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best examples of cheap jobs

yes, there are a lot cheap jobs posted out there. instead of just feeling angry at the cheapskate buyers and the providers willing to be used, and getting frustrated at oDesk for various reasons, why don't you post here any jobs that you think qualifies in the category of "cheap"? we can't do anything about their rates, but at least we have control over our reaction to them. lighten up!

i'll start:

I am looking for someone to help me do the following:

1. Write 1 Press Release Article for a SEO company
2. Create 1 Gmail account.
3. Create 25 accounts at 25 sites I specify.
4. Then, submit my content to the 25 sites I specify.

1. Able to do this within a day
2. Able to deliver promise
3. Lowest bid will always be considered FIRST!


there are a lot more, i'm sure. feel free to contribute!

[ETA: Just post the job descriptions and the budget please. Comments regarding the buyer or the post should not be included. Thanks!]


Vote Result

Score: 8.8, Votes: 44
100 pages for $30!

I just received a job invite:

I need a quick ebook to be done by 11/14/11 by a talented and efficient writer.

What I need for you to do is to produce a 100-page (more or less) ebook. You can re-write from existing content or write about something you know a lot about, but what I want to see is basically the 100-page ebook.

IMPORTANT: The ebook has to be ORIGINAL content. NO CUT AND PASTE JOB. Higher the quality of this demo work, higher the chance of you being picked for the project.

Even though this is a test job, you will be compensated with $30 to accomplish this task. If you are selected, you will be compensated a significantly higher pay for the upcoming various projects.

So *even though* it's a test job, I should be grateful to receive $30 for a 100-page ORIGINAL ebook yeah? And what's a "significantly higher pay"? From $30 to $60? Gods, where does oDesk pick up these kinds of people?????



Just when you think you have seen it all.......

Fixed price job to write 1,500 articles of 150 words. Must have perfect english and grammar. Price....$250.00 or $.16667 per article.

A great opportunity

I was very impressed with this one:

The pay’s not the greatest, but this is your chance if you are new to Odesk to show off your grant research and writing skills and get your career started on Odesk. There are 152,000+ Writer on Odesk currently and many of those already have a track record. You could sit and wait for months for your first job or you can make an initial sacrifice and get started now.

I need a Grant researcher and writer. You must have an Odesk score of 80%+ for this job. I would also like to see samples of past grants and if they were awarded.

The job consists of researching foundations that would be applicable to that needs these grants. Write proposals, any cover letters and applications that might also be needed for each request. There might also be minor revisions per the grant. Must submit at least 15 (but limited to) grants.

1. --details deleted--

You must be dependable, so please know that if you accept this contract, I will expect you to commit to the entire project within a 120 hour deadline. You will be required to provide an update every 24 hours until completion. If you do not, I will cancel your contract and give you negative feedback.

If you fulfill your contract and I'm pleased with your work, I have no problem giving you an excellent review and maybe even a bonus upon the awarded grant or grants!

Budget - $30

yes a good one and I bid on it!

My bid $15,000

Another good one

Saw a really good one for someone looking for a bunch of academic research with a budget of $10.00. The funny thing it was a college assignment (looked like graduate school), they actually posted the assignment from the syllabus, which was not too smart because at the bottom was the teacher's name and email address. I sent the professor a email with the link to the job post as well as a copy of the assignment. Hopefully they will throw the cheater out of school for a honor violation.

I did that

I did that before too. But the professor never answered LOL Have you reported it to Support? I always did before but I got tired of it. Seems nobody's really screening out these jobs before they're posted (or even after they're posted). I didn't see why I had to keep policing the jobs board for nothing.

I did that

I did hear back from the professor thanking me for letting him know about it and he has the university investigating it. My guess is that they will catch the person involved because the professor was really angry about it and it will not be too hard to determine who was involved. My guess is that the person involved will get thrown out of school for this. I did not contact support because it is a waste of time.

Saw another good one today!

Sales and marketing consulting for someone operating a telephone "fortune telling business". They are paying $25.00 for a fixed price contract. I looked at their website and they charge $120.00 per hour. Unbelievable, could not make this stuff up if you tried.

Update- Saw a job looking for 4 articles requiring research of 1,000 words each. Work is to be published under the job poster's name and you will give up all rights to the work. Budget $5.00. Best part is that they wanted it to be 100% original work and the contractor will agree to indemnify and hold harmless the job poster and agree to pay all legal fees for associated with the work and any potential copyright issues. I almost choked on my water when I read it.

