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Bangladeshi Contractors - Hello and Welcome

Welcome to oDesk, the best online marketplace of its kind. We feel proud to be Bangladeshi because we are from the most beautiful part of the world.

I would like to pay my special thanks to you all for choosing internet a place of your work and a source of your earnings. It is in fact the hassle-free and easiest way to bring a lot of opportunities to our country.

As the technology evolving and opportunities coming with its equal pace, we have to prove ourselves by our skills to grab those opportunities. I hope we Bangladeshi contractors will bring more young people to oDesk to make them a part of every possible opportunity now & in the future.

Please join oDesk, inspire others to join, and let the world know about our skills on cutting-edge technologies. Start a positive online career today - we know we are the best.

I wish you good lucks with your journey with oDesk.

Thanks and regards.


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Great to see a separate

Great to see a separate section for Bangladeshi oDeskers! I also welcome my fellow Bangladeshis who seek for an online career. This is really an excellent platform to build your career on. Keep working hard; you'll get there in no time!

Welcome All

Hi All,

Its really pleasure to see this. Hope we can make it successful...



I need a job immediately.

I need a job immediately.


Hi all, i just joined today. I hope we all can work together and help each other out in all problems.

I am new to work

I am new to work fast?

Affirmative and proud to be a

Affirmative and proud to be a part of oDesk from Bangladesh.

It's really appreciable

It's really appreciable

How can I work as a data entry?

Hi,I am a new freelancer.Would you please help me how can I build my career as a good freelancer.

- Make sure your availability

- Make sure your availability over oDesk , mostly Western time.
- Bid by possible realistic price
- Try delivering 100% accurate works

Hope these points help you to be a good data entry operator.

Good luck!

Thanks, I am also new, good

Thanks, I am also new, good in type, can make graphics design, logo design, etc.

Your profile completeness

Do you help me How can i complete my profile 100% ?
and a few words about Portfolio.
New Bee
Worked under a Senior Brother as a SEO

Thanks Rupom to do such a

Thanks Rupom to do such a kind job for bangladesh. we feel proud to become a part of odesk.


Dear Rupam Bhai, Thanks for introducing oDesk Bangladesh forum. I hope it will help all of us to discuss about our contract and works. I also want to give thanks to oDesk due to this company we are earning good money. I am very new to here but I believe I can earn good amount of money from oDesk.



Yes possible

Yes possible, please keep the confidence!

Thanks for introducing

Thanks for introducing Bangladeshi forum in oDesk ...


Thanks a lot Odesk and rupom bro ,now it is great feeling to realize that we are moving forward .

Nice to meet you all Bangladeshi contractors

Hi All,
Glad to see a forum specially for Bangladeshi freelancers. This proves that Bangladeshi contractors are very important to oDesk as well as the employers over the world. It inspired me and i hope i'll start contributing here at very soon.

A.N.M. Saiful Islam
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It will increase our work experience & oppurtunity

Great for specific place for Bangladesh. This forum will help to discuss about our all things such as our hourly rate. We can increase our experience using this forum. We hope all Bangladeshi will be very helpful to share every thing.

Thanks to All Bangladeshi oDesk users.

Just to say hello

Hello Mr. Rupom,
congrats and wish we could do something great for the Bangladeshi contractors.


Great News. Thanks Rupom

Great News. Thanks Rupom vai.
*removed by admin

Feeling good to see

Thanks for creating this platform for Bangladeshis.
We would like to share our experiences here and it will also help us to grow by taking each others help, suggestions advice and cooperate.

Keep up the good work Smile


Hello Mr. Rupom,
We are very happy to see this page for Bangladeshi.
Thanks for your all the effort.
Best Regards,
S.M. Zobayer Hossain
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Very happy to see this.
Proud to be a Bangladeshi Smile .. we are coming Smile




Odesk is a very good way for earning.World wide independence job.
Odesk is a 100% trusting side. I am finding a job from odesk. Brain & skills will be flash in odesk.Please join odesk. & try your goal & good performance.
Please, join & visit.
I wish you good lucks with your journey with oDesk.

Thanks and regards.


Hi Rupom Bhai,
Thank you for selected country manager in Bangladesh.we are Bangladeshi proud for you.This is the good way to communication oDesk forum. Although I am a new member in oDesk,But I believed that is the correct platform in online earning.Also I optimistic that who are new member in oDesk they are always will help by this forum.

