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Hi all! Please advise - which is the best way to receive payments from US in Armenia?

Best Payment method to Armenia

Hi. I think that the best international money transaction company is PayPal. But as I know it's impossible to receive money to Armenia using paypal, so for us Armenians probably the best way is tho receive money by direct transaction to the bank account. The amount of money that we'll lose during transaction is more than in some other ways, but it is very easy to do.

Thank you for valuable info.

Thank you for valuable info. Probably I have to open USD bank account.

USD Wire Transfer

Hi Aleksandr,
If the amount you want to withdraw is not too small, the best method in my experience is USD Wire Transfer. You pay a fixed 30$ fee, but there are no other expenses IF you transfer directly to your AMD bank account or you transfer to a USD account but cash out from it in AMD.
Avoid using the direct AMD transfer as the conversion rate is very bad - more than 10 drams lower per a dollar compared to the reference rate set by the central bank.
That is my experience at least. I haven't tried Moneybookers, so you might want to take a look at it as well. PayPal is great if you have uses for money in PayPal, such as online shopping or transferring to someone else, but no withdrawal from PayPal to a bank account in Armenia is available, at least not yet.
Hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Gevorg, Thx a lot I'll

Hi Gevorg,
Thx a lot I'll check the possibility with my contractors and let you know if issue arose.

Wire transfer

Hello there
I tried to use moneybookers, and it works fine BUT.. you will face an issue with loosing near 6000 AMD per transfer as there are transfer fees, which are not covered by moneybookers, so Banks in Armenia (at least, HSBC) are taking such amount

Payment method

Hi to all Armenians here !

Dear Aleksandr if you are going to stay on Odesk, then you need to request Payoneer card. I found it the best way to receive payments from Odesk.

Best Regards

USD acount

Thank you Dear Karo.
Just to be more clear - should I have MasterCard Standard/Visa Classic USD account?


No bank account necessary for Payoneer

Alex, there is no need for a bank account with Payoneer: you request the card to be shipped to you. More details here: oDesk Help on Payoneer. Before deciding to request a Payoneer card however, do review the fees associated: Payoneer Fees

Payment ways

what kind of taxes mast we pay with Payoneer card ?

Does someone in Armenia have

Does someone in Armenia have received an oDesk Payoneer card?