Did you apply

Did you apply? Laughing out loud

There's this employer

There's this employer who seems absolutely fed up with his contractors. In his job post, he said

Read this before you apply.

I have had very bad experience with people who apply and promise everything. They work for 3 to 4 days and then vanish. I have hired 13 contractors over the past month and a half and have fired 8 of them with negative feedback.

Do not apply if:
• You are going to work for a few days and then disappear.
• You are an agency and intend to give the work to somebody else.
• You don’t have the skills required.

I am looking for a long term working relationship. If you are on Odesk for a few days just to make some extra dollars for a couple of weeks, then this job is not for you.
I am sorry for being so blunt but I value my time.

He had 4 feedbacks with an average of 1.55. I looked at how much he was paying his contractors: average of $1, and he was even paying one $0.17/hour. He was so angry that that particular contractor didn't do the job well and he had to pay for 32 logged hours for a grand total of $5. Go figure.

This guy must be out of his

This guy must be out of his mind.

Candidates with $0.20

Candidates with $0.20 including oDesk fees will be preferred. Very much easy task.
New oDeskers are welcome..!!

What's so sad about this is:

125 (avg $2.12/hr)
7 (avg $0.18/hr)

You are right

Janeth, you are right of course. I've seen some pretty horrific postings over the last month, some of them paying a whopping .13 for 100 words and saying "must be a professional writer and you'll only be paid if the work is accepted".

This is really discouraging - and honestly with so many of the sites who were previously accepting work for decent up front money drying up, don't expect that the writing rates will get any better.

The plus side of that: I only applied for a couple of jobs and one I didn't even apply for didn't bat an eye at my rate

I have a half of mind to give this "BMR Writers - long term work" guy a big piece of my mind but I couldn't be nice enough about it to risk having my account suspended Wink. The headlines on some of these should say "hiring slaves" if you can't live on 8 dollars a day we don't want you.

Good to see you

Good to see you back, Doreen! The rates here are continuously declining. I wonder if things will ever pick up for us writers. *sigh*

Probably not

Google hit every writing site pretty bad. People who were making hundreds of dollars a week on Demand Media are now relegated to finding one or two 15 dollar articles a week most likely it's going to get worse, not better as more writers are out here trying to scoop up work. Even sites I earn really good money on are very competitive right now, the fastest to the draw wins the title Sick not good

since when did full time mean six 9 hour days a week?

Job Description
We are looking to hire a graphic designer, you MUST have the below qualifications or please DO NOT apply. Thank you.

1. you are ready RIGHT NOW to work full-time (9hrs/day mon-sat)
2. you are looking for a long term relationship with a company that can build and last
3. you are a hard worker
4. you have 3+ years experience in graphic design work
5. you have experience with web graphic design work.
6. you are willing to work with our company for a minimum of a year.

If you meet all these requirements please apply for this job. This job pays $75 USD/per month

**YES, you read correct.. 6 days a week, 9 hour work days... $75 a month? (and he'll probably take a low bidder).**

I hope I see

I hope I see that employer soon here in the forums, complaining of his contractors ripping him off. After all, he's paying them an über-generous amount of 35 cents/per hour! Gosh!

It just needs shortened

I've edited it.

Louis Duncan wrote:
Job Description
DO NOT apply. Thank you.

lol, that's a fitting job

lol, that's a fitting job description

Now I've seen it all!

Now I've seen it all!


Seeking an editorial intern for a maximum commitment of 10 hours per week (over 3-5 days/week) for a start-up beauty and style site/blog with major celebrity pro participation.

Responsibilities would include:
Posting links on social networking sites to promote Cover Look Collection how-to's and giveaways.
Blog posts when you review products for the site
Actively promoting the site in new places online
Light research online, link placement and Google Docs use
Other tasks as needed

Must be:
Detail-oriented and reliable
A fast learner
Stylish and creative
Enthusiastic about style and beauty
A competent writer and good speller with a command of the English language and a 'witty personality'
A savvy social networker, preferably with a following
A US resident

This is an unpaid position for six months, however, will include free samples of beauty, style and food products, possible event access, and the chance to grow into a future paid position with good performance.

Work for free for 10 hours a week, for six months, and who knows? You'll be paid soon if you perform well.

At least this scammer is honest, eh?

Please say you flagged this.

Please say you flagged this. Smile

I've encountered an employer

I've encountered an employer who wants a free trial for one month and I thought that was the worst. Now I know I'm wrong.

It is still up

I just looked and the post is still showing up and has a number of bids on it, including some from the U.S. They are interviewing someone at just over a $1.00 per hour. Unbelievable

I thought only third-world

I thought only third-world countries work for near-free salary

What's next.... Get paid after 365 days of work?

