer support would not be helpful.

so sad

it says they will above!!!! then they are lieing
well if i do not get paid i know what im going to do!
i will be contacting important people !!!!!

oDesk has done everything

oDesk has done everything possible to expedite the matter with PayPal and has posted updates as they have become available.

You assured us of updates.

You assured us of updates. Where are they? This is the same message that was here this time yesterday.

alternate means to deliver your funds to you while PayPal servic

"If you rely solely on PayPal withdrawals please contact customer support and we may be able to identify an alternate means to deliver your funds to you while PayPal service is disabled." ?????

They don't even find means to transfer my funds at the quickest way.

I offer some solution to transfer my funds to my cousins payoneer card but they do not allow either.

They are not trying to help!



Actually, there is an alternative. Have you tried moneybookers? I just signed up for myself a few minutes ago. I realized that i should have not been satisfied with a single payment method (which in my case was Paypal). though I think there is a 3-day activation. Mas Ok na yun sa akin. Di rin kasi sure and Odesk kung masesettle nila ang problema by tomorrow.

I have one already

Hi! I realize tama ka din. Actually I can use my wifes moneybookers account.

is it possible ba to add email addresses sa moneybookers like paypal?

and how do you withdraw your funds from there? Ilang araw ba ang withdrawal?

Union bank?

Pwede ba ang union bank Debit cards?

I already add and his card also on money bookers. Mga ilang araw bago makuha ang verification code sa bank statement?

By the way please email me at

So would be able to process right away.



I got my payoneer i think 1mos ago and i did not activate it until this incident occurred. I was obliged to use it and i thought payonner will charge me 9 dol for activation but they did not.I dont know why,maybe because i requested for another payonner card for renewal. And i know that requesting for renewal of card was free. somehow i still got lucky!and i used my payoneer this pm. cuz i chose immediate loading of funds to my payoneer card. It worked!hassle free!

disabled paypal

This is really a big inconvenience for everyone who only uses paypal. My only source of income is from my odesk assignments, and I have planned my expenses and payments based on the payment schedule that odesk imposes. It would be very unfair to keep us in the dark especially this concerns our money, hard earned money.

Please provide resolution ASAP considering that odesk customer service can't offer one.

Thank you.

To oDesk

You might want to use Xoom to transfer funds to us Filipinos for a while (funds can also be transferred to all other people living in other countries not just Filipinos). I used to work for an article writing company that pays me via Xoom. No charge whatsoever on your part if you have a US bank account (don't know if that has changed but I am sure Xoom has improved a whole lot so please check it out) Here is the website


Totally unacceptable that paypal is disabled without notice

I normally withdraw my money as soon as it is credited. I make plans to pay bills based on the regular availability of my money. Now I learn -- when I come to get my money -- that it is not available?

There should have been some notice at the very least.

Notice was posted as soon as

Notice was posted as soon as an issue was discovered.


This is by far the lowest point ODesk has hit - earlier this week I've been messaged to remove my thumbnail from my profile because it doesn't fall under your strict guidelines! Meanwhile you can't even get your providers paid? How much more can we expect from you? I'm seriously thinking of switching freelance sites to guru or possible elance. This site is quickly turning into a Mickey Mouse show



Hope this problem will resolve soon because we need our money to make for a living. We cant wait too long. Hope you understand.Please do take any actions that can resolve the
problem the soonest the better.




paypal resolution

Any news on this please?

Why suddenly you considered using paypal is criticial?

Why suddenly you considered using paypal is critical? you are the one you tied up with them. Didn't you investigate first before tying up with them? what exactly are you avoiding of? what issue are you referring to? We all use paypal and we have not encountered any problems yet, until you disabled it.

For goodness sake, we only rely on this money from odesk. I stopped using payoneer because the fee is so frustrating plus lots of hidden charges but then you did not disabled payoneer.

Can't it be fix today? as in today?

The issue must be resolved on

The issue must be resolved on PayPal's end. oDesk wants nothing more than for this to be resolved ASAP, but there's only so much that oDesk can do to hasten their process.

RE: PayPal withdrawals temporarily unavailable

What ever the reason may be, please resolve it ASAP as there are no known alternatives of withdrawal here in the Philippines. Also, please consider adding an oDesk to Bank transfer in the future for Filipino providers so we can have an alternative. Please keep us posted. Thanks.

why did not mail go on about this

Please if you are going to do this tell us well in advance it means i will not be payed this week as i just rely on paypal and it takes 3 days to set up another account with anyone else you really should rely more information and check accounts

Well said.

