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Our New Navigation - A simpler, faster way to use oDesk.

Over the next few days, we will be rolling out a simplified navigation.  The new look is simpler, less cluttered, and makes working with oDesk faster and easier than ever before.

We know you are busy building businesses and taking on challenging work from all over the world.  You need a site that can keep up with you!  Now you'll find that:

  • The site is organized around major task areas (e.g., recruiting or managing a team for employers; finding work or managing your jobs for contractors.)
  • The things you use most often are now easily accessible.
  • You get instant views into new messages and notifications.

To see the new navigation for yourself, log in and look for the "New Navigation" link at the top of the page.   If you don't see it right away, don't worry.  To ensure everything runs smoothly, we're turning this on for all users over the next few days.

This has been in the works for many months and we want to thank all our beta users for your incredible feedback and support.  With your help, we were able to quickly iterate on the design and create a new version of oDesk that is better organized, more intuitive, and really slick to use!

Please note, the new navigation is currently optional.  We wanted to give you a chance to explore the new site on your own time, but we think you’re going to find it an overall easier way to work on oDesk.  If something about the new navigation isn’t easier for you, we want to hear about it. Look for the “Share Feedback” link at the top of every page in the new navigation -- we’ll be using your input to iterate and continually improve the site.  

You'll also see us adding new functionality and updating many other pages in the weeks and months to come - including some new landing pages that will display for each critical task area the most vital information at a glance.

Have questions?  Get more details for Contractors and Employers, including FAQs and a “Where Is. . .” directory.

Have feedback?  Send direct feedback via our survey (see the link at the top of every page in the new navigation).




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It would be very nice to

It would be very nice to include in this update very-very long expected option to hide the links/tabs that are not applicable for current user. For example, when I'm a contractor in a team, I don't need to see "Payments" tab at all -- this is stupid to display it for me at all, just because I can't use it. Why wont you show oDesk admin links also?

Do you mean that as an Agency

Do you mean that as an Agency Contractor you still see the Wallet tab despite not having an active financial account? If so, can you tell me if you're exclusive or non-exclusive?

Finally I've got this new

Finally I've got this new menu activated for me (during the day nothing happened when I clicked the link on top), and I think all my previous complaints finally got result: menu structure looks as expected. So I want to apologize for my first comment, this specific issue seems to be resolved for me -- I had to wait for update activation.

But, I can see some new issues. such as:

1. When I go to the Manage My Team it shows my agency where I belong as exclusive contractor. But when I click Work Diary from that page all I can see is error "You are not invited to any teams."

2. Reports simply do now work, no content displayed on this page. When I try to access the Weekly report directly, it says "You do not have access to this report." Time Analyze and Timelogs seems to work fine when accessed directly.

3. Find Work => Job Applications says "This Page is for Contractors Only". Wow! I am contractor.

4. Find Work => Profile and there are no more 2nd level of menu, only tabs left.

5. My Jobs => Contracts, click on Workdiary and I'm at "Page not found".

Conclusion: feature is very-very incomplete, even for beta.

Haha, it was too ealy to

Haha, it was too early to apologize.

All previous problems are there when I'm in "agency" mode, which was default for top left drop-down.

When I select myself as company things are little different.

Yes, I see the Wallet, and it's page says "You do not have access to an oDesk financial account. Talk to your company manager about receiving payment."

But Work Diary seems to work this way. Reports look fine too.

BTW, what's the point of this select at all? For me, as exclusive provider of agency. These two modes everything pretty confusing, because features split between them.


You're right – thanks for bringing these several bugs to our attention. We have a bug with the company selection for exclusive agency contractors. Will fix soon!

- You're right, you should not see the "wallet"
- You're right, there are several broken links within your Agency that work fine in your own context – the latter is correct


*facepalm* The current system


The current system is far better IMO. Less clicks an far easier.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Understanding new navigator

I feel this is the best way for a new contractor to stay motivated with in there
oDesk experience. I also feel using this will bring more contractors and they will
even keep coming back.

Great test

It is easier to navigate and to see categories of information which was revised to icons. My concern is when I read the info that work diary will be included in my jobs tab apparently its not. As a contractor this is one of the most important aspect for me to see the work diary which serves in a legal sense of way the proof of working in a specific time.

Work Diary linked from Contracts

We agree, reviewing your Work Diary and ensuring all time is correct is a very important part of working on oDesk and ensuring a smooth working relationship.

Your Work Diary is linked to your contract. Select the My Jobs tab and click on the Work Diary in your list of Contracts. The navigation path has changed, but the feature has not.

When is it coming out?

I clicked on the "Test Drive" link a couple of times but not a single new feature comes out. Is it supposed to come out on a later date?

