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New oConomy

We recently began updating the oConomy, the source for the latest information on the oDesk marketplace. Other than its snazzy updated look, the new oConomy has been designed to surface the most important information, helping visitors get to the latest trends, in-demand work categories and skills, and location-specific data quickly.

What's New

Navigation: The new lefthand nav allows you to easily locate the latest Monthly Reports and directs you to detailed information about the entire Marketplace, Countries, Work Categories, or Skills & Trends.

Blog: The oConomy now features the latest oConomy-focused post from the oDesk Blog. Visit the oConomy home page (or grab the RSS feed) for analysis of oDesk data, highlights on the latest trends, and commentary on marketplace changes over time.

Snapshot: The oConomy home page now features a monthly snapshot, showcasing details from the most recent Online Employment Report.

Map: Want to know how much work happens in your country? Rollover the new map, which compares hours worked by country.

Charts: New easy to read charts with rollover datapoints give you at-a-glance information about the total dollars earned, hours worked, earnings by category of work and most in-demand skills.

No lists: The “highest number of hours” on which the old rankings were based is not a reliable indicator of quality of (or demand for) a contractor or agency's work. So, we’re moving away from the lists, in favor of improved search results to help employers find the top-quality, appropriately-skilled contractors they are looking for.

What's Not
You may notice that some of the deeper pages in the oConomy haven't gotten their snazzy new design yet. Those pages will be updated in the coming months, with a fresh look, some new data, and more useful information to help visitors better understand how oDesk is changing how the world works!

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I like how it was before.

I like how it was before.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

You read me like a disaster

You read me like a disaster novel Sad

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

South Africa

I feel rejected because my country doesn't feature there. Here are quite a few South Africans on oDesk and watch out if we organize a toyi-toyi Laughing out loud

Trojan Horse?

Trojan Horse?

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Nay my friend (or should that

Nay my friend (or should that be neigh).
Toyi toyi is the local lingo for industrial aerobics - which means we come and stamp our feet and dance all over everybody (vodka and all) - we are merciless Smile

And I have a

big black horse but unfortunately I cannot stay put on it, so I'll come in the Gautrain. And I'll wear my cutesy oDesk t-shirt with pj pants.

How about just the pants?

How about just the pants? Tongue

Veni, Vidi, Vici.


I'm decent.

No toyi-toyi necessary

The next change on the oConomy is to represent more countries -- and redesign the country pages to provide more information about contractors and the work happening in each. It may take some time to push all of our desired changes through, but its coming!