I can work free for him only if he'll gift me an apartment in San Francisco or at Hawaii.


Seeking an editorial intern for a maximum commitment of 10 hours per week (over 3-5 days/week) for a start-up beauty and style site/blog with major celebrity pro participation.

Responsibilities would include:
Posting links on social networking sites to promote Cover Look Collection how-to's and giveaways.
Blog posts when you review products for the site
Actively promoting the site in new places online
Light research online, link placement and Google Docs use
Other tasks as needed

Must be:
Detail-oriented and reliable
A fast learner
Stylish and creative
Enthusiastic about style and beauty
A competent writer and good speller with a command of the English language and a 'witty personality'
A savvy social networker, preferably with a following
A US resident

This is an unpaid position for six months, however, will include free samples of beauty, style and food products, possible event access, and the chance to grow into a future paid position with good performance.

With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve. ~Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Why would oDesk even allow

Why would oDesk even allow that post?
Where is the oDesk cut coming from?

Any takers?

Photographer is looking to build and spice up his blog with various blogs about cameras, photography tricks, and Photoshop tricks.

Must have perfect English and grammar.

Payment is 0.01cent per work plus odesk fees.

Please apply with a writing sample.

That just made me laugh out

That just made me laugh out loud. Don't tell me there are applicants.

some things never change -- they get worse

My budget is $0.5/article.
Please be reminded that $75 has included odesk fee already.

I am in need of a writer who can
1.write 450-500 words articles about Vitamins the written articles to my website with images
3.fill in the all in one seo pack form while posting

Points to note:
-3-5 articles to be written and posted per day.
-total articles needed = 150
-milestone payment will be made when 30,90,120,150 articles written
-I will provide you keywords to write on.
-The keyword should appear in the title once
-The keyword should appear in the content for 3-5 times only
-Each article should be posted with at least 1 image
-Use bullet points if possible

Price will be a big concern to me. The project will be awarded to the lowest bidder who can show sufficient ability to handle this project.

Hi, everyone! Just want to

Hi, everyone! Just want to add this to the long list as well. Just seemed a little wrong for me. Smile


About the audio:

* Total audio length is 50 minutes
* Excerpt of a lecture series
* Topic is women's issue related
* Audio is quite clear but it's a lecture, so there are other voices and also music in some parts
* mp3 format

Please only apply if you can absolutely meet ALL the requirements listed below (no exceptions or excuses and these are non-negotiable):

* Honest, reliable and efficient with good work ethics
* Available to take on this project NOW
* MUST be able to meet a strict 24-hr TAT upon award of contract
* Excellent English skills (if you can send me a sample of your work, it will be much appreciated)
* Experience working with accents
* Able to use Dropbox
* Must be able to deliver with utmost speed and accuracy. Need to transcribe it verbatim (minus the uhms and ahms).
* Able to communicate every now and then, as needed. I need updates in intervals of 15 to 20 minutes, since I need to proofread the transcript.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask. I need to make sure all terms and instructions are clearly understood before you start, as I can't and won't pay for your work if at any point, you fail to meet any of the things listed above.

Unfortunately, I can't pay much but I will give you a fair and well-deserved feedback on your work.

:: Budget posted is inclusive of oDesk fees ::

Please put the word "green" at the start of your application, so I'll know that you read this whole thing.

Thank you and good luck!

Definitely flag it. That's

Definitely flag it. That's good feedback for free work Angry

Thanks, Janeth. I did flag

Thanks, Janeth. Smile I did flag it, but I see there are people actually applying for the post. And not just contractors who have no experience, but also a few who has worked hours on oDesk. Sad

Here's a fantastic opportunity

I was also impressed with the poor feedback this buyer left for previous contractors.


Need a writer with PERFECT ENGLISH to do article research, write articles, article summaries, video talk-tracks, and short reviews, etc.

If your english is not PERFECT then please do not waste my time or yours.

Submit several samples of your writing with your application and don't assume that I want to go digging through your portfolio to find it. No links to other websites, etc. Attach a couple samples to the app.

You must have a Skype account and know how to use it. I have consistent, weekly work to be done so I'm looking for someone that can devote 5-10 hours to my account and finish work on a deadline. Here's the package I have done weekly, that you need to bid on:

10 500-Word Articles (you research)
50 Re-Write titles for ea. article (10 art's x 5 add'l titles for ea.)
20 Comments- (2 for ea article x 10 art's; 1-2 sentences ea.)
3 500-Word Pages (you research)
13 Article Summaries (3-4 sentences)
1 Video Talk-track (about 250-300 words)
24 Citation/Reviews (2-3 sentences ea.)

