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best examples of cheap jobs

yes, there are a lot cheap jobs posted out there. instead of just feeling angry at the cheapskate buyers and the providers willing to be used, and getting frustrated at oDesk for various reasons, why don't you post here any jobs that you think qualifies in the category of "cheap"? we can't do anything about their rates, but at least we have control over our reaction to them. lighten up!

i'll start:

I am looking for someone to help me do the following:

1. Write 1 Press Release Article for a SEO company
2. Create 1 Gmail account.
3. Create 25 accounts at 25 sites I specify.
4. Then, submit my content to the 25 sites I specify.

1. Able to do this within a day
2. Able to deliver promise
3. Lowest bid will always be considered FIRST!


there are a lot more, i'm sure. feel free to contribute!

[ETA: Just post the job descriptions and the budget please. Comments regarding the buyer or the post should not be included. Thanks!]


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One description for all

EXPLOITATION of all who wants to be EXPLOITED....

LOL!!! that takes the pizza and the pie!!

I'd give them this:

fvkn eigjh eirgjheir eefr nerg fge n8rg eijegf efjn efji ehvkcl efmkgh mvorj enfpn ehj dasd fe09g fevon efvoner vsxmergjd f 3rohjve efvjgud efijnhejh edfionefrgj ve ef9iev einve9 sspjf eope-ef efj8e efisbwf een9wfn einvue eie3 me9nerb etc etc

and then tell them, "YOU PAY ME NOW!" Laughing out loud know what?

What I just wrote above...I'd charge at least 2 dollars Laughing out loud

LOL Nice one! ;)

$2 for the energy spent on hitting the keys for that cheapskate's $1/1000-word article.

jesus christ!


i have had my share of job offers similar to these. some days i can laugh about it but some days i go WTF! sigh. whatever.

$1 for 1000 words--apply now! Submitted 07/02/2010

What a Employer Loll z...

Hello! I am excited to begin

Hello! I am excited to begin expanding; it is time for me to add to my team.


You will have to have access to Dial up (this is a MUST, if you have Broadband that will be great as a secondary. But you must have dial up internet or have a phone line to receive it.)
You will need to be comfortable with the internet, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Excel (Google Docs Knowledge is a plus)
You must have the ability to sign up for basic Instant Messaging Accounts (Skype is a must and AOL/or Gtalk) to stay in contact with me.
I would suggest having a Gmail account, as we do most of our documentation through Google Docs.

There is a slight learning curve, but I do have videos already created to help you in the learning process. Once you reply to this posting, I will email you a set of instructions so that you will be able to function on our team. We will interview and decide we are a great fit for each other!

More details to come!

Hourly Rate:$3.00/hr - $3.00/hr Employer Activity on this Job:
Last Viewed: Today
Candidates:3 (avg $2.48/hr)

Get real I can goto McDonalds and get paid more, and the poor americans biding this job what are you thinking. This is an example of a cheap buyer who is trying to get around the federal goverments min wage..... he should be shoot... or at least banned from oDesk....

Minimum wage laws do not apply to freelancers

Raymond Shell wrote:
This is an example of a cheap buyer who is trying to get around the federal goverments min wage..... he should be shoot... or at least banned from oDesk....

here is some info and links in a 2008 post . The never ending complaint by those who do not know to ask for and get a living wage as a freelancer.

I never said min wage laws

I never said min wage laws applied to freelancers.... I said "here is a buyer trying to get around min wage". Big difference!!!!!!

Any way this is a Coffee Break.......... not looking for a serious debate

i can understand

i can understand providers from developing countries bidding at such a low rate (including the PH of course). but from the US? what can you buy with $3?



Lets see, for $1.27 plus a few more cents tax I can get a burger with cheese, lettuce, tomatoe, white/yellow onions, red onions, pickle chips and pickle strips. Plus as much water as I can drink.

I call that lunch. Should I still be hungry I can get a second one. All for under $3. Should I be interested in a sugar drink (which I'm not), I can buy a large one for... $1.

Where? Jack-in-the-Box.

Not your preference? That wasn't the question.

I also just bought 10 shirts at $2 each. Yes I do live in the USA, in the most expensive state too - California. Are they "name brand"? No. It's called frugal living. It's better than going naked and starving. Your preferences may vary.

are you remotely aware

That by broadcasting these idiotic openings that you are merely giving them "link juice"? In fact when you copy/paste these things into the forum that you're lending credibility to them (not to mention calling them to the attention of providers willing to work for these low wages).

The better option is to apply and tell them why their prices don't make sense (professionally) or ignore them.

These people are not interested in "people" they are interested in their own wallets. Wake up - the more you pay attention them it gives them more impetus to post their stupid requests. Ignore them and they'll either go away or increase their offered rates.


Sadly, I noticed that there

Sadly, I noticed that there are people who still keep spreading the idea of bidding really low in order to get the jobs here. IMO, if we could only zap that notion out of their heads then maybe we could finally convince these cheapskates that quality work doesn't come cheap.