The top navigation should

The top navigation should look significantly different after you opt into the test drive. Some users are finding it doesn't activate for a few hours show up. Please let me know if you don't see the new version still.

I'm able to test out the new

I'm able to test out the new navigation now. I just cleared my browser cache and cookies. Thanks! I like the drop down menu for messages by the way. It saves me from having to keep visiting inbox whenever I receive a new message.

Why has the

Why has the dropdown menu been removed? Now I have to click more times to go to the page I want.

From the Contractor

From the Contractor Navigation FAQs:

Drop downs are being replaced by a more intuitive interface that requires fewer clicks to reach your goal. We'll soon have some new landing pages that will display the most vital information at a glance and make everything you need to do within the Find Work and My Jobs areas quickly accessible. Plus, these changes improve our compatibility with mobile devices.

Team Room and Work Diary

Can't see the team room of provider and also the work diary.

You can only see the team

You can only see the team room (and team member work diaries) if your employer gives you access to it. If you are given access, your employer's company will appear in the top left dropdown for you to select. You access your own work diary in My Jobs.

Don't like it that well

For myself, I prefer the old navigation with it's drop down menus. I find that the new navigation requires me to me 1-2 MORE clicks to get to where I want to go. The work diary especially bothers me. I used to be able to get there in one click, now it takes no less than 2 and it is more difficult to switch between different employers.

I agree

It looks nicer, but without the drop-downs now I'm forced to make more clicks and wait for more page loads. I used to be able to just hover over manage my team and go right to work reports, now that is no more. I would suggest bringing back some drop-downs, and even add more, so that I could get right to the weekly reports without having to click through anything first.

How can I see my old contracts?

I was trying to get in touch with my old employers on previous contracts, but did not see an option available in the new navigation to do so

1) My Jobs > Contracts 2)

1) My Jobs > Contracts
2) Check the box for "Ended Contracts" <-- this is the step that changed
3) Select contract to get to the details page with the send message link

Thanks Jacqueline for the

Thanks Jacqueline for the response - I missed this.

There should be a PEEK system

There should be a PEEK system to watch the Feedback Score of Ended contract. Currently we have to browse ended contract to check the rating and feedback.

Any comments regarding this would be appreciate.


Faisal B.
Lier, Norway.

letter templates

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Please create a way to save template letters for job applications. It's a great way to save a standard letter about yourself that you can modify for each application. I have used this on other sites and it's a great time saver.

I totally support you! Odesk

I totally support you! Odesk people, please hear this woman out!

I'm also with you

When you offer let say 2 types of services and apply on well targeted job offers, you don't basically need new text saying in different words one and the same. What you typically include is "your experience", "what you could help with" and "your availability". It's not spam if you send them one and the same proposal, matching your profile. I really hope they can adopt it.

Dear Odesk, Please bring back

Dear Odesk,
Please bring back the small refresh button at the Work Diary, I don't like refreshing the whole page, thanks!

I second this. The refresh

I second this. The refresh button on the Work Diary is a feature I use regularly when using the site and working on billable projects. I hope you could bring this nifty button back.

There's a different

There's a different announcement devoted to the Work Diary, but I think I heard that the refresh button will be back shortly. There will be an update to that announcement later today.

Yes, Please

Joanna R. wrote:
Dear Odesk,
Please bring back the small refresh button at the Work Diary, I don't like refreshing the whole page, thanks!

I so have to agree...

feedback after intense use

After using this new navigation since it's release, I can say that:

1. I like the way contracts and reports navigation looks like. No more bungling together contracts where I am on the employer side, on both sides or only on contractor side.

2. I don'l like the new team concept, not being able to see the work reports unless we are in the same team. First of all that should be clearly stated. Secondly, people in the same team can still see each-other's print-screens which kinda defeats the whole purpose.

3. A drop down is mandatory. DON'T think aesthetics here, think usability and performance improvement. Not only it will diminish the number of steps I have to take to reach whatever I need, but it will lower the number of server calls and be lighter on your server. Since you are not selling pay-per-impression advertising the idea of pages a user must see is better to stay lower rather than higher.

non payment


I worked in the capchat project with *removed by admin* from June 24-28. Find below their letter sent through odesk:

*removed by admin*




Hi Roger,

I'm really sorry to hear of your plight. Actually, I've seen those jobs before. They appear quite frequently. However, I realized that these employers are actually not willing to pay from early on. I'm sorry to hear that you carried out the job to 5k, only to receive nothing.

My advice to you: Whenever you see these job offers (they all appear in the same format basically) just ignore them. They aren't going to pay you; it's a scam!

You are basically going to have to call this a loss because from what I understand, Odesk cannot help in these matters. They can only guarantee payment in hourly-paid jobs, not fixed-priced.

Wish you all the best with future jobs!

