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Find the contractor you need – check out our latest enhancements!

Finding the right contractor to work on your job is job #1 on oDesk. We are continuously working to improve how easy it is for you to locate the contractor that best meets your needs. This month, we’re introducing new ways to find contractors scoring in the top of their class, and returning the applicant list sorting capabilities you’ve asked for!

They say they have the skills. But are they top of their class?

The tests contractors take on oDesk help verify a contractor’s skill level. You’ve always been able to see whether a contractor has taken a particular test and what they’ve scored. But now, we’re making it super easy to target your search results to those contractors who have scored well on the tests most relevant to your job.

Now, when you search for a contractor, you can limit your search to contractors scoring in the top 10% or top 30% on any number of tests you specify. You are no longer limited to searching just one test at a time, and we will automatically suggest the top 5 tests for the category you are searching in. Simply select all the tests you feel are relevant, and whether you want to see the top 10% or top 30% of scorers. You will instantly see a list of contractors meeting your test criteria. Try it today!

Sorting is back

We heard you loud and clear: you want to be able to sort your applicants based on rates, feedback scores, hours worked, and when they applied. We’ve put back into place this sorting ability for your applicant list. And, we’re not stopping there. We’re working to give you even more control over how you review your applicant lists. For example, we’re building tools to enable you to set targeted ranges of rates or feedback scores, allowing you to quickly narrow your list to your top candidates. Look for this in the next couple of months!

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Find the contractor you need – check out our latest enhancements

I hope the new enhancements include an upgrade on the listing of contractors so that the names of the same contractors do not appear in several pages of the search.

Find the contractor you need – check out our latest enhancements

I forgot to add, I would like an enhancement that would enable me to filter my search in multiple specific countries, or in 2 or 3 categories and sub categories. It would also be appreciated if multiple emails could be sent from my mailbox and if a search window could be provided in my inbox.

I need more contractor types.

I want to find Electrical Engineers or circuit designers and workers in fields other than Information Technology. I know they are out there just like these programmers and web designers are.

Anna P. - I couldn't agree

Anna P. - I couldn't agree more! The translation tests are so full of mistakes it's a joke. I find it very odd that my language skills are being assessed based on tests of such low quality.

Expert Rating Tests

You have to remember that ExpertRating is selling training and tutoring services at $99 a pop. Does that impact the quality of their tests? Obviously there isn't any incentive to buy training if the majority can pass the tests.

To avoid confusion, and

To avoid confusion, and ensure that on-topic comments are address appropriately, I would request that you not discuss the tests content in this thread.

I can say that some measures have been taken to address test quality (in regards to the reporting and tracking of question-specific complaints which have helped significantly on many of the tests), and that additional measures are planned for research later this year.

I know you personally have

I know you personally have been trying to raise the alert on the translation tests in particular for some time. The measures I mentioned have only begun within the last month or so, and is using new question flags (rather than the backlog of old ones) for it's reports.

But again, I must say *this is not the thread* to be discussing the content/quality of the tests. This post is about the ability to search by a test. Please make a post in the feedback forum (not buried in another thread in another forum) so that you can have a proper discussion on the subject that I can put in front of the appropriate parties.

I was just trying to let you

I was just trying to let you know how to make your feedback more effective. They cannot be combined because searching by test results feature (which this post is about) is handled by a completely separate department than the relationship with the testing partner. Here and in that other thread your comments will not be seen by the managers relevant to the testing partnership. Had you posted it in the feedback forum as I instructed you to do, it would have been.

I do think your comments are important, so please just post them in the feedback forum! If you continue to post about it here despite my requests, I'll be forced to start flagging and having them removed.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!

Can a person search for themselves?

Jacqueline, I tried doing a contractor search based on my own criteria, narrowing it down progressively, including just my full name. No luck. Any reason for this? I tried in several categories too, including Business Plan writing.

Your profile is set to

Your profile is set to private, that's why you cannot find yourself.

This is likely to do with

This is likely to do with profile visibility settings (it seems some users set to users/authenticated only can't find themselves - I've alerted the engineers that this has come up again). I can tell you that it definitely does not have anything to do with the this (not even new) search filter, so I must request that any additional discussion of the topic must happen in a new thread.