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Saved Contractors to have groups or categories

Hi oDesk Community and Team

I was thinking how much easier it would be have the ability to group or catalogue my saved contractors. I spend so much time going through them all, seems to take forever. To clarify, I want to be able to put all my article writers, graphic designers and SEO/Wordpress contractors into skill set groups or similar.

Another task that takes sometime is if I do a new search the "Last Activity" filter needs to be broader as the more than 60 days has quite a few good contractors but I don't want to weed out 2,000+ of them. Maybe we need to have a 60-90 day and a more than 90 day filter. Just because someone has not had work in the last 60 days does not mean they don't want any and I feel that sometime they may get missed. In saying this there are plenty of contractors that have not worked since 2009 and probably don't even have the same email/contact details anymore. Does oDesk have any policies in place for 'culling' inactive profiles?

If anyone would like to add comment in relation to these topics or if you have similar ideas please put them forward so we can be heard.

Kindest regards
Di Smile

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Thank you for the saved

Thank you for the saved contractors feedback. They are looking into doing further updates to that system later in the year.

As for the "activity" I should point out that it doesn't mean "has worked", it means "has had any oDesk activity". That includes applying to a job, accepting an invitation, updating their profile, signing into the Team app, getting paid, taking a test, and (I think) even just logging into to the oDesk website. They may not have had a contract in years, but they'll have shown some interest in our site in the last two months.

Saved Contractor - Groups/categories

Jacqui, thank you so much for your reply.

Thanks for the clarification in relation to the "activity", all the more reason to streamline this area!

I really do hope that something is done, right now I've just wasted an hour looking for people in my saved list, which could have been done a lot more efficently if I had some categories/folders or even a search criteria.


I request that Odesk provide

I request that Odesk provide the ability to SEARCH saved contractors.
I have requested this a few times when in the feedback on ending a contract...And in communications to staff as part of beta projects etc.

let us organize saved contractors!

I totally second the need for some grouping or categorization of saved contractors. I save a bunch, because I want to hire professionals with different skills and price ranges, and soon it became a mess.

Saved Contractors list - Groups/categories

Felipe, thank you for your support on this subject. I'm sure there are many more employers who think the same. I hope they make themselves heard.


Yes!!!!! Please add this feature

I too have a lot of saved contractors and I want to spend a lot more time hiring through odesk and posting job opportunities if I could just spend less time wasted trying to organize my saved contractors.

Currently, I'm just much less likely to save someone because it's too difficult to organize them.

It would be such an easy feature to add. Take a look at the site to see how they allow you to organize photos into "light boxes" and by default it selects the last used lightbox with a drop down list of all of your light boxes.

Just wanted to concur with

Just wanted to concur with the other comments on the usefulness of being to organize "my saved contractors" into groups.


Not being able to sort the saved contractors is a pain in the rear end !! They will keep their head in the sand (PC) until some else comes along and builds a more user friendly interface (MAC) and then wonder what happened !

Great Idea

Hey great idea I have many saved for different categories and it is a pain to sort through them to weed out the ones I need for a specific job.

I agree with this idea 100%

One of the great features of oDesk is the ability to save Contractors.
It is great to be able to make notes, however when once start saving lots of contractors one end up with a list of pages and no way to group the contractors.
I agree it would be great to be able to group by skillset, or be able to tag the saved contractors so a search by tag be performed later.

I second this idea

Great idea

Grouping Of Saved Contractors

I totally agree with this, I'm new to oDesk and I added about 20 contractors then found I could not sort them based on my preference ie High, Medium, low - High being my preferred contractor(s ). I added this preference to the notes, but having to go through 2 or 3 pages to find the one I want for a particular job will be time consuming.

Grouping will help us..

Please consider Smile