I am currently paying $189 for this package but I have too much work for her to do. If your bid is over $189 I will not consider your app.

This is a WEEKLY project.

English To Spanish translator - I politely declined

I will give you a zip file with folders on it, on each folder you will find html files that needs to be translated, please keep the original structure of the file, do not copy from microsoft word text to there as it will destroy the structure of the file and i could not use it - you can use utf-8 editor like editplus. You will do the proofread as well.

I ~counted and there is something like 48,000-50,000 words to translate, you will get to see the files before and count yourself.

I expect to pay 350$ for this job

job time - 10-20 days tops.

0.007 is a fortune compared to this...

Translation work from English to Spanish

We are looking for people to add to our team of translators.

Job consists on the following:
1- Translate documents which have 5,500- 6,000 words.
2- You have 5 days to finish the job
3- We´ll pay you USD 15 for every document translated.

(3.99) 9 feedbacks
Total Spend: $6,239
Hours Billed: 2,326
Jobs Posted: 45
Hires: 24
Open Jobs: 1
Current Team Size:7
Yep, that's $0.0025/word...

How about this one? "Hello,

How about this one? Wink

"Hello, I´m looking for a coach or manager. Your task will be easy. I have a plan how to run my business and I need a supervisor who will control me every day.

- we will setup a business plan
- you will just control me

1 USD /Day - I will add more if you will be effective and help me to reach my goals."

LOL I bet

LOL I bet there were a few applicants for this already? Wink

I can't believe this

We're an English as a Second Language(ESL) organization that provides conversational classes/sessions online using live video.
Our program focuses purely on practicing speaking and conversations. Our concept is that by committing to practice speaking everyday for at least 1 hour, students can improve their english significantly within as short as 7 months.

We're looking for ESL teachers who can tutor American English conversations to a group of students online(roughly 10). You must have a broad knowledge about many topics, be a conversationalist, fun, easygoing, and nurturing. You must be able to motivate students to practice with you everyday. Every session must be interesting, and not be boring.
If you have an American/Canadian accent, it's a plus.


- High Speed Internet Connection
- Must have a Headset with a working microphone
- Must have a webcam

All applicants must provide a video of yourself. Please include your educational background, Past related jobs and your skills and capabilities of teaching to students.

Required Rate: $0.40 - $0.50 bids above this rate will be automatically declined.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Skills Required:
english, video, teaching
Employer Activity on this Job:

Last Viewed :
10 hours ago
9 (avg $1.51/hr)
1 (avg $0.56/hr)

1 million targeted followers for $50


Project Description:
( You will NOT get access as an administrator to our T F Page or backend. )

If you can get us 2,000,000 Twitter Followers between 2 Twitter accounts, please submit your offer.

Project should be completed within (30 days)


- All Followers must be from people who have at least 25+ friends in their Twitter page.

- Please use ONLY legal and legitimate practices for inviting people to follower our page, You will not be paid if the Twitter account is banned/deleted.

- If our website gets banned for too many followers too fast you won't be paid.

- All followers must be REAL people with active twitter pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon - NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!

- All fans who followers our page must have status updates that go back minimum of 5 days. We will check every profile, and if there is any spam detected we will cancel the project.

- followers can be ONLY from US, CANADA, AND UK

- NO bots, NO Blackhat techniques, NO Farmville or any other game
- NO spammers or distasteful, illegal or plain sick profile pictures..
- NO pornography, NO anything inappropriate.
- You must use good practices when gathering followers.

- Proof of prior work will be advantageous, esp. with references.

- 100% confidentially is required.

- You will be paid only for those followers that remain active after 30 days.

- Any followers that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.

- Please use only good practices for inviting people to followers our entry.

-US,UK,AU,CA,NZ followers only.

If you have previous experience in doing this please provide details of the Twitter account.

Must send us sample profiles for which works was done.

( ## Please provide what techniques you will use to generate fans ## )

• You are bidding on specified payment terms.
• Minimum of GOLD MEMBERSHIP will be required with good reviews.


You will get paid as follows...
No Upfront Payment, No Milestone.
100% payment will be pay when end of the project after 30 days there are 2,000,000 Twitter Followers from the countries listed above.


