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Hello and Welcome!
Thank you for for showing interest in visiting oDesk community forum for Serbian contractors. We will use English because that way it would be easier to get support and advices from non Serbian speaking oDesk users as well. Please feel free to ask oDesk related questions, discuss and present your ideas, problems, proposals, good practices etc... Keep in mind that oDesk forum guidelines applies here as well.

best regards,


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seo senior links builder

sir i don,t know who is odesk work
please tell me odesk work on senior links builder

Good to have a local spot for

Good to have a local spot for hanging out Smile
Greetings from Belgrade!

Good idea! Greetings from

Good idea!
Greetings from Niš...


This is great.

Thanks guys Smile



Nice Smile


This is really great move from Odesk. Keep going .


forum, i freelancing i odesk *removed by admin*



Greetings *removed by admin


Greetings from Vlasotince! Smile

Very Nice ))

Very Nice Smile))

Bravo, super!Pozdrav iz

Bravo, super!
*removed by admin


It's great to see this kind of an initiative.

Greetings from Belgrade Smile

Thanks guys for this positive

Thanks guys for this positive feedback! I hope you will enjoy your time here and hopefully we will all be successful in our careers.


Very suprised to see this type of sub-forum!

Greetings from LE!

But, i can find first work here, always bidding smallest price, but the contractors i choose, dont choose noone, or i missing something....

I desperatly need that first feedback! Wink i hope i see it on my profile soon!

Greetings for all Serbans! Wink

I would suggest you to fill

I would suggest you to fill portfolio section of your profile. Next , hide test scores that are below 50% , in your case thats US English test.
Why is your Resume (Skils and Employment section) empty?
I can see that you are Informatics Engineer. Do you have some programming skills? Keep in mind that data entry and design fields are saturated here on oDesk so probably you have better chance in programming (also there you can get better rate).
Also , for advices regarding oDesk you can send me email on:
Hope this helped you !

serbian contracting

I am interested in joining and working for an agency.

1) Why? and 2) Why?

Kelly Anna Steele wrote:
I am interested in joining and working for an agency.

1) Why?

And 2) why do you post this in the "Serbia" forum when it doesn't seem to have anything much to do with Serbia, Serbian Contractors, or Serbian clients?

hello :)

a Filipino here, living in Belgrade Smile

hi I'm a Filipina too

hi I'm a Filipina too

Awesome!Hi from Sombor

Hi from Sombor Laughing out loud


Milos,Nis Serbui.I did not know that there is forum..This is excellent place for exchange information.

Hello from Novi Sad! Nice to

Hello from Novi Sad! Nice to see a Serbian forum Smile

I've just started and I'm trying to find my first job Smile

Well, hi there ! Greetings

Well, hi there !

Greetings and Regards !

I am not from Serbia, I'm from Mostar,BiH.

Pozdrav komsije Smile


Hope am not the only one from Africa!!!

Greeting to everyone, i think am welcome to the home of the best