You're right. It's not

You're right. It's not healthy for us to keep complaining and ranting about these job posts and these cheapskate clients. Maybe we should visit the Clients from Hell site and laugh our hearts out there instead. Laughing out loud

yeah, i always

yeah, i always check out that site. it's really funny, and some buyers there sound familiar. Wink the purpose of this thread is NOT to whine. if some posters do so, it's out of my control. this is open to everybody, and all sorts of comments are welcome, even objections and whining.


Clients from Hell and FML are

Clients from Hell and FML are two of my favorite Laugh out Loud sites actually. They relieve me of the everyday stress I get from work. Smile

Well anyway, let's just all hope that present and future buyers on oDesk will be more reasonable with rates and their job requirements. I've seen a lot of degrading and saddening job posts lately, some of which could even make my blood boil.


I actually posted one previously and wanted to post another because it was too horrifying to keep a secret. I stopped with the latter though and haven't posted since. I had nothing better to do since work was done. XD

how does provider

how does provider bashing help? we all know there are desperate people out there who think that being paid any amount at all is better than none. and it is NOT just in the Philippines or India or Pakistan. I have seen US providers/contractors whose hourly rates are less than $1. judging them for the way they value themselves will not work. they have their own reasons. that's just my opinion. if you really want to do that, you can always start another thread.

IMHO (which you don't agree with, but it's okay), posting these cheap jobs is serving its purpose. buyers (okay, employers) who see their jobs posted here (they are NOT identified either through links or names) will hopefully realize that they are being exploitative. i can say it, because i have seen one of the jobs posted here updated in the jobs board. the rate was raised 300%.

your comments and objections to this thread have been noted. thanks for sharing them. but since this is in the coffee break section and it's not violating the TOS, let's carry on.



US rates are seriously messed up with $1400/month mortgages. We're in the middle of an artificial housing mess. Certain other expenses are equally warped. What's the average cost of living in the Phillipines and Pakistan?

Please stop editing your posts

In order to keep this topic at the top. It is annoying and bad forum behaviour.

Posting other users personal

@margaretphillips. Posting other users personal information in public forums also a bad forum behavior and its very annoying than this .check what happened to that posts Laughing out loud

So long as users don't link

So long as users don't link to the job posts, post any user's contact details or names, make racist or otherwise harassing remarks or violate any other forum policies, I can't stop you from ranting. Some shared griping can be good for the community - and it's far more productive to keep gripes of this type in a single thread that to keep posting new ones. If you don't like that, you're perfectly aware that's what this thread is about and I recommend you stop checking and participating in it. You don't have to like what others are saying, but there's really no reason to argue about it here.

Please Keep this thread alive

I would like to thank all of you who are activly particapating in this this thread. Even those of you who have negitive things to say in regards to this thread. While Doreen is correct we are providing an outlet for the providers who want to bid on cheap jobs to find them, I have noticed a drastic drop in deadbeat providers bidding in my job field. They are two busy chasing the the $1 per hour jobs.

This thread has kept them busy. Good job all.

While we still see a few people jumping in our catagories with $2 and $3 bids, I have noticed that several providers have raised their min rate and are bidding much closer to real values, again this has to do with these post, a few of the providers that have raised their rates have been active in this thread and other like it.

While this is not the most popular conversation in the forums, I personally have seen some improvement( only in the catagories I bid for, I don't look at other catagories)

Recently I got offered a contract at my rate, most bids where fairly close according to the buyer, and only two at $3-$4 dollars per hour. The buyer said she immediately discarded thos bids, it was obvious to her that they had no idea what she was looking for or what was involved, if they were bidding so far out of the what she precieved the industry standard to be based off the bids she recieved.

I had to turn down the job, I don't work for Adult content sites, or Affiliate marketing sites that sell "get rich on the internet" programs. But I was happy to hear that buyers are getting a good understanding of what is involved.

Cheap Providers Beware: The market place is on to you, and Quality buyers are here looking for "Saving in tight economic times", but they do not want to throw their money away on people "who do not understand the intregicies" of the business, and can not provide results.

As one buyer told me last week, "if I am getting zero results at $1 per hour, my ROI is still ZERO, I need results in order to keep my business going; not cheap labor"

Good Job to all those who particapate!

i know that others

i know that others may not agree with us, but i agree completely with what you're saying, raymond. if, as a result of this thread (an assumption), one buyer changed the rate 300%, then this thread has served its purpose. may other such buyers (and contractors) be enlightened as well!


In Writing and Translation

"Title of the job: 500 words = $0.75

This is just for beginners. I have a lot of projects here which have higher pay.

You should be very well versed in english and have at least a college student."

Ah! and apparently the job is for 30 hrs+ per week.

And there are four interviews already!!


okay, so it seems dollar jobs are now expensive eh? they keep going lower and lower?


Waiting to see!

I know this is coming and just waiting for someone to find it and post it.

Wanted New oDesk provider to provide:

To quality Writing.

