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best examples of cheap jobs

yes, there are a lot cheap jobs posted out there. instead of just feeling angry at the cheapskate buyers and the providers willing to be used, and getting frustrated at oDesk for various reasons, why don't you post here any jobs that you think qualifies in the category of "cheap"? we can't do anything about their rates, but at least we have control over our reaction to them. lighten up!

i'll start:

I am looking for someone to help me do the following:

1. Write 1 Press Release Article for a SEO company
2. Create 1 Gmail account.
3. Create 25 accounts at 25 sites I specify.
4. Then, submit my content to the 25 sites I specify.

1. Able to do this within a day
2. Able to deliver promise
3. Lowest bid will always be considered FIRST!


there are a lot more, i'm sure. feel free to contribute!

[ETA: Just post the job descriptions and the budget please. Comments regarding the buyer or the post should not be included. Thanks!]


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Umm...nope. Laughing out loud

My application's in already

I bid low though. I said I'd accept ONE free book. I think this wonderful opportunity is in the bag.

Not if one of them monkeys

Not if one of them monkeys with low self esteem bid half a banana!

oDesk Forum Moderator

Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...

He's on a diet

Anyway, I suspect that half a banana is worth more than either of the two free books. Probably a better read too.

Very funny

Very funny. I mean I usually ignore the hundreds of cheap jobs out there, but this caught my eye:

I have a client, who has had a major breakthrough in the theory of gravity and needs his discovery published and communicated to the major scientific publishers and institutions worldwide.

We have the discovery in a pdf file that can be hosted in a sort concise website.
He needs someone to do the work of promoting his new discovery/theory to the public etc.

2 (avg $1.95/hr)

A breakthrough in scientific discovery eh? And then getting $1 workers to promote it? Good luck!

That's hilarious

probably just discovered gravity

He was

He was probably sitting under an apple tree Laughing out loud

Waiting for them to fall. Next week...

....he'll discover how to pick them.

His next discovery will be

His next discovery will be worms in apples.

Well, I will let him discover that, but I put a limit on him claiming to have
discovered 'homemade apple pie', my mom did that.


just stumbled upon this one

Open 30,000 URLs and punch phone number from the opened websites into our web scheme. We believe this task should be finished within 100 hours effective work. And that the fixed price bid should be less than 10 dollars. If you get this job and are able to deliver and want to continue working on this project we can secure you full time workload as long as you want. This is an easy job, over 750 have been done already.
Check the attached file for guideline.
New to Odesk are welcome,
5 Star feedback.


phew.. thanks to the Almighty 750 are already done... that's a big help for sure

So they'll

So they'll pay a maximum of 10 cents per hour? How generous of them!


so generous I almost fell. I was going to apply but then realized that with 750 already done the job was almost completed. Didn't want to steal any money, you know Tongue


just stumbled upon this one

Open 30,000 URLs and punch phone number from the opened websites into our web scheme. We believe this task should be finished within 100 hours effective work. And that the fixed price bid should be less than 10 dollars. If you get this job and are able to deliver and want to continue working on this project we can secure you full time workload as long as you want. This is an easy job, over 750 have been done already.
Check the attached file for guideline.
New to Odesk are welcome,
5 Star feedback.


phew.. thanks to the Almighty 750 are already done... that's a big help for sure

Wait, What?

I couldn't believe it when I saw this. Is this a freelancing site or a dating service? Oh, yeah, and it is an "Executive Assistant" position.


Job Description

I need someone to send me text messages and flirt with me.

I am testing this out to see how witty and fun of a text messager you are. If you are really fun I will hire you to flirt with a number of my hottest girl friends.

Note--you will be a ghost writer and you will build my value in these girl's eyes by selling my brand (which is myself) to them. They will think I'm wealthy, confident, and extremely charming.

To audition for the job, just start flirtin' with me. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (phone number. I wonder if this wasn't included if it would have been left open)

Yikes! So

Yikes! So pathetic!

I'll spell it out.

Its some pathetic guy who's going to do his business (you know what I'm talking about) while he reads these posts and lets his imagination run. ICK!!

This platform is turning into a virtual whorehouse.

One word...


