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Feature Released - User Referral Program

What is it?

oDesk has just launched a User Referral Program to reward existing users for referring friends and colleagues to the site. When a current oDesk member refers a new user -- either a Buyer or Provider -- and he or she spends or earns $1,000 on oDesk, we will pay a one-time reward of $50 to the referring member. There are no limits on the number of friends you can refer to the oDesk site!

How can I join?

If you're a registered oDesk Provider or Buyer, you are automatically enrolled in our Referral Program. Existing users will see a new "My Referrals" tab in their My oDesk interface. This tab gives allows users to invite individual friends through email, or embed a referral link or banner in their emails or on their websites and blogs.

The "My Referrals" tab also gives the details of all referral activity, including the total rewards earned and the amount earned through each individual referral. oDesk will pay the referrer a one-time award of $50 when the new user completes $1,000 worth of work done on oDesk within 2 years of being referred.

How will I get paid?

Easy, the referral reward shows up in the user's weekly timelog and can be withdrawn just like every other payment. At present, Providers will be able to take out this payment as part of their earnings while Buyers can use it as credit towards future work on oDesk. We are working hard to enhance this shortly so Buyers can also take out their referral payments and spend their well-earned cash!

What are the benefits?

We appreciate when users bring their qualified colleagues onto our site and we want to return the favor! We are looking to reward users who bring in other high-quality, trusted professionals to the oDesk marketplace. We have found that referred users are much more likely to be successful on oDesk and improve the overall quality of our network. Increasing our user network leads to more jobs and improves the depth of skills and experience. Users who know and trust each other
are also able to build a stronger work community. 

What will it look like?

My Referrals Tab:


Referral Activity:


Invite a Friend:


Referral Tools:



Note to Affiliate Managers: Adding Affiliate Contractors

If you are an Affiliate Manager and want to add Affiliate Contractors (your employees or members of your Affiliate Company) to the oDesk network, please do not invite them using the User Referral Program.

can add Affiliate Contractors to your Affiliate Company by going to the "Provider Console" section and clicking on the "Invite a provider to
this affiliate link" (see image below).

Please note that this is the only way to automatically add Affiliate Contractors.


Please let us know what you think.


Abid Mohsin

Vote Result

Score: 8.6, Votes: 5
cool feature. I think it

cool feature. I think it will bring more traffic to odesk site, but not sure it will bring good traffic.

If award will be at leas 1% of referred provider income(1% to referer and 9% to odesk) - it will be cool Smile In such way referrer will be interested to build referrals base with providers who will work for a long time.

in first way - referrer interested only in 1000 to earned by referral.

But referral program is COOL in any case Smile

Refferer's Commission

I have put oDesk link to my web site

However, I feel the refferals terms should be reviewed to be on a percentage basis rather than what it is now. Thanks.

does it work?

I have invited a buyer. 2 coders worked 160+ hrs for him within last month. Both coders has $10+ hourly rate, so I assume, the buyer spent more than $1K here (actually, even more then than $2K for present time)

My Referrals \ Activity still shows Amount Billed to Date  - n/a, Status - open.

What is wrong? Where is my $50 ?

On it's way

Alexander B. wrote:

What is wrong? Where is my $50 ?

We confirmed that the referral was made and the buyer has indeed spent more than $1k so we owe you $50. Since we just recently launched this feature, we still have some manual checks in place to make sure everything is calculated properly. These manual checks do delay the payment somewhat - apologies.

You should see the payment available in your account within 2 weeks - appreciate your patience and thanks for referring users.  

Josh Breinlinger


Josh Breinlinger

any news?

Josh B. wrote:
You should see the payment available in your account within 2 weeks - appreciate your patience and thanks for referring users.
I don't see any changes, but if you need more time, it's ok. Just wondering if it works yet.

Hello, We are actively


We are actively working on this issue and you should see the funds in your account shortly. Sorry again for the delay!




No "My Referrals" tab

I'm a provider and don't see the "My Referrals" tab.

What conditions should be met for this tab to be shown?

it got moved to the My Stuff

it got moved to the My Stuff part of My oDesk

Oh, thank you, didn't notice

Oh, thank you, didn't notice that.