Debbie-Ann Henry

While I am very sorry you

While I am very sorry you worked without pay, there are three serious issues here:
1) They offered to pay you outside oDesk. This shouldn't be optional, and you should have reported them for it. It's an immediate red flag that this employer is a scam.
2) The job is captcha entry, which is nearly always a violation of someone's TOS and therefore inappropriate for our marketplace. Again, this alone would have been enough to have the job removed and the employer suspended.
3) It sounds like you did the work without actually being hired in oDesk, therefore, the employer would have had no way to pay here.

If you have not yet done so, please contact Customer Support to report this employer.

Ok lets sum up= No one likes

Ok lets sum up= No one likes the new system. :/

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Actually, thousands of people

Actually, thousands of people have left oDesk overwhelmingly positive feedback via the new nav survey, and even here on the forums at least a third of the comments have been positive (not all in this thread, of course). Even the number of complaint posts has been relatively small - the community does not hesitate to tell us quite loudly when they see a problem, so in forum terms the response has been unusually positive to this change.

Not friendly at all!

The new navigation system is not friendly at all. Without mouse hover dropdown, I need more click to go to certain areas.

This is the main fault.

Graphics also not looking good and small icons are not good at all!


If there are positive feedback are there then where they are? I am not seeing any positive feedback here!


But I want to admit that new layout and interface of employers is really good. But again navigation is the only part which is not good there too.


Yeah, horrible.

Yeah, horrible.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

As both an Employer and Contractor

I love the My Jobs tab. When I click on My Job-->report I can switch between myself as a Contractor and myself as an Employer. Before, I had to scroll down to get to my contractor time report. I love that both roles are not on the same screen anymore. This is a very good improvement.


hi jacqueline i jst want to ask.i wnt to find a job that will suits me. but i have a prob about my ID verified program.... i dnt hav any bills statements.utility bill, and etch.can i use my mothers bank statement,im really sorry to bother u im jst new here..thank u very much..i really need to find a job

1) ID verification cannot be

1) ID verification cannot be completed with your mother's bank statement. You need a utility or bank statement in your own name.
2) ID verification is recommended, but still optional. Other than giving you more job applications, it won't affect your job search.
3) Please focus on your profile. It's almost empty, and what is there needs to be fixed (example: don't put your name in the title field, it just shows you don't know how to follow instructions). There's no point in applying to jobs until you've completed your profile.

This is horrible, next you

This is horrible, next you will see oDesk face recognition. We need to work and we got used to the old navigation when you forced it on us. This new one with few clicks, to me it's more unnecessary clicks. I'll be wasting more time finding info than work. USELESS and HORRIBLE again...

Not bad

The New Navigation system is not bad.

You have just made it more complicated when it comes to the Work Diary - I use a bookmark it, one click and I'm there. Looks like I have to keep on going to each contract to see my word diary.

I select my Agency from left

I select my Agency from left top corner.

Move to My Jobs > Reports > Timelogs > it will show this message.

"This page is available to staffing managers only"

I am owner and holding a staffing manage title in my agency.

In old navigation when was given this same message just switch between My Hired Contractors & My Agency Contractors in drop down menu and it worked. It is not available in new navigation or am I missing anything?

Following options are working fine so far:
Weekly Agency Timesheet by Contractor
Weekly Agency Timesheet by Employer
Agency Timesheet Details
Time Analyze

Any Solution?


Faisal B.
Lier, Norway.

Unable to reproduce

Hi Faisal,

We've been unable to reproduce this problem. If it persists, please contact customer support for a resolution.



Another issue is, one of my

Another issue is, one of my contractor had a contract in my agency.

It was displaying only number of hours to him. But today it is also displaying earning to him. is it right?

I guess I have to contact Support.


Faisal B.
Lier, Norway.

Agency contractors can't see

Agency contractors can't see the earnings on their agency contracts in reports. Reports show N/A instead.

Yes it is displaying N/A on

Yes it is displaying N/A on reports but on profile it was first displaying only HOURS. But today it is also displaying the Rate, Hours and Earning. Is it right?


Faisal B.
Lier, Norway.

That depends entirely on how

That depends entirely on how you get to the profile. In the marketplace search it will contain rates (and always has). In the AC's edit profile page the link to preview their own profile will be financeless (again, this has not changed).

Yes, obviously I can view his

Yes, obviously I can view his earning, rate and hours.

But like you said
"In the AC's edit profile page the link to preview their own profile will be financeless (again, this has not changed)." but my contractor told me, he can view the earning, rate and hours.

Am I missing something here?


Faisal B.
Lier, Norway.

If he looked himself up in

If he looked himself up in the search, there's no way for us to keep him from seeing his earnings. Please find out exactly how he got to the profile, then let me know so I can look into it.