-- Looking for a blogger

-- Looking for a blogger --
You will be posting about technology and you will write roughly 2,000 words every week spread throughout all four accounts. Topics can included anything about the iPhone, Apple, Android, Google, Yahoo, Samsung, Motorola, or any other tech-related topics. The content must be original and Copyscape passed. For managing and posting on 4 accounts, you will be paid $10 every week.

$10 for 2,000 words Stare

With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve. ~Mohammad Ali Jinnah

For here, on oDesk,

That's a high-end job. Wink

Very tempting 3$

Very tempting 3$ job


Hi everyone, I wanna collect some short videos. What you need are: a camera. a landscape in your city and you (or anyone else, no age limitated) The video should be shooted in front of a building or a street which is represented your city. The details are: you or anyone else should stand in front of the building or a street,and you should say something at least one minute. The content you are supposed to say will be sent to you if you are interested in it .I will pay you 3 dollars for this one-minute video.



This is frigging ridiculous

******Advertizing Campaign Creator*******
Hourly - Est. Time More than 6 months, As needed - Less than 10 hrs/week - Posted 40 minutes ago

Job Description
Do you see yourself as someone who can come up with creative advertizing ideas?
If yes, u got the job!
We are a young and dynamic company that dealing with healthy living, healthy products and raw food. We are looking for someone with lots of ideas in his head to write an advertising campaign (An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication)
If you think about yourself as one. Please bit for the position.

You have to have:

• Good skills in personal relations
• Good command over English both verbal and written. We will talk on Skype.
• Please apply for $1-$2 per hour

This a "company" based in the US where B&M advertising directors make upwards of six figures, yet they come HERE because they know they'll get somebody to bid @ $1-$2 an hour.

How frigging insulting can they possibly get?!

****Of course, we all know its really some multi-level marketing guy working out his basement thinking he's going to make a fortune, and they only way he'll make ANY money is to rook some people in to buying and selling his crappy product.

I love how he has to explain (with lousy spelling) what an "advertizing campaign" is.

I am actually

I am actually glad they post their preferred rates there. Saves everyone time from applying Laughing out loud

Aleah, you'll love this.

He posted that job 23 days ago not listing a price with this response:

Last Viewed: 8 days ago
Applicants: 22 (avg $7.48/hr)
Interviewing: 9 (avg $8.54/hr)

The job he listed today with the $1-$2 an hour already has this response:

Last Viewed: 4 hours ago
Applicants: 4 (avg $1.75/hr)
Interviewing: 2 (avg $1.56/hr)

How absolutely (if I say what I'm really thinking I'll get in trouble, but the word rhymes with "cupid") do contractors have to be to even consider that job for that price?!


Sigh. There goes another convert. Some clients do start out paying well (though $8/h for all he's asking for is not good enough) here but when they see all the jobs being posted, they must realize they've hit a gold mine. Oh well.

Aleah, the bottom feeders...

What they don't get is this: the bottom feeder is his/her own worst enemy.

They get paid crap wages ($1-$2 an hour for a job that in this country real advertising people won't to for less than $75 an hour...and that's at the low end) -- and then they want to come here and cry when they get scammed or nobody will hire them for more.

You must be able to

You must be able to demonstrate considerable experience in the editing of Video footage, production of effects, credits, titles, special effects etc
You will be highly competent in

Premiere Pro (or Final Cut Studio for Mac)
After Effects
3d software - Various for product modelling, environment and biological modelling and special effects.
View this site simple project

To be considered for this role you must submit a detailed proposal outlining:
Must provide links to past work history
you must reply with the code (Mediabest) so i know you have review this posting
brief history of you and your skill set
A detailed CV and/or urls showing a portfolio containing at least 10 – 15 projects against each criteria

Hourly Rate: $5.00/hr - $10.00/hr


'Highly competent' in various software such as Maya, Flash, After Effects, Zbrush and more. Detailed CV required. Portfolio with AT LEAST 10-15 projects against EACH criteria. All that for the incredible rate of 5$ to 10$ per hour...?!?

If there is a person who is HIGHLY competent in all the listed software(which is highly doubtful because to be HIGHLY competent in some of the softwares you need to actually spend quite some time, go really deep, even learn at least a scripting language and how to use it within the software and much more), so a person competent in everything listed would have quite some experience as a matter of years and will have been working in movies/tv/studious in order to have this experience with the listed software. Which means this person will charge MUCH more than 10$/hour.