Best Regard
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great news this will certainly add a new dimension to the people who r working in odesk and from Bangladesh..feeling proud to be one of them.Though I m yet to get a job Sad

Hello to all Bangladeshi

Hello to all Bangladeshi Freelancers,

When I join Odesk, I always want to find a community of our own. Thanks to Odesk & Rupom, who made this happen. I think we can produce top quality results in outsourcing through Odesk & will make Bangladesh no. 1 ranked position one day. Although the task of achieving that goal is a challenging one but not impossible because I believe:

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."- Lao Tzu

With Best Regards,



Sk Arif Hossain wrote:

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."- Lao Tzu



I have proud of bangladesh odesk community.
I wish every success in bangladesh odesk contractors.
It is a good communication media.

sincerely yours
Md. Abul Fazal
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Hello every one

Hello every one. I am really proud to see a Bangladeshi forum in Odesk. It will bring us more spirit in our work. We are G microsystem, A web development agency in Odesk.
*removed by admin

Thank you.
*removed by admin

I'm glad to hear about this

I'm glad to hear about this forum. Thanks

oDesk Bangladeshi Forum

Thanks oDesk for creating this forum for Bangladeshi. I hope it will help us by share & discuss experience.



Dear Mr. Rupom, thanks for starting the community for Bangladesh. I think there are too many new free lancer here like me asking for help. Is it possible to post something step by step detailing the process for the new comers to get job easily in this site. That would be a great help I think for the new comers from Bangladesh.

Thanks anyway.

Mentoring Program

Yes, we will have a thread entitled "Mentoring Program" where I will try to cover these. Thanks.

Nice, Carry on...

Nice, Carry on...


Rupon vai,
It's a great step. Recently I have joined to oDesk as contractor. I have alos done some jobs here. I had to face a lot of problem during start especially about payment. If I got this forum earlier, I might get much help from here.

However a long way we have to go. I hope everybody will be benefited by this to help each other.


Dear Brother.... can you advice me.. what would be the best way... working with SEO or PHP-MySQL or writing.... I know these 3...


You can choose any of the

You can choose any of the mentioned subjects - all have good prospects. But I would suggest you to choose your best & most suitable one.

regarding Forum in Bangladesh

Hi Mr Rupam !
That is nice a forum has been created here .

I have been engaging since one year here but I did not work not a single though I got almost 5 offers from here (you can check through odesk) because of choice !

I am sure how to work here but not being exploited myself . Very soon my score will be above 4.50 in English (now around 4) then I can negotiate with them perfectly that is why I do not work as well .

However ,you can find me *removed by admin I am now 209 out of 52500 learners. You tell me how could I cooperate your’ forum’ that is all . Again see me 'The York Times ' *removed by admin - topics -'Regarding better education' which was the high interest since two months after posting .

My thinking is without knowing the excellent English language you can not compete here with knowing only good computer knowledge , had it possible our all leaders in *removed by admin could have the millionaire by this time ! You believe or not this is bitter truth . Yesterday same comments I delivered at the *removed by admin seminar toward 200 spectators . No more today I am ready to cooperate you through my high level contact *removed by admin in Bangladesh
M Quazi

Hello Odesk Bangladesh

I am an odesk contractor I am so happy to see the odesk Bangladeshi forum and also proud to born in Bangladeshi. Thanks Odesk.

Anwar Hossain

Introduce with share

Hi Rupom vai,

Excellent your job and very good think.
Already give you a 10 of 10 vote for this interest.

Happy day !!!


Yeah it's nice to see one

Yeah it's nice to see one zone for us, for all the Bangladeshi freelancers Smile
Please rise your voice to enable Paypal in our country......


Thanks Rumop bro for this Bangladeshi forum. Nice to see you all here.


I am a new joiner of odesk. Now I understand something about internet. So you give me good advice me. It would be great help for me.
Thank you very much.

i would suggest you to choose

i would suggest you to choose your best suitable technical subject & then prepare yourself before applying a job. thanks.

Indeed this is a great

Indeed this is a great initiative. I hope this goes on into being something even greater. We Bangladeshi oDeskers should join hands and work together in being successful. Smile

Really it is great!!!

Really when we found our country is also growing well on outsourcing and western country also giving priority us then really feel proud, today when i have a notification on my personal mail from odesk about Bangladesh forums and then i feel really great,
Rupom vai, personally i want to give thanks odesk and please if you can convey my message to all that i am really very much happy with odesk, Odesk has change my life. With out odesk I am nothing now!
Thanks Odesk for changing the way of I live now!!

I am very new in this site & I am looking for work/job

Dear, it is my great pleasure to involve me in this site. It is also glad to me that we have seperate forum as a Bangladeshi. So, we need to work together for our betterment especially our Bangladesh. Thank you for your co-operations.