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Faster and More Interactive Provider Search Results

We’ve made looking for providers easier and faster, helping buyers find the talent they need and helping providers get hired!

First, provider search results have a great new look. A cleaner design highlights the information buyers need to easily review their search results. Also:

  • Faster page loads and more interactive filters to quickly narrow search results.
  • Easier navigation to jump to any page in your search results.

Provider search listings will look different and we know change can be jarring. But, we’re confident these changes will make it easier for buyers to find providers. Plus, you should notice search results coming up much faster. We are always working to improve the experience for all of our users. Check out the new provider search results now. If you have feedback on these changes, share it here!

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The old one was far better

The old one was far better than this , where is the primary role of providers ? forgot to include that? why people miss the most important features?

Quote:If you have feedback on

If you have feedback on these changes, share it here!

no reply yet ,You are making job hard for buyers ,not helping us Sad