That being said - this client has 3 applicants already at 10$/hour which makes me think neither of them is HIGHLY competent in not even 1 of the listed softwares.

What is this client expecting?

"What is this client expecting?"

Perfection for pennies ...on a silver platter. Wink

When this

When this thread was created, it was a lot of "fun" identifying the cheapest job post in the jobs board. Now it's no longer such a challenge; almost every job post you see is cheap. Sigh.

Quote:If you want to be

If you want to be considered for this job , Prepare a detailed document explaining your basic strategy of chosing a signal provider , Take Zulu as an example

Touch up on these aspects as well : How to make sure that Principal is safeguarded ? ( Risk Management ) , what should be best for a 20 something getting in to investments with about 120k USD

P.S: I might not exactly understand your strategy as I am pretty new to this world of stocks/forex but that is fine . I will see your thinking process and if I am able to conenct with you , I will work with you


Applicants: 98 (avg $19.64/hr)

Interviewing: 13 (avg $23.96/hr)

I read this as asking for free work.
The info asked for would be a good introduction to a Forex web site.

We must unite.

Instead of complaining this to odesk, it would be more helpful if we try something that could unite all the contractors. I don't know how but I think it would be helpful. This is not being so demanding but I just want a fair rate to all the contractors who are just starting to build their good profile at odesk. With this it would be easier for contractors to set a standard rate to the point that we cannot say that it is very low. The problem is, odesk have no power over the clients who post jobs who pays very cheap. If no contractors will apply to this so called very cheap and almost free jobs then, the client will never post a job that offers a cheap rate. But unfortunately, a lot of contractors are digging this kind of jobs which in turn, makes the client be more confident to post more jobs offering a lower rate because of this fact. The ultimatum is to unite all the contractors and set a standard rate/starting rate.

Amateur hour

I need some one to work as my English assistant. You must be experienced in doing each of the following.
writing articles
rewriting articles
posting on forums

I will let you work some hours as a test, if you complete the test assignment successfully, you will be working with me long term.
I will prefer contractor that have experience and bid low. Newbies are welcome if English is your first language and you have the required skills and qualifications.
Skills Required
english editing proofreading rewriting forum-posting
Client Activity on this Job
Last Viewed: 40 minutes ago
Applicants: 9
Interviewing: 0
Applicants (9)

Client's Work History and Feedback (50)
jobs in progress
link builder- Newbies
To contractor: Md.Iqbal Hossain Good job!
Aug 2012 - Sep 2012
23 hrs @ $0.20/hr
Billed: $4.60

Creative Logo Design Help
To contractor: Nikola K.
Sep 2012 - Sep 2012
Fixed Price: $5.00

Link Builder-willing to work long term
No feedback given
To contractor: Jaygard Vios Jaygard is efficient … more
Sep 2012 - Sep 2012
2 hrs @ $1.11/hr
Billed: $2.22

Link building - Long term
No feedback given
To contractor: Mary A.
Jun 2012 - Sep 2012
72 hrs @ $1.44/hr
Billed: $103.44

Website Consulting and maintenance Support
Thanks for hiring me!
To contractor: Hung Pham Thanks!
Jul 2012 - Sep 2012
2 hrs @ $5.56/hr
Billed: $11.12

People -- For god's sakes, look at the client's past billing to see what to expect. This one has hourly billings of $0.20, $1.44, $2.22, and fixed price logo for $5. Who in the hell works for those wages?

AMATEURS! That's who. Sheesh.

And sometimes

And sometimes when you read the comments, the contractors are sooo grateful they'd been chosen for the sub-$1 jobs, as if the client is doing them a favor!