REPLY WITH THE NAME ''FERRARI'' So I know you have read the full requirements

MINIMUM BID ACCEPTED ( BID PRICE FIX $50 per million followers)


He want 1 Million targeted US,UK,AU,CA,NZ fans who have at least 25+ friends (this silly person don't know the difference between followers and friends) for $50 within one month (which is almost impossible) without giving admin access. He'll pay after 30 days and he need serious bidders.
My bid $20,000 for 1 million targeted followers Smile

With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve. ~Mohammad Ali Jinnah


LOL I wonder if there's one desperate enough to apply seriously? if you take these job posts to heart, you'd get really frustrated in oDesk. Laughing at them is the way to go.

The best part is that people

The best part is that people are willing to complete that project "within one month" in $40 *scratching head*

oDesk is full of "I want a slave" type of jobs.

With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve. ~Mohammad Ali Jinnah

$1-$3 must be on Skype and gchat 24 hours a day!

Project manager / consultant needed for growing venture. Your job will include research, ideas, writing, plans, testing, skype video and voice chat, and communications.

You MUST have 10/10 English Grammar skills.

You MUST be signed online to skype and gchat 24 hours a day.

Skills Required:
research, writing, video, english, grammar
Preferred Qualifications:
Hourly Rate:
$1.00/hr - $3.00/hr



Ana Harris wrote:
Your job will include research, ideas, writing, plans, testing, skype video and voice chat, and communications.
Hourly Rate:
$1.00/hr - $3.00/hr

The perfect candidate:
- will also be able to perform magic tricks with onion;
- will have a decent tenor voice;
- is willing to perfect their teleportation skills;


/// Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it's the courage to continue that counts.

Quote:Job Description I need

Job Description

I need a drupal Expert.

Please only apply if you can accept 1.00USD per hour



Need strong individuals that can deal with my demands and not be offended by my strange questions regarding the internet...good or bad

Please take the Drupal Tests on Odesk and PHP test...

Please only apply if you can accept this offer at 1.00USD/hour for 5 hours per week..

Lifetime position if you do it right and answer my questions WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

I have a lot of hours to offer if you do your job right and answer my questions.


Skills Required:
drupal, php
Client Activity on this Job:
Last Viewed :
1 day ago
10 (avg $3.89/hr)

I almost wanted to apply just so I could tell him (or her) that s/he has been judged. They have been judged and all the little applicants who fell for it have been judged.


Wow, what a generous offer! A lifetime position too! I wonder what those "strange questions" are? I almost wish you'd apply so we'd know Wink


Job Description
Ghost Writer-Editor-Creative Consultant Required-Artist-Creative “Jill-of-all-trades” required.

This is going to be a very fun job in women’s fashion. This job has several elements, first we’ll do an eBook give-away item, second we’ll publish individual articles to be published on a blog and third we’ll create an eBook to sell.

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN…. That you’ll want to work for FREE…. BUT WAIT.. There is MORE… Not only will you NOT work for free but I’ll pay you ABOVE AND BEYOND the price we agree to on oDesk. Why? How? Well… here is the deal…. I want you to do an EXCELLENT JOB on this project; I want it to become a passion for you. So in return I’m going to pay you an ongoing commission on the eBook that’s sold. Why? Because if you have skin in the game it will mean more to you which of course will mean more to me.

So I can’t lay out the entire plan here… but basically it’s going to be a “HOW TO DRESS FOR YOUR SHAPE” sort of series, let’s call that two complete eBooks, one give away and one to be sold and let’s say something like 19 to 25 articles that will need to be fairly comprehensive, let’s say 700+ words each. So here is the good news you’ll receive an incredible amount of reference material from me to use and digest. You’ll not have to research anything on your own, everything I present to you will contain all the info you need to write the project.

If you can draw, add pictures or make things look pretty all the better. Feel free to bid and chat me, wow me and I’ll try to wow you… if we go wow-wow together it will be a great project.

USA based preferred and I do not pay in advance, check my stats if that bothers you.

Skills Required:
ebooks, ghostwriting, drawing, writing, english, grammar, research

Budget - $75

One thing

One thing I do: if the job description is very long, I don't bother to read it. Can you imagine if you think you're the right fit for the job? You get excited, and then you see the budget... So I just scan how much they are willing to pay, and 9 out of 10, the amount is ridiculous.

We have all

We have all been complaining about bottom feeder rates. Well, how about this one? This really takes the cake!


1 book and a few chapters of another book needs to be reviewed.
(emphasis mine)

And of course, there are bidders too! Unbelievable.

Nice! ME wants it! On a

Nice! ME wants it!

On a serious note, you did flag it right?

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