Some marketing,

And, update my website, you must know CSS.

Perfect English and Grammer required!!!!!

I want only new providers with no hours. I am willing to give you a chance! The oppurtunity to prove yourself.

Pay will be Zero, but if you do well, I will give you great feedback to help get you started!

Oh man, whoever does attempt

Oh man, whoever does attempt to post something like this should get thrown with rotten tomatoes.

Not before they got swamped with bids, I bet


hey, who knows?

hey, who knows? somebody might really post this. it's a barter right? feedback for free work? a newbie who comes here and applies for jobs before reading the TOS will not know that an unpaid project will not show in his/her work history. i bet this hypothetical buyer does, though. Smile


of course

Dear Provider,

Your feedback does not show because you didn't work enough hours. Please provide me 40 more hours at our agreed upon rate, and that should fix everything.

"Your Friend"
The Buyer

If flagged, this hypothetical

If flagged, this hypothetical one would definitely be taken down.

I'd like to believe that no one would fall for it though Sad Any job with less than $1 paid doesn't even count in your feedback history.

here is one

"I am looking for People who can do blogging, Press Releases, Social Bookmarking, website promotion for me. I will pay $3.33 per hour 15 hours per week. So 3 hours per day, 5 days per week. You must be fluent in English and be able to write grammatically correct sounding sentences, have a working knowledge of SEO and keyword density in the text that you write. You must be a fast typer so that you are efficient in your time. We will expect to see links to your postings etc. If you are good after one week we will continue to use your services."

This doesn't look so bad right, at least not up front! I made the words "press release" in bold for a reason. I belong to two press release services, my monthly bill is $987/ month. At $45/ week I wouldn't even submit one press release in a week, let alone all the other crap.

There is a reason the going rate for a press release in $100, they cost us a furtune to get published!


Raymond you are so right -- I avoid press releases because I do not do a good job of them. But even the social networking - I charge upwards of $25 an hour for those services and I get it too. I manage several Twitter accounts and my clients don't bat an eye when they get my invoices for the time I spend!

If he wants to pay $45 a week he *might* get an hour of social networking and *maybe* a 400 word article out of me (stress maybe)


Heres a new one. Hi, I need a

Heres a new one.

Hi, I need a professional looking logo for my site. My site is about sell gold online. Logo should include name of the website. More details when the person will have the job. I will pay 10$ for the project and if I will not happy with the design, I can ask you to re-design the logo.

Logo for Gold seller with a $10 budget. Sad
Can it get much worse?

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

yep, it can

yep, it can get worse. like when the buyer asks you to redesign 2x more because he didn't like it. Laughing out loud


Yep, and you know he is going

Yep, and you know he is going to use all of them. He just needed a tad difference between them to put on his multiple sites. He can't have them being copycats, can he?

This one has to be the winner:

- Est. Budget: $50
- Posted 8 hours ago
- 2 Interviews


I need a article writer who can write short articles with quick turnaround time. The articles will be short and will pay 60 cents for each article. Each article will have a minimum 300-350 words.

less than

one cent per word....

less than

one cent per word....

write a 58-pg ebook for a whopping $3!

I need someone who can format and write books, a minimum of 58 pages using Private Label rights material and researched information from the internet. You do not have to write or author the book in your own words. I have a word template software program, you basically cut and paste content and email the books to me.

The books will have a Table on Contents, chapters, conclusion. You can produce one book in less than one hour I can take 8 per day and will pay $3.00 per book. I would like to see some of your work especially your english sentence structure, these books will be sold mostly in the US. This is a long term position. Based on your quality.


wow, an ebook for $3? this really is the pits!


can it

be a picture book?

I like this part best: "You

I like this part best: "You can produce one book in less than one hour I can take 8 per day and will pay $3.00 per book."

Um, I can?

Heck, I can't even copy and paste that quickly! Laughing out loud

melisande is right

melisande is right. even if it were a picture book, you can't produce one in an hour. according to the employer, you have to research, format, etc. but it also says you can cut and paste from PLR articles... i wonder how the product will turn out? maybe it's similar to spinned articles... but then, it is to be sold in the US? i'm hopelessly confused! Wink


video editors, anyone?

how much is the standard rate for video editors? and one that has/uses a Mac?


Video Editor Prefer Mac Expert

I need a great Video Editor.
Please bid not more than $2 please.


insanity i've never even been


i've never even been able to afford a mac!

this one just....





I've seen how people edit videos and it's really hard work! Shock

not to mention

not to mention requiring a Mac. not a lot of people own that. and those who do own one certainly would not want to work for $2/hour. Laughing out loud


ODesk is eslavery.

ODesk is eslavery.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

I saw the first work for free Job Post!1

This Employer actually had a post that said you must work for free for one week so that I can decide if I want to hire you. oDesk, made him change it to at least $1 per hour. Either way he is cheap here is the link, everyone with some spare applictions apply for the job at $1000 per hour, and tell "Bite it cheap a**"

*removed by admin*