Well said. I do really wish they'd be able to settle this ASAP since oDesk is basically one of my main source of income. >_<;;

oDesk is in fact investing

oDesk is in fact investing several new withdrawal options, especially those that would allow more direct transfer to your bank accounts. But establishing partnerships for the transfer of many thousands of Dollars to users around the globe is not a simple process and cannot be entered into w/o significant research and planning.


I just added my Moneybookers account as you have suggested and guess what? it will take 3 days to activate my account. I understand that this will still undergo verification and all that but 3 DAYS!!! Is this a snail mail or what. This is very frustrating.

Damn it!!

Curse anyone whose responsible for this!!
I need my money by friday!!!
I thought I will be able to withdraw my funds today!!

What am I supposed to do with this one? >_<;;

Same here. I am supposed to pay for my bills this week and I don't know what to do now since this came up.

Me too im expecting to have

Me too im expecting to have my money by thursday night if i withdrew around 8 am today. If this will not be restored within the day. We can not get the money by FRIDAY!!! Worst June 14 is holiday here in the Philippines so most probably we can have the money in our account by next week???

The 3 day wait is a standard

The 3 day wait is a standard security precaution when establishing financial connections for the withdrawal of funds. Even though this should be resolved before the wait is up, I would still suggest going through the process. Having a back-up withdrawal method is always a good idea (just as you would expect your buyer to have a back-up payment method in case of trouble with their credit card).

Like Everyone Said..................

Please!........... make some quick solution i need to withdraw right now .... quick!....quick!....quick!...

I appreciate it if you......did quickly!...


A HORRIBLE Inconvenience!!!

This is an outrage!!! Many of us need our money NOW!!! We need it to keep a float and pay bills and we have things to do and when things like this happens its very very frustrating!! I don't appreciate not being forewarned or having other ways to get it asap available!!

Like Everyone Said..................

Peter C. wrote:
Please!........... make some quick solution i need to withdraw right now .... quick!....quick!....quick!...

I appreciate it if resolve quickly!...


working as fast as we can

Hi all,

I just wanted to assure you that we understand the gravity of the situation. Unfortunately the problem is on PayPal's side and there is not much we can do until PayPal resolves the situation. We have escalated the issue to the highest levels of PayPal and will re-enable PayPal the minute we can.

We will keep you posted with updates, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Michael (VP Product)


Thanks, Michael. We're really looking forward for the updates and we understand that you're also in a tight position like us. We just hope and pray that this will be settled ASAP.

Thank you

Thank you for the update. That was the worst part, that we didn't have any news.

so mad ,no pay !!!!!!!= no food

well the customer service person sat there and didnt seem to answer all my questions,we have a right to know, they could of sent emails to people, we all do not come here,so now people will end up not working because we do not when and if we get paid and our bosses will wonder why!!!!so this could be bad for odesk losing providers and buyers, you know what that means!!!!im calling paypal maybe get the answer and explanation, we do not know if anything was compromised ?????


Thank you Michael for this update, could you please give us some details regarding the problem?

oDesk cannot share an

oDesk cannot share an explanation for the problem because PayPal simply has not provided them with one.

There's Always a Solution

At this point, given the bad feelings you're getting from those whose work keeps your company profitable, I would suggest that you look, as hard as possible, for another means of getting the money to your providers, including myself. I'm rather new to oDesk, but I can tell you that this is the kind of problem that can happen only once before I leave completely. I don't really care whose fault it is at this point. I care only that a client has paid me but I have no access to that payment. If you want to keep these providers happy, including me, I would suggest that if this is not resolved by tomorrow, you get your staff to manually get the money to those who have requested it via PayPal. Give them a credit card and start sending the payments manually. Do what it takes. Waive the wire transfer fee, whatever, I don't care, but figure out how to get the money to your providers.


I have other businesses with PayPal and it still works. It's just with ODesk that is having the problem. They should know how much they are gonna lose with this one.

It's not our fault that it did not work. Coming from a customer service provider myself, things should be done at all cost in any way possible. Even if it means sacrifice on their end just to retain their business. Wire transfer will be a good idea, and they should waive the fee, too.

The problem is not with

The problem is not with PayPal as a whole, but rather with their crediting of funds to our account. So while our and your PayPal accounts are both still fully-functional, the funds are (for reasons PayPal has not explained) not been credited to our account to send to you.

A free wire transfer is now on offer during the outage. Even if you don't take advantage of it now, I would recommend to everyone to set up this or another alternative withdrawal method, just in case. It's just like your buyer verifying an alternative payment method - no one wants to have to use it, but you'll be glad they had it if a problem ever arises.