Please do accept my apologies

Please do accept my apologies I am Mr. Messan Johnson Esq from Lome Togo. I am contacting you with regards to my previous mail to you concerning the death of my late client P.B; He bears the same surname with you. After his death I have received several letters from his Bank where he made a huge deposit to provide his next of kin or any of his relatives who can make claim to his funds or it will be confiscated by the bank as it has been unserviceable for years now. I have conducted my personal search to see if I can make contact with any of his relatives but without success, it is in this course of my effort that I have to contact you . I have closely checked and since you bear the same surname with my deceased client it will be better I present you to the bank as the heir and the right beneficiary to his deposit of ($13.5million) dollars as I have all legal documents to support and back you up until this fund is paid to you I need your urgent response so that I will give you the details and modalities of transfer of funds in your name and favor. Kindly Reply to my private email address

This was a job posting?! I

This was a job posting?! I hope you flagged it!

oDesk Forum Moderator

Always reach for the skies, for even if you fall, you'll still be on the top of the world...

sure did.

sure did.

I guess

I guess they've moved on from sending it as an email to posting it as a job. I wonder if anyone applied?

The topic is medicine(medical

The topic is medicine(medical topic), covers several body systems

Follow the source material which is a speaker, speaking for 7 hours. Create animation and video to match the what the audio is saying.


He is posting this job for at least third time and yet he hasn't understood that SEVEN hours of medical animation COSTS quite more than ~$400. One minute of good 3d medical animation will most definitely cost more than 400$... Whoever creates this type of animation would need to know anatomy, medical stuff, etc - and this means a huge research and depending on the type of animation and how complex in terms of medicine is, the animator might need to consult with a graduated person who can explain in details how it should look like.

Even 7 hours of simple powerpoint slides on this subject will cost more than 400$!


Unfortunately, I'm sure there will be people bidding on it. Care to guess how the project will end up? Wink

I care

I care to venture a guess...

He'll get what he's paying for. Be that any amount.

Translation: Asking for free work

The first person who applies to this job with the attached spreadsheet and the formulas I want already completed, I will award the job to them and pay immediately as the work will be completed.

reported as such.

No difference in asking for a free sample.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

We do book, websites, promotions, charity and other things.

We need a persons who is ONLINE hour time +7 thailand time at last few hour a day and that can start edit on DRIVE when needled. Drive is Google prod cut. You need too have top grad in English have a Skyp accounting with online 23/7 per days.

We looking for something with low rate per hour since we want to hire long time under 1 USD would be prefered.

Please write "yellow" in top of your application and correct this text above. We left it for correction.

Quote:We looking for

We looking for something with low rate per hour since we want to hire long time under 1 USD would be prefered.

We are looking for someone with a minimum hourly rate of $20.00 USD.
As this is a long time hire, we would be greatful if you would write
the word 'yellow' on the first line of your app to prove that you are alive.

Yep, I corrected it.

Next time!

Haha damn, I wish I still had it open. I would have definitely applied with the corrected text.

Here's One just posted bout 1 hour ago

"Customer Service Representative!

Fixed Price Project - Est. Budget $5.00 - Posted about an hour ago

Job Description

I need individual contractors with great customer service skills. The main job is to assist customers filling out information online. This is a project based campaign. We'll start for 4-6 hours everyday and 20-30 hours every week. If we have good conversion in a month or so, we can have this campaign into hourly based. So I need contractors who are serious,dedicated,hard working and most of all, you must have work ethics. Please attach your resume and a sample voice recording. Type the word enigma to sort out bogus applicants. Thank you in advance."

20 hours a week or about 80 hours a month at $5.00 for the 1st month that would be $0.0625/hr. if he pays does a milestone payment scheme on weekly basis that would be $1.25/wk...

Got 1 applicant already.

any takers?

Wouldn't even cover the

Wouldn't even cover the coffee that would be required to keep me from biting his head off in the morning. I'll most certainly pass. Stare

This thread is so much fun to

This thread is so much fun to read that it should be published. Any suggestion for the name of this book, if it ever gets published.

This thread

This thread was started almost 3 years ago. Seems nothing much has changed here. Laughing out loud

Should not that be -

Should not that be - Angry

Here's another comedy

Job title: serious writers only jokers keep off

Job description (modified)

lucky today am looking for competent serious and honest writers who are ready to commit to a full time and long term project.want writers who can write on any given keyword and topic/category.payment for the articles is $2 per article

Then the real topper:

[quote]Must agree to the terms -Not committed to any other work[/quote}

So they're saying a min of 3 articles a day - and no other work commitments. I wonder where they think someone can live off $6 a day???? Sick

Really? Really? You'll